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June 02, 2008


William Hurst

Another fine article Bill. But, before you open that bottle of Champaign in celebration of being nominated for another Pulitzer in journalism, I must point out that you left out some very important details in your article.
We here in Somerville were much better drivers at one time. In fact, when someone stepped off the sidewalk without looking or daring you to hit them. Well, we stopped and smiled and rubbed our forehead knowing that the pain from hitting the windshield would eventually go away. We then apologized and said "Have a good day". When we found ourselves behind bike riders, the ones who pedal their bikes while riding 2 to 3 across and going only 10 mph. We knew that they also owned the road. When we had the opportunity to pass them we did so with extreme caution, smiled and waved and said "Have a nice day".
But,that was before Bush became President, we invaded Iraq based on Clintons' intelligence telling that Iraq had WMDs' and the Republican Party destroyed this great country. Now look at us, we are miserable bastards incapable of a simple smile.

Bill Shelton

Very amusing, Mr. Hurst. Your satirical humor is a breath of fresh air in comparison to so many posts that are the equivalent of hitting the reader in the face with a two-by-four.


Bill, get your dumb@ss back to Cali! You libaloon, traitorous, Godless, moral-less moonbat!


Imux surprised you're still here now that you've got to sign in.

BTW - That wasn't a two-by-four you just swung at Shelton. It was a four-by-eight...but instead of hitting him over the head with it you accidentally hit yourself in the family j...well pick a body part this is a family website.


I enjoyed this article.


Cabbie, you drunk, Bill knows I was just kidding. Bill is ok in a drug-induced mind altering sort of way. He's a wacked out libaloon, but he's our libaloon goddamnit!

Oh...are you moonbats ready for a fun summer? How long before Hillary takes out Obama now that she lost the nomination? Grassy knoll anyone? I bet he's sleeping on the wrong side of the grass by labor day.

Grog, this article was full of Bill's opinions about California and Somerville. Neither of which he knows anything about. I've lived in California twice and no one is from there anymore. Too many illegals and social services that have bankrupted everything. Bill ought to just stick to screwing up the Assembly Square development plans - that he knows how to do. Well.

William Hurst

Thank you Bill, I hoped you would enjoy it. Perhaps we could be the new Woodward & Bernstein. I can see it now, This shocking expose of the Republican Party,
"How the mighty once stood tall or WMDs my Kingdom for a WMD"
By Shelton & Hurst

Bill Shelton

Excellent! I think I know a local newspaper that would publish us. Today, Somerville. Tomorrow...

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