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July 29, 2008



Besides Iraq (thanks to US); Isreal is the only real democracy in that area and a true friend. We need to support them 110%! I would prefer to see these misguided fools at SDP direct Provost to back a resolution to strike Iran immediately. Turn Tehran into a parking lot. We can not allow Islamicfacists like Mr. of Iran to have nukes.


Bill/Ron/b00b/Craig, you and your liberal farleft freak friends (PDS.. Carl, Rebeccah) must be depressed today. Your terrorist friends are losing - McCain and I were right that the surge worked and killing them over there, so we don't have to kill them over here (or in Isreal) was a winner. I hate to say "I told you moonbats so, but I told you moonbats so!"

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The number of U.S. soldiers killed in combat in Iraq has dropped sharply this month, putting July on track to have the lowest casualties for the military since the U.S.-led invasion of the country in 2003.


The Surge, when it was first initiated, had a very clear objective - to bring about political reconciliation by creating a safe haven for politicians to work. The Surge has been a contributor to the lowering of violence - in addition to the Sunni awakening (which began prior to the surge, no matter what the senile brain of John McCain wants him and us to believe) where we simply started paying insurgents not to fight us, and the Sadrists momentarily not murdering people (again having nothing to do with the Surge).

Anywho, the original metric for success of the surge, political reconciliation is at best a work in progress (about the only thing the Iraqi parliament and public can agree on is that they want the US out around 2010, agreeing with Senator Obama). So, saying that the Surge "worked" while not actually going into the complexities of the situation (what exactly "success" was understood to be, and the other contributors to the reduction in violence Iraq has recently seen) is mendacious propaganda fit for small minds.

Meanwhile, flip-flopping John McCain now supports a time table (even if he'll lie and say he never used that word), a time table supported by the American public, Senator Obama, the Iraqi government, and the Iraqi public.

If Senator McCain wants to be President of the Surge, then I'm sure the American people can have a float constructed for him and he can be entered in parades, where he may roll down the street waving to the people. Back in the real-world, the conversation over when to begin reducing troop levels in Iraq is effectively over - all that matters is getting a President into office that will respect the desires of the American public.


Really, who cares what the Mayor of Somerville thinks about this international issues. Local poltiicians should focus on local issues. Really.


Rollinson (Dr-No!), you limpwristed libaloons can never admit when things are going good or the US does something positive. Why don't you just save everyone some time and go to Pakistan and get trained (like Obama) in a madras. That way our soldiers - who you denigrate at every turn - can blow your brians out OVER THERE, so WE DON'T HAVE TO DO IT OVER HERE! and take b00b with you, please.

Friggin' moonbat traitors.


Why would the federal government care about a resolution from the Massachusetts State Delegation supporting this matter. Do the members of the SDP realize how fruitless their efforts are in this regard. I support representive Provost in the handling of issues pertaining to the state of Massachusetts and the City of Somerville. Why don't you bother Capuano with this crap. The SDP is a waste of time and panders to a forum that has zero influence on the matter. Learn how government operates you morons! Even if a ballot measure is adopted and approved by the voters...what do you think you are accomplishing. Please go elsewhere if you are going to waste time and resourses.


I wish Ron Francis would pick on somebody else other than Somerville. As I recall, Ron's own union retirement plan invests in Israel. What is he doing about that? Leave us alone.

Maybe you can look into that George.


Is Israel perfect? No. Are they worth supporting over any Arab country? Absolutely.


I-hole's comments are not very germane to the article. Nor are they well-articulated, thought-out, or truthful. Hittin' the bottle a little early today, are you? :-)


I can see from Imux's comments that he is a very angry zionist.Calling liberals moonbats,far left freaks,limp wristed liberal loons,etc.and he wants the US to bomb Iran and stay in Iraq.I don't think any more Americans should die for Israel and AIPAC .Bring the troops home and no war against Iran.

