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June 24, 2008


Let's get serious

I have little interest in what 'gang historians' have to report (is this a new field? Must be lucrative!). It doesn't seem at all relevant to this situation. What I want to know is:
~Why have the Somerville Police insisted for the past 4 (at least) years that there are NO gangs in Somerville, and no gang problem?
~The immigration status of those arrested, and if illegal, when they will be deported. Also, even legal citizens can be deported for certain activities. How about terrorizing neighborhoods - would that qualify?
I think Somerville's resdients need and deserve answers to these questions, instead of more platitudes from the mayor on how well 311 is working!

bloods are a joke

I won't speak for MS-13, but the bloods are not a real gang in Somerville. They're a bunch of young kids who have romantized the gang lifestyle. They've taking it so far that they would actually stab someone. I remember growing up there was a "beef" between crips and bloods in Somerville. All it was were two groups of teens wishing they had a beef. These kids don't need a gang unit, they need a spanking from their parents.


Fake Gangs real violence. I remember these boys claiming blood a few years back. They started wearing red, just to spite MS-13 in the area. They all wore red and black to show MS-13 that this wasn't there neighborhood, and they weren’t welcome. Just like Irish, and Italian kids in East Somerville and Winter Hill did when MS-13 first popped up. They fought them for their neighborhood. Sadly due to the rise in Oxycotin the natives of the area fell victim to addiction, and gave up the fight with MS. Soon enough MS had control of East Somerville, whether you like to believe that or not, but people where scared to go into East Somerville in 2002-03 just because of MS-13 especially Foss park at night. The boys on Cross and Pearl who where 12-13 at the beginning of this are now 16-17 and have younger brother who think this type of behavior is cool, and mimic them. This all started like many neighborhood beefs, except MS isn't from the neighborhood. These Bloods are Somerville kids with identity issues, and I feel this is a start to a long summer


H-Block was the only gang to get ms 13 out of Somerville. If you guys are still around please do us the favor and exterminate these remaining roaches that keep popping up.

Fake block

H-block is a bunch of weak wack wanna be tough guys from the mysitcs.They didn't get ms out of anywhere. I have seen them run from MS-13 first hand more then a few times. All h-block is a group of guys how liked to do hand singns they made up to be cool. Give me the park kids to defend our city not wanna be gangstas.


[to fake block] to my knowledge members of the so called somerville street gang h-block have been involved in murders, drugs, assaults, robberies, shootings and who knows what else according to police records and media investigations. this group along wit ms1 3 both are not groups u would want to call wannabees, these guys should be takin seriously


who cares if they are real or fake, its usually the quote on quote fake wannabees that are the most dangerous because they feel that they have to establish a name for themselves


Is the Somerville News too polite to report on the immigration status of those involved?


I thought somerville police, ICE, and the feds cleaned up east somerville of those ms13 clowns, wat is goin on? Bloods in somerville now? Why has city officials been insisting that there isn't a gang problem in somerville all these years. Ms13? H-block? Bloods? Drive-bys? Gang graffiti? Etc. How about we agree there is a problem in somerville and address it accordingly

the beast is back

Forget them slobs they kids they should stop snitching that's what they should do. wanna be ganstas den u gonna get shot. Stop snitching

the beast is back

Call immigration to them haitians.

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