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June 28, 2008


Mike Bonanno

I remember East Sommerville very well, my dad would tell me how he would ski at Glen Park. My Aunts and Uncles and my Dad grew up on Flint Street. My aunt Ada work at the theatre on Broadway for a long time. I went to the old Somerville Trade School on Cross and Bonair Street.

Frank Bucca

I go back a little further than most of you guys and gals....having graduated SHS 1949. if you were from East fact any part of Somerville, and you "DARED"--[take that literally]-- to venture into Charlestown back in the 50'Ss & 60's, you probably were there to see a great floor show at the "Shamrock Village" on Main Street--[often-times Irish entertainment]-- pop a few and be entertained or dance to a live combo at The "Alibi Club" on Main Street; or Denny Kanes "Polka Dot Lounge" next to the old potato sheds---[where trains from the potato fields of Maine unloaded their "spuds" for the Boston Market]- a ice-skating rink was later built where the "Polka Dot" once stood.
And Sully's Tavern is still there on Main.

If you had a friend or relative doing "hard time" could visit him at The Charlestown State Prison....where the Bunker Hill Community College now stands.
That facility also housed the Electric Chair...last used there before the death penalty was repealed.

That prison was relocated to Walpole.

Danny Hayes

Jim ever see "scared kids". A local band that rocked the 80's. Also where is Jerry Anto these days? Him and his bothers were funny guys. Didnt Jerry Anto help out with some background stuff with J Geils and the legendary Jim Plunkett (another Eastie icon)!!


There are so many stories out there!!I didnt know Plunkett was from East Som. ( or I had a senior moment) I will do an article on him in the future. He must have tons of tales about Studleys,and Blarney Stone ...etc Thanks...and ,,Yes I heard of Scared Kids, and Jerry is in LA with his wife and kids, He is a great guy,and we grew up with his family. Our dads were pals. Muzzy forever !!!

Betty F. Gavel

I really enjoyed reading about Somerville as it was in the l970's. The things mentioned (some of them) were there when I was a kid, many many years ago.

Miller's Market used to be Kerner's Drug Store. The First National used to be next door. The Hanscom School was up the street. We used to coast down Glen Street in the winter and I vividly remember one child coasting right under a car that was driving on the street that crossed Glen Street. Amazingly, the child was not hurt.

I lived on Pearl Street between McGrath Highway and Cross St. We went to Viano's Theater all the time on Broadway. The better theater was the Capitol Theater at Winter Hill where you got two feature films, the news, a funny picture and a serial PLUS a stage show for ten cents.

My son went with my father each Saturday to deliver Russ' Doughnuts to the Tip Top Market.

I am trying to find out why they tore down the Northeastern Jr. High School and if there are any copies of early years of the Nor'Easter magazine available.

Danny Hayes

The city went to "community" schools and the N'Eastern, Southern and Western were phased out. Now in a turn the City wants "neighborhood" schools. Go figure.... Jim Plunkett I think grew up on Franklin street near Pearl.

Tank McNamara

Memories! Gerry Anto is living out on the west coast still in the music industry. Who was better than our friend Sparrow belting out God Bless America at Khoury's then off to a late night snack at Dragon Villa when Sparrow wouldn't let anyone pay. Don't forget Sparrow was also coach of the legendary Somerville Rec Flag Football team Khoury's State Spa that won a few league championships. Khoury's was the original bar "where everyone knows your name" well before "Cheers". Mike Bowler was our Sam Malone!


Rainbow Spa, Tonys Foodland, Broadway Cafe, Apollo Cake, White Castle/Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips...

tom connolly

more memories: the aves, the old dirt road, Cy's spa, Eddie's coffee shop next to the show, night basketball at post 388,one armed Dick down at Glen Park, great times with great folks...
Tom Connolly from the Aves

jean cossette

hi tom do u have a sister name mary if u do we used to live across the street from u i also live on the aves wisconsin ave and we had a family name connely live a cross the street my brother whent to school with mary . thank u jean

rastellini number 5

here's somerville....the public enemy number featured a slide montage produced by smap (somerville media action project) founded by rastellini number 3 and featured pictures of rastellini number 4 in various gangster poses.

is there any video of here's somerville anywhere?

david eldred

thanks for bringing back those east somerville memories, i worked at tony's foodland and remember the rainbow spa(steve) ,the broadway show,(sticky floors) foss park pool and air conditioned patsy's bakery afterwards .

Editor's Note (JN): The (new) Somerville News website is up - you can comment on stories over there.


Iremember the brosdway theatre 99 cents watched
Amityville horror there, northeastern was a very different junior high, and trade was just a new northeastern. used to like going to J and S for subs man what happened. at least Leone's is still around can people still buy at joe izzy's there was cold beer there

Patricia (Pacheco) Quinn

I lived in Somerville for 28 years, all those stories bring up so many memories. Jim Plunkett use the hand with my brother Frank Pacheco(deceased). Can't believe he's still there.

Michele (Slason) Kaltsas

Thank you for bringing me down memory lane. I've been thinking of the old days and miss them TERRIBLY. I actually helped with the stage backgrounds in "Here's Somerville" and the slide show that played behind the players. I remember how "choked up" I became when it all came together so beautifully opening night. How proud I am for being part of such a "wonderful time and place" God, I miss those days!


Who can forget Grover's Pharmacy, Ming Toy and sparks in Davis square, Harry's Hardware, Rexall Drug, which was Primo's which is now closed on Broadway. Temple Food Store on Temple street, Ten Hills Cafe and Barts on Mystic Ave. Kemp's nuts on Walnut street. Kohler and Kerry's pub at the end of cross street. Ray's discount on the corner of summer street. Jack in the box! The one place I can't seem to remember the name of was the store across from Aggie's place in East Somerville on the corner of Pearl and Franklin street? Anyone remember?


Don't forget "Mack's" on Pearl Street, now a yellow apartment building diagonally across from the old Tip Top (Pearl Street Market).

What was the name of the bicycle repair shop that became Mudville Pottery on the corner of Pearl St. and McGrath Hwy? (across from "Ronnie's Amoco")

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