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June 13, 2008



"unless the Swedish meatballs are good enough to start a riot."
That's really funny - I've heard that they are delicious.

I feel sorry, for all the patrons who frequented Good Times with the sole intention of relaxing having fun. I hope Dan Hayes is successful at his next location.

Ward 3 Voter

Yahoo good time is going. we all should celebrate and say goodbye good time. also note i never had a good time there with all those punks hanging out there, stealing cars, slashed tires, car windows getting broken, loud music etc.

Mike S

Ahhh, the memories of seeing 4-10 year olds playing arcade games at 1AM as their parents drink at the bar.


Good riddance to Good Times! That establishment has been nothing but a magnet for punks, gangs, fights and all kinds of other violence. Somerville needs to do more to get rid of places like this that attract such undesirables to our city. We have enough problems with crime and violence; there is no need to have venues such as Good Times to attract more of it from other cities and towns.

Free Ride

don't forget, where Aldermen never saw a tab !

look out

for an IKEA preview, check out New York papers this week. a new IKEA opening attracted hundreds of people camping on the streets 24 hrs. before they were permitted to. giving away free furniture, other promotions, people sleeping on the streets to get free sofas. sounds like just what we need.


Lots of good memories! My fondest memory was leaving one night at around closing and seeing "jimmy the canibal" passed out in his vehicle ---- in a handicap parking spot!!! Oh Yeah WTF "jimmy the canibal" (JTC) wants to be the dog cop! I guess theres no better cop to put in that position than one that has been a defendant in federal court (oohhh yeah he was found guilty). Somerville goes on... take care of the "bag men" and leave the honest guy behind. OOOOPPSSSS did i call JTC a 'bag man? The funny thing is JTC drinks (and gets l@!d) for free but still uses dan hayes as his whooping boy. Whats he going to do when dan the perv is gone? Will he latch onto the new management? Will an international corporation like IKEA let JTC use their business as his personal little perverted playground like tage inn?

Richard James

What the hell are you talking about? Waht's a dog cop?


I'd guess that he means Animal Control Officer.


Hooray for IKEA!

At last, at last, Free at last!

No mo trips to Stoughton! Woo hoo!

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