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July 18, 2008



I don't see how its possible for the stop to be at New Washington Street. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's not on the Lowell line!

Ron Newman

It's on the Lowell Line, but the wrong side of the line. The Green Line needs to be south (west) of the Lowell Line tracks.


Still seems pretty far from the Lowell Line looking at a map, unless they mean that the entrance will be there and the tracks/train itself will still be on the Lowell line right of way. What does it matter what side the entrance to the sation is on? To summarize, is the change their proposing different in that 1) its closer to Washington St. (was going to be a half block in from WA St or something) 2) the entrance would be on the Cobble Hill side?


Very interesting. Somerville loves Brickbottom when they want to trot out their commitment to art and artists. As citizens however, the people who live there (and many are not artists) are easily dismissed and treated as second-rate citizens. Brickbottomers must be delighted to have the trolley run right next to their building, a 24/7 maintenance facility for 80 cars 100 feet away, and oh, by the way, let's not give them a Green Line stop. They've walked down the highway to Lechmere for 21 years. In the winter months IN the highway because the snow and ice are plowed onto the sidewalks. And, yes, wouldn't it be extra nice to give the air rights over the maintenance facility to a soccer stadium? The more noise, dirt, and crowds the better. After all, they're just a bunch of silly artists.,

My Two Cents

When you move into a building in the middle of an industrial area, what do you expect?

Screwed Once Again

This is another how do you do to the residence of Brickbottom. We get tucked every time and now one including our Alderman at Large seems to care.


To My Two Cents:
As a resident of Somerville, I expect the same services and considerations as other home-owning, tax-paying, voting citizens.

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