Listen and Learn

Mr. Rollinson, you have apparently been listening, unfortunately, to the likes of Nancy Pelosi. No, that was not the purpose of the surge. It was a convenient after-effect certainly, but it was not the purpose. Let's face it, the surge has accomplished much and people like Pelosi and Obama simply cannot admit that it was a good thing. In fact, Obama is so caught up in his own public image, he never seems able to admit when he is wrong.



Good thing no one knows who you are because you were just handled rather easily by this Rollinson. Not only did he outwit you on the facts concerning the surge but your retort is to resort to name calling. "Libaloons" "moonbats" what the hell did they teach you at that conservative school you went to anyway? Get back inside your cave you fat idiot! I hope you never show your "imux" name on this forum ever again.


We are so sick of SDP telling lies about Israel and supporting the Arab terrorists.SDP should admit how much they hate jews.They want to see Israelis kicked out of their land and killed by Arabs.Why do they hate jews so much?

William Hurst

THE SURGE!!!!! Are you people stupid or what?


Surge worked - fact.

Liberls - won't admit it and actively root for the terrorists - FACT.

Liberal, moonbats should be shot and then put on a trial for treason - FACT.

Moonbats, who do you hate the troops? Why do you hate your own country? Obama coundn't even take 5 minutes to visit wounded troops - and this radical is your candidate?

spin city

headlining the group as "anti-israel" is it's own kind of propaganda.

why is any criticism of the policies of the israeli government branded as hating israel or hating jews? or supporting terrorists? this kind of rhetoric only underscores the notion that the deck is stacked against any fair coverage of the very complicated middle east situation and it's history.

if you don't like the assembly square development, does that mean you are 'anti-somerville'? or an italian-american hater?

should everyone who generally supports israel be labeled 'anti-palestinian' whenever they are referred to?

William Hurst

These groups are Anti-Israel and Anti-Israeli. Fact, Anti-Israeli groups constantly overlook and ignore the fact that the Palestinian people are the ones who break the peace and commit acts of terrorism. Does anyone here know of any suicide bombings committed by Israelis? Is Israel launching rockets into Palestine for no other reason but to kill innocent people, or is this something that Palestine does for no other reason but to kill civilians and cause terror. Israels neighbors of Muslim faith wish for nothing more than to see her country destroyed and that all Jews be put to death. I am not Jewish and I could never imagine what it is like to be treated like animals and hunted for thousands of years.


SDP should be run out of Somerville ! Why are these jew haters allowed to spread these lies about Israel and the jews? I hope all jews and Christians join together to protest these SDP anti-semites.We need to send the message loud and clear Somerville will not tolerate SDP and their campaign of hate and fear.Please ask the Mayor to do something about this.

Ron Newman

How many of the current SDP'ers actually live in Provost's district, or in Somerville at all?

Somerville n00b

Accusations of anti-semitism mean nothing at this point because they have been abused and overused over the decades to silence perfectly legitimate critics of Israeli policies. It is rather clear that Israel has become a national security threat for the US, at this point. Things will resolve themselves as we become less dependent on oil and we won't need them anymore as a US proxy to defend our oil supply in the ME. Nonetheless, I don't see why Somerville has to get involved with this issue.


b00b, you really are a hateful anit-semite. Sickening. I hope Osama finds you, throws a dirty blanket over your head and makes you his 43rd wife. Do you even think he'd take you? I mean there are camels better looking than you.

You liberals are so stupid.


The Democrat 'Energy Plan'

1. You can't drill for oil anywhere.

2. You can't build a refinery anywhere.

3. You can't build a nuclear power plant anywhere.

4. You can't burn coal for electricity.

5. You can't allow the oil companies to reinvest their profits into exploration.

6. But you can drive up the price of food by subsidizing an ethanol industry that takes land out of food production while using more energy than it creates.

7. You must continue to tax every gallon of gas that we put in our tanks.

8. You must threaten all energy users with additional 'carbon taxes'.

9. And just in case some entrepreneur out there somewhere may have an idea for an alternative energy concept that just might work, you must raise the capital gains tax so that investors have less capital and less incentive to invest in his/her project.

Count your blessings. With the coming change in administration, it will be a wonder if the price of gasoline doesn't get to $10 per gallon.

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