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June 01, 2008



Go back to cuba!


May we send you the bill for the cost of cleaning up the "ART" off the sides of our buildings and homes? Or how about we approach the Museum of Fine Arts or the Isabella Stewart Museum and ask if they will dedicate a side of their buildings so you, and your fellow artists may continue to pursue your "ARTISTIC DREAMS", or better still how about we buy some canvas?


Dear Monet, please read the article again, especially the last paragraph. It's not exactly what you think. It's called satire.


I like your sarcasm, I think not many people our age can really appreciate that form of "ART"? I used to live in L.A. and some neighborhoods there look really disgusting, I think more than Art it looks dirty and filthy and makes the walls look unclean and trashy. Great article!


I guess Mario is trying real hard to be funny. But, if he is like the few Graffiti nuts I've met..then, he is as he appears to be....Stupid.


Poor NMN, your sense of humor died in kindergarten. It's a satiric piece. The author is not trying to be "funny". Well, maybe your little brain can't take that much. Go back to your tv.


Graffiti is a true artform, I agree that doing it on other peoples property is not good but down by the train tracks, the artwork is amazing. Look around the ghettoness and hatred and actually take like 10 minutes of your time lookings at all the work, they do this with a spray can and with limited time and still comes out flawless. A city is not a city without graffiti, get used to it!


Thanks yizzurp. I appreciate your opinion. You understood that the article is NOT about graffiti glorification.

Danny Olshool

I am wondering if anyone knows what parts of Somerville are areas in which smoking and throwing cigarette butts is encouraged? I know of one such area where it is. In most places it is a crime to litter but in front of the abbey lounge smokers are flicking butts into neighbors bushes and yards as much as the sidewalks are covered with them. This amount of smoke entering nearby apartments and homes in this residentially zoned area is proabaly not a good thing.

Are there any other areas where people don't get fined for littering?


Oh Oh Mr. Barros thinks he a smart@ss. I know you were being sarcastic but I was not. I was in your classroom a couple years back tagging up your desk lol. This is not school, you don't have to grade my comments. I am entitled to my opinions and don't appreciate negative feedback thank you.


You got it wrong this time, yizzurp. The article is sarcastic, but my reply to you was not. You are as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. First ammendment, remember? Sorry if you don't like it.


Philadelphia started taking graffiti artists and channeling their talents and skills a different way. As a community outreach effort, the city recruited them to paint murals all over the city. Now, Philadelphia has more murals than any other city, and if you look closely... you'll see very little graffiti even in the worst areas.

Courtney O'Keefe

This piece is better...not great, but better.


Thank you Courtney. I really appreciate that comment. You made my day!


Nobody here knows about graffiti or the culture of graffiti. You're probably all middle aged losers in Anysmalltown, USA, and can't do any form of art, or anything artistic at all. And that's why you feel the need to ruin graffiti for the rest of us..

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