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June 03, 2008


Gas Guzzler

sorry to see them go. Great people that always gave great service to its customers and the community. Good Luck

Travis Ritch

I really like the service at this station. I hope the new owners run it with the same care as Vinny.


I agree they are great guys and they were strong supporter of the community. Sorry to see them go. I wish them good luck.


Hey Vinnie

Hate to see you go. good luck to you and tito and your crew at Vincents. Thank you. 2 things.

1. Who should we go now for car repairs?
2. Now you don't have to put up with my damn jokes anymore



Michael - I've had good luck with Internationial Auto Repair on 508 Somerville Avenue (next to the bicycle shop). We've been going there for approx. 7 years.

tanisha d.

wow this is schocking, i always go to that gas station because they always have good prices and they also pump air into my tires before i add furl to my tank.. this is sad


Hi Kate
thanks for the infor. By the way do I know you?


Hi, Michael - You're welcome. No, I don't think we know each other; Kate is not my real name.


Kate's real name is Pablo and he is from Meh-HEE-ko here to clean toilets.


of my katie is a she man INUX oh my


Good luck I hope everything works out for you guy's.Vinny "Let it snow"

A friend

Vinny, Tito & Aderito you guys were the BEST! We are glad we had the opportunity to have gotten to know you all. Thanks for all the gas fill ups and car fixings and of course our little chats..Thanks for the memories!I am gonna miss the smiles Vinny! Thanks for everything and the years you stay with us in Somerville. Good luck to all of you and may you remember the special people you have meet here on Medford Street.


Thanks Mr Vicente! I remember when you we temporarily REALLY close to our house, on the corner of McGrath and Pearl, and the truck drove through the window and barely missed you- crazy! I also remember when my mother traded her Mercury in for a HUGE Caprice Classic, and you told her you liked it better because the tank was bigger! You guys always had a good sense of humor, you WILL be missed!


It is a sad day for me to know that Vicente gas station will change hands. Unfortunately today Customer Service has really vanished. They had it. We will not see that anymore I am sure of it. I think that if more companies ran their business the way they did they would have a lot of business, but they are to stupid to figure it out even though it is right under their nose. Everybody is too greedy they just want to make big money, and the heck with the customer. The Vicentes had the best customer service until the end.

joe b


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