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June 10, 2008


Trever Champion

Won't all the rats eat the books? I heard that Rats near Inman Square are starting to attack small children now. There was a story on the news one night about this... Will the journal cover it?

Ron Newman

It's not just "one of the last bookstores in Somerville", it's the only bookstore remaining in Somerville.

Bookstores of the past in Davis Square:

Zembla Books: on Holland Street -- moved to some western suburb and changed names, I think

Chapter Two Books: next to Mike's on Elm Street -- didn't last long

Somerville Books & Records: on Highland Ave -- closed after the landlord's careless renovation destroyed much of its stock. Your Move Games now occupies the space

Boston Book & Record Warehouse: on Elm Street, where Goodwill is now. Moved to Harvard Square and changed its name to Barillari Books, then closed suddenly without any warning a few years later

McIntyre & Moore - just moved to Mass. Ave. in Porter Square.

There was also a chain bookstore in the Assembly Square mall. I can't remember if it was a B. Dalton, Waldenbooks, or Lauriat.

The Pimp

NEWMAN I pine for the days of the local bookstore where you likes and dislikes were known. Can't find that at Amazon! One of the reasons why McIntyre & Moore moved was because people hated the attitude of those who worked there. I hope they learned their lesson and will have a change in temperment to go along with their new location.


Oh my bookworms bookworms = Barneys

Unkle Buc

Chasing these type of storms must be more satisfying than the sh*tstorms Kerri's dad has been chasing for the past twenty-five years.


Porter Square Books is an excellent bookstore and is just a stone's throw from Somerville. I'd like to count that since it is practically on the line between Cambridge and Somerville.

Ron Newman

Also a short walk from another part of Somerville: Lorem Ipsum Books at 157 Hampshire Street, Inman Square.


Anyone who says “Bookstores are the life blood of a community, they bring a sense of culture and an enrichment of minds,” needs to really have their heads examined. Lifeblood of the community? PUH-lease. How about schools, libraries, pubs and neighbors?

McIntyre and Moore Booksellers? I've driven to PDS meetings in my Hummer, shotgun racked in the back, bambi still bleeding out on the roof and smoking a big stogy, and have been treated with more courtesy than the people at McIntyre and Moore Booksellers' ever treated anyone.

Think Amazon. Cheaper, better selection and faster.

Ron Newman

Amazon has its virtues, but they won't bring readings by famous or obscure writers to your neighborhood. Porter Square Books does, and McIntyre & Moore used to before they moved.


One of the biggest reasons for the failure of McIntyre and Moore in Davis Square was the snobbish I'm better then you attitude of the entire staff..In your new place please hire someone with an personality and knows how to smile..


In M&M's defense, I think the staff became terminally pissed off at people hauling in boxes of Danielle Steele paperbacks and expecting to get paid top dollar for them...


Tricky, There's no defense for being RUDE

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