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June 18, 2008



The internet is a funny thing. It allows one to quickly look up facts. Like if you visit the informational web site set up by Somerville's legislative delegation (just google it, since I know JN doesn't like links to things like facts here), you'll find a graph showing that local aid has increased 9 percent between FY2004-2008, and you'll see that no one is claiming a 9 percent increase in the last year. Must be frustrating to try and spread lies when the facts are so easy to find.

Honest Aid Numbers

Just an FYI Stinky. Rep. Sciortino is claiming that there was an increase in state aid of 9% THIS YEAR. (Of course he is running for re-election). I really don't think you looked at the right graph. Go to the State's Department of Revenue page and no matter how you slice it Somerville's aid has not increased 9%. Also, the increase (any increase) is a shady number. We also need to look at the amount of Assessments on the City. From last fiscal year to this one the overall aid to the city increased .73%. The local aid increased 1.23% but the assessments increased 3.42%!! From FY 2004 (which you mention in your email) local aid has increased 3.65% overall. The local aid increased JUST 4.13% and the beautiful assessments rose a whopping 6.21%!!!!!! The biggest sign of what the assessments did to Somerville and the fact that our delegation seems to want to ignore it is this... From the cuts of 2003 our overall aid is down 23% and our assessments are up 103%!!! From 2008 to 2009 we only picked up 1/2 a % point on overall local aid but we lost 6.7% on assessments. They can keep lying to us because everyone keeps believing it - Right Stinky!


Stinky, don't worry, it has been proven that 92.773% of people believe that statistics lie. Honest Aid Numbers, I've told you a million times not to exagerate.

Honest Aid Numbers

What exageration? Look up the "Cherry Sheets" on the Massachusetts Department of Revenue web site. The numbers are there and they don't lie.


It seems that the facts get in the way of the delegations story in this case. Either they ignored the numbers or they purposely misled the citizens of the city. I checked the figures and the numbers the city are using are correct.


Wasn't Bert Gay dodging the INS because of an illeagle imigration issue at one time for a while?

City Hall Nose

Hey, what's up with the "Skipper"? First he is happy with his $10,000 raise, now all of a sudden he wants to return to the Union position, and hands in his resignation. Then he is talked out of it and is back in the "BIG HOUSE".

What did Hog do to get him back in the graces? Give him a free slip at the Homans' building for the "Naughty Lady"? Get his wiggers back for his constable position? Give him the forth "SMART" car?"

Ward 3 Voter

So was the food any good? if it is like the city lunch food like we got at school. i say take it and shove it. FOOD FIGHT


City hall nose, You got a problem with the skipper take it up with the skipper. Dont be a pussy and hide behind your computer. People like you make me sick. You obviously have something to hide if you feel the need to divert attention away from yourself. Or are you just jealous of him? Whatever the case, get some balls and confront him if you have a problem. I dare you!

City Hall Nose

Hey Mikie, thanks for the confirmation. I have no beef with the "Skipper". He's a great guy from what I hear. I just wanted to see if what I had heard was true. Now I am wondering the deal he may have made to stay. No more, no less.

Ward 3 Voter


Oh Stinky where are you?

You know what I love best about this blog? People say whatever they want and when they are proven wrong they do not have the guts to post again. Stinky you were pretty strong in your defense of the delegation and once it was proven that our lovely delegation are liars you dissappear. I would like a response please. I would love a response from someone in the delegation but I KNOW they don't ever back up their lies.


Gosh, I'm sorry - I don't have all day to spend tracking the comments here like some people seem to.

I still have seen no evidence that ANYONE from the state delegation (Provost, Sciortino, Jehlen, Toomey, or even Galluccio) claimed a 9% increase THIS YEAR. Newstalk claims a press release, but since the News rarely publishes anything positive about our legislators, I certainly haven't seen it here. I haven't seen it on the Farm Team site either.

The one place I see them claiming 9% is on the delegation web site (which was covered by the Farm Team, but not the News) where they say that there's been a 9% increase between FY2004-2008.

So who's lying? You show me their claim that there was a 9% increase this year, and I'll take it all back. Otherwise this is all just more Somerville News Smear BS.


Interesting to see no name was given for the crabby alderman vs. the hungry activist battle above, one can only assume it was one of the establishment: was it Sean O'Donovan taking issue with Joe Lynch, or Bob Trane yelling at (fill in the blank)?

Because if it was Rebecca Gewirtz yelling at, well, um, whoever, it would have been front-page news here. But if it's (possibly) a candidate for state office (just speculating here) losing his (guessing) temper again, hey, no fuss, he's one of us.


City hall nose just proved what a pussy he is.


wow, the skipper gets everything, the worker nothing! why? HOW?


Tricky your so wrong again. I hear from people that were at the Hall when this happened that is was the Ward 4 alderman


Hey, whatever. My points were that if it had been Gewirtz blowing her stack at someone (but I'm having trouble an activist she wouldn't like), Newstalk would have named her -

- but also, that if you had to lay some hard cash down on one specific alderman getting P.O.'ed at an "activist" (an important distinction to be made in this case), you can't tell me you wouldn't be putting your money on the gentleman from Ward Seven.

ANYHOW - What "activist" would the Ward 4 alderman get so P.O.'ed at? Wig Zamore? Maybe he was just hungry, and thought the guy was cutting in line...

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