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June 11, 2008


collapse danger!

Alderman Bill Roach was right about the railroad not keeping up with any property that it owns in the city! I noticed the bridge on Washington Street after reading your last article and concluded that you guys were right! I don't know how that bridge is holding it self up never mind with a train on it full of passengers! Th? railroad must just not give a shit! Not to mention your board of Alderman who I'm sure they read the same article!

DPW Nose

OK, let’s see who can fill their tank(s) up at the DPW. Seems 15 gallons of freshly poured, 5-gallon gas tanks, were emptied in less than an hour. The Engineering foreman just filled them and someone either sucked them dry or dumped them down a thirsty personnel vehicle. BTW, I didn’t know that foreman could use city water to wash their personnel vehicles either at the DPW. One wrong adds up to two wrongs if you get my drift.
And to set the record straight, this was not any doings of the Torpedo Lady. But the foreman knows who knows.


Carlys attempt to challenge Trane's signatures is a pathetic, last ditch attempt to prevent the inevitable.

Give it up Carl.Dust off the resume and start looking for employment at a real job...gasp! Perhaps you can get a job at the gay alliance or be a gay co-ordinator to the Catholic know the Catholic Church right? The one you so rudely defiled? ( in which I hope u burn in hell for)

You are fini! Haul your ass out of Medford/Somerville


Well it wasn't too hard to spot the PSDers Monday night at Johnny D's (Since they had signs proclaiming it). They had quite a few tables. I saw Marty and Carl, but I didn't see Rebecca.

Ron Newman

Yes, PDS entered three teams at Johnny D's trivia night this week. Rebekah was not there, to my knowledge.


Does anyone really question whether or not "Stickers" Sciortino is behind it.
"If I'm not gonna be on the ballot then NOBODY is gonna be on the ballot, We'll just see whose stickers are more festive then won't we?"

Ron Newman

Regarding the PDS endorsement meeting: It will be Tuesday, June 24th at 7:30pm at the College Avenue United Methodist Church on Chapel Street. It is open to the public.

Right To Know

So, OK, gas prices reach the $4 + limit. DPW foreman and workers have cards to access City gas pumps. Everyone down in the DPW more or less have 1, 2 ½ and 5 gallon gas containers. Who is watching the Chicken coop when the ringing of the gallons of gas are going into their personal vehicles?

Plus, I don't wash my car at home due to the high cost of City water and sewer rates. Why should the DPW personnel be doing it? I am paying for that water they are abusing. Put a stop to it Mr. Commissioner. NOW!

Ding, Ding, Ding goes the gas!!! Gulp, Gulp, gulp goes the water!!!


where did the Alderman O'Donovan story go?


The PDS, I thought they were all about openness and transparency. Now they are holding secret meetings where the public is not invited. Seems very underhanded to me. Sounds like the fix is in on this endorsement.


Another blatant Trane promotion. What a joke.


The email calling for the secret meeting is now being widely circulated across the city. I recieved a copy that was forwarded to me today. Will some of the PDS members that are always on this site please explain this to me?

Richard James

The secret PDS meeting is a blatant Trane promotion? How so?

City Hall Nose

4 new Hybrids are on their way to the City. One to M.B Supervisor of Facilities for the Schools under DPW, one to mother of MB, whose initials are the same M. B. as the daytime health inspector, one more for Boss Hog Son RK. & J.O nighttime health inspectors and the last TBA.

The City says they have not $$$ to fund union contracts yet here they go out and by Hybrids for employees to drive around in rather than what they had before. Granted Hybrids are the way to go but why to only the special ones?

City Hall Nose Nothing

Once again I am forced to correct the ignorance of City Hall Nose and/or The Mole. The City purchase 4 new SMART Cars not Hybrids. They will be used by the city assessors and the night time inspectors. (That you were correct about). I don't know when the City ever said they didn't have money for contracts. They signed quite a few last year. Also, PLEASE (I've asked this several times) do your research. The City will save a lot more money with these SMART cars and not using gas cards. YOu keep trying to start trouble and you are continuously proven wrong.

