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June 24, 2008



Somerville Mental Health has been a pillar in our community. Without their services, many of our residents who suffer with chronic mental health issues would go without services.

One important service that Peter did not mention is SMH's Opiate Treatment Program. Treatment includes an intensive outpatient program in conjunction with Suboxone. I know several individuals in recovery who have been clients of this program!

Thank you Peter for being such an amazing man and thanks to Somerville Mental Health for always thinking out of the box!!


Peter Lenrow is a joke, as is all of the psudo science of psychology. These asshats and moonbats don't realize their inner potential.

I read this book called Dianetics. it has unlocked my hidden potential. Before I thought I was just some loser, rambling to myself in my room. Then my new friend Tom Cruise showed how I could write blogs that would change the world! Now I am not just a loser, I am a loser who blogs!

Imux the immortal


Take a behind the scenes tour of this place and it sounds good, but is extremely dysfunctional on all levels. Nothing amazing going on here.


When non profits have to actually become accountable for their so called missions than I might believe what Lenrow does. I wouldn't be so proud of touting their Suboxone program either.

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