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July 24, 2008


Somerville n00b

I really like Holloway. He's a really smart individual with high emotional intelligence. We need more people like that. So, if he's given the power to hire people he wants, that's fine with me.

Bill Shelton

Over thirty years ago, the Board of Aldermen voted to eliminate the Deputy Chief position. They reasoned that deputies could do no more than captains could, they were an unnecessary added expense, and they just created additional opportunities for patronage. The vote was unanimous.

What's happened in the last three decades to change the validity of any of these reasons? What's happened to a Board of Aldermen that once had the ability to recognize the obvious and the minimal amount of courage needed to act on it?

The mayor has appointed a committee to recommend changes to the city charter. Do you think that those changes will give us more or less of this nonsense?


I can picture Bill singing ... "..I shot the sheriff...But I didnt shoot no deputy, oh no! oh!

Bill, you got to layoff the Bob Marley cigars if you think less cops are a good thing.

props to bekkah

Well, it's good to know that Ms. Bekkah is doing the right thing when all the others continue to do the wrong thing.

And, what an ass the alderman from Ward 4 is, huh?

BOA for Sale

The below is a job posting for a Deputy Chief with the OREGON UNIVERSITY Police Department:

"MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Requires demonstrated analytical, problem identification, and resolution skills; excellent oral and written communication skills and a sensitivity to effectively interact with a highly diverse campus community; ability to work effectively with persons from diverse socio-economic and racial backgrounds.

Final candidates must have ability to successfully pass: Criminal history check; driving record check; physical examination; psychological examination including drug screening; and past employment background review.

Final candidates must meet special requirements: No un-pardoned adult felony convictions; no convictions for domestic violence; valid driver's license and proof of insurability; ability to satisfy the demands of the position in areas of manual dexterity, physical effort, potentially hazardous conditions, variable work shifts, proper handling of personal protective equipment.

Highly prefer candidates with following certifications: Adult CPR with First Aid and Automatic External Defibrillation certification (required within 60-days of employment), CPR for the Professional Rescuer with AED specialization preferred; basic law enforcement certification from the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) or similar law enforcement certification; advanced law enforcement supervisory certification from DPSST or similar law enforcement supervisory certification; command level law enforcement certification at the FBI National Academy or Northwestern University Center for Public Safety School of Police Staff and command."

All this for a campus cop! The only Captain that I can think of that comes close to these qualifications is MC.

Any captain taking this position would have to take a five year leave of absence, because of course the position is not civil service. Do any of the captains want to go through all of the complications to obtain this position? The only captain I can think of that would go through hell and back to get a little more gold on his uniform is PU.

Walter Pero is a complete moron to make a statement like that......politicize this issue?
Please Mr. Moron do you take us all for idiots? That's what taking the Chiefs position out of civil service and "creating" two coatholders is all about and you were stupid enough to open
your trap for the Mayor.

Hopefully the state legislators will see the absurdity of all of this garbage and vote it down. Holloways one sentence explanation to create these positions is a complete joke.

I believe it would be worth it for this city to spend about fifty thousand to put this on the next ballot so a public referendum can decide if this city should spend about a million dollars for these two positions over the next five years.

If anyone can't see that the board of Alderman are in the Mayor's pocket with this move then the citizens of this city deserve every tax, parking ticket etc. that this Mayor has stuck up our behinds since he took power.

I can't believe I am in agreement with Bill Shelton!!!!!!

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