S'News is Stupid

Um, if the meeting were "secret" it wouldn't have been broadcast to the entire PDS list. Duh. The location is probably not in print because it's likely a private home, not a public building, and no one wants Imux showing up to torch the place.

Also, numbskulls, I just went to the PDS website and it advertises the location for the endorsement meeting, "open to the public". That's the meeting where the endorsement arguments are heard and the endorsements actually take place! Not some stupid administrative "Steering Committee" meeting.

Geez, first the S'News can't make a phone call to check out Ronnie Craven, and now they can't even visit a website before running their mouth. What a joke.


I am being told that a number of people did respond to the email but only the chosen few were given the location of the meeting. I have also learned that this meeting was to discuss how to set up this so called endorsement process and set the meeting of which you speak (set up being the operative here)

I think to most people this does not pass the smell test. The so called open government group is not really that open.

I have another question to the PDS'ers. I visited your web site. If I send in my ten dollars would I be allowed to come to this endorsement meeting and cast a vote?

Ron Newman

Anyone can go to any monthly meeting, but I believe you must have attended at least one previous meeting (maybe more) before you are allowed to vote on endorsements.


truthbtold, who are these mysterious people telling you these things about PDS? Ronnie Craven?


City Hall Nose:

There's nothing wrong with the City getting hybrids or whatever if the cost-per-mile drops. One of the biggest advantages to hybrids--and one of the main reasons they do particularly well in city driving--is that their IC engines basically shut down at red lights. Some even use regenerative braking to decelerate, sending power back to the storage battery when coasting. However, for the vast majority of us who still languish in the otto-cycle dominated driving world, stop-and go is a drag.

Being "green" is stylish, so here's one relatively low-cost suggestion I'd like to make which will save fuel, reduce air pollution and likely even create "traffic calming"...


The present set-up seems to favor the rangeways while causing almost endless stop-and-go on the main drag.

Every morning before 6AM I drive east on Highland. There are very few cars at this hour. Sure as the sun comes up, I'll catch the light at Lowell red, then Central, then School (that one's the worst), then Walnut and usually Hamlet. I would say that MAYBE one morning in twenty I'll catch them all green. It wasn't always that way.

It used to be that they were timed--whether by design or by accident--for what I figured to be 24 mph. This went back, I believe, to the reconstruction of Highland Ave. in 1993. Now, there's no apparent ideal speed. Worse still, you can sit for 30 seconds or longer at School Street while NO cars come up the hill and across; same goes for the other rangeways... this is not supposed to happen. In the best-case it causes unnecessary braking and idling. In the worst case it contributes to road rage.

There was an article in Yahoo News a while back saying how much fuel is wasted at stop lights nationwide, and it is a considerable amount.

Perhaps some elected official will see this and investigate it for themselves. The first one I hear of is guaranteed of my undying love and devotion.

And by the way; Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.



Congratulations to the Mayor on the amazing job that was done at Trum Field. The renovations and new construction look great. It is nice to be able to look onto the field as you pass by, and the lighting at night is spectacular! Great job and kudos to Debi Mitrano & Eddie Nuzzo for running a great project. It's really amazing how this administration continues to accomplish great things in this economy. I am proud to be from Somerville, and I want to say to those idiots who slam this Mayor in this newspaper week after week, that they obviously need to get the chip off their sholders, because there is no substance to the trash they address on this man. These are probably wanna-bees who did not make the cut, or just plain nasty folks who need the attention. Joe Curtatone works harder than any Mayor I remember over these last three or four decades.

City Hall Nose

OK, OK, Hybrids! SMART CARS, the point is, look who is getting them. Boss Hog Kid and MB, the one that uses her red convertible in parades, who is the mother of whom the other SMART car is going to. Give me a break. You make it sound like it is nothing but in fact it's all about whom Joeycakes likes and which family member gets the perks. No not percocet, perks.


Nose, I think the real point is, it's obvious to everyone on here your just obssessed and jealous of these people. Your always crying about what they get.

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