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June 06, 2008



Four words from Sciortino, and an entire paragraph (and then some) from Bob Trane.

"Fair and balanced" comes to Somerville.


Sciortino - do you really want a guy who can't even meet the minimum in signatures as our rep? what has this guy done? Remember not too long ago when he was rated one of the worst reps?

Letter Carrier

they Post Office wanted to issue a stamp with Sciortio's face on it. The problem was that people were spitting on the wrong side !


Carl Sciortino has been one of the most courteous, helpful, and responsible people I've ever met, in or out of public service. He attends lots of public events and clearly cares about his community, holds regular open office hours where he happily talks to constituents, and he answers questions and chases down answers when needed. I hope he gets through this obstacle, because we're all better off with people like him in the legislature.


Seriously, while I don't care for Carl's politics and utter belief in gov't as a solution to people who don't want to work, the guy clearly works hard for his consituents, and has had a large role in securing green line funding. His overworking is probably what led to this freak mismanagement. He was too busy doing his job. In general, he's just a decent man.


Michael & nobody (aka Carl himself), please cut the crap about Carl working hard. Who the hell is he working hard for? Certainly not the people who pay taxes in the 34th. YES, I have sent him emails to get together and "chat". He doesn't seem to ever have time for the people who actually live, own homes or businesses in the district.

Carl has always been more concerned about his pet "progressive" projects than he ever has about the average person in the 34th. You want a meeting about how to make some silly statement concerning issues we have no control over -- Carl will be there!. Darfur, human rights in Tibet, save a salamandor in Alaska, washing Rebeccah's panties - Carl is your guy. Lower taxes and/or bringing more revenue and better services to the 34th and Carl has no clue and doesn't care to get one either.

Carl is just another progressive democrat running amuck - thinking he is above the law by going to court to try to get around his stupidity in losing those signatures. Ask Arlington who their moonbat progressive senator (Jim Marzilli) is groping these days.

The Progressive Democrat's motto... "Our car trunks (and trousers) are always open for donations".

The Pimp

IMUX thanks for telling it like it is on this flaming liberal who knows best how to spend our dough on every pet project under the sun but utterly fails to deliver the bacon!


Representative Carl Sciortino is attentive to the needs of his constituents. As an advocate, I have always found Carl to be responsive to my requests. I have advocated for disabled persons rights and health care reform for nine years. When I have approached him regarding various issues he has always listened. If he is unclear on an issue he takes it upon himself to research it prior to taking action.

My husband and I have had many conversations with Carl regarding the future of Medford and we like what we hear. We see how much he cares about our community. We need to keep Carl Sciortino as our State Reprehensive.

Ms. Taylor's English Class

"We need to keep Carl Sciortino as our State Reprehensive."
Was this a typo or a Freudian slip???

Winter Hillian

Sciortino doesn't represent my district, but as an outside observer I would say it all sounds pretty fishy. The fact that Trane is jumping on the "error" or whatever the heck it was and saying "he should have simply been man enough" to admit he misplaced the names, reeks of a career politician who is out to win by smearing people rather than by telling us on which issues he would do better. Trane's website doesn't have any policy information on it.

I would be suspicious of such a convenient insult since there was a potential crime committed.

Fair's fair, though. If someone could lead me to some Bob Trane policy information (rather than vague praises of his manliness) I would influence my West Somerville friends to take a look at him.

Fair is fair?

Fair is fair? The first comments out of Sciortino's mouth were to blame Bob Trane for 'stealing' his papers! Then he wasted taxpayer money going to court 3 times to try to force his way onto the ballot. Regardless of what happened to the papers, it is noone's fault but his that he did not make copies, and did not turn them in immediately.
End of story.

Winter Hillian

Umm...yeah....but that still doesn't let me know where Bob Trane stands on anything. It lets me know that he files paperwork on time. If that's all I have to go on, I'll just put my own name on the ballot.

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