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June 04, 2008



The Sloanes are a nice family.


Get along home Cindy Cindy, Get along home?

Cambriville News

Thursday, June 5, 2008

.........and in Sports News today, the Cambriville News is pleased to announce that Seattle Supersonics master stroker, Ronnie Craven has joined the paper. Craven will write his weekly sports column starting next week.

...........and in the political world, CN has learned that Dr. Mrs. Mary McCarthy has been in secret negotiations with the Obama campaign for the possible Vice President slot. McCarthy, the Editor of the Cambriville News, former candidate for Mayor, a past commander of the French Foreign Legion and sometime MaryKay cosmetics saleswoman, is also rumored to be in discussion with the Somerville Home for the long vacant Director of Athletics slot.

Be sure to visit No Balls Square this Saturday for breakfast. Make no mistake about it. Mud will be slung. All for $6.95 per person. No cover charge and entertainment is free.

Comment allez-vous?

Gee, what happened to all those lovely comments from yesterday? Does the Managing Editor have a thin skin?


There is no doubt in my mind that the smearing of
Mr. Craven's sterling reputation was undertaken by
the traitorous libaloon Vast Leftwing Conspiracy that is also plotting with Osama Bama Ringa-Ding-Dang to neutralize the snooze alarms of our city officials! Is nothing sacred?

It is time we pure of heart rise up and smite down these cursed libaloons, who cannot comprehend Brother Imuxs' torturous prose....

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