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June 29, 2008



This is America they should be speaking english when they come into our country.Their country don't bend over backwards for us. what has this country come to?


They do speak English. Did you not read the article? Half the