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June 19, 2008



Great story about a great group of young people who are remembering their friends in such a positive way.


RIP Somerville's Lost will never be forgotten!


I've only lived here a few years. What happened to these kids?


Libby died in a car accident, Nicky Peters was killed in Texas in a fight while leaving a bar, Dave Martini accidentally shot himself, Ryan Sullivan was stabbed and killed trying to protect his friend at the Somerville fireworks a few years ago, Matty O'Brien overdosed.

RIP our fallen angels. Always in our hearts and prayers.

All of Somerville's Angels

This tournament was wonderful, and the kids involved really stepped up to the plate and are turning tragedy into something positive. Kudos to all of them. But please remember that the 5 tragc deaths mentioned are the hockey players who died. Somerville will also never forget Chris Ormond, Danny Nunes, Jim Slattery, and Victor Ferreira. Please correct me if I've forgotten anyone.


You forgot Eddie Martin, class of '98.


RIP LIBBY NICKY RYAN and every other villen

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