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June 09, 2008


The Mole

Still not comments!!!

The Mole


Hey Mayor Curtatone why not help the veterans and their widows in Davis Square fighting for their lives/rights against an unscrupulous, carpetbagger developer who doesn't even have residency in Somerville? The longest running resident of this Davis Sq. neighborhood was the Grand Marshall of the Veterans Day Parade in 2004 (purple heart) and yet you stand on the sidelines while this developer steam rolls them out of their homes! The developer in question Dr. Mouhab Rizkallah is trying to force the remaining veterans and their widows out of their properties so that he can buy them on the cheap (from his own mouth) and expand his 6 million dollar empire in Davis Square at their expense, but where is the Mayor? Multiple calls over several months to his office have gone unanswered, why? Again there are several 80 plus year old 50 plus abutter/resident owners who are fighting for their rights on fixed incomes and the Mayor won't return their calls, why? This realty proves the Mayor is completely disingenuous regarding veterans’ rights and especially those veterans he is in the best position to serve. Hypocrite! Sickening!

Ashley Hope

My late mother's mother was an Ambretta from Gaeta, born 1922. Her oldest sister Liberine married a Curtatone. Would you be related to, or know anything of, a Liberine Ambretta Curtatone? I know she had many children.

My mother was born in Gaeta, and I lost her at a very young age, and really lament how quickly generations lose contact with the relatives/history they leave behind, so i commend you on your efforts to build a community bridge!!!

Ashley Hope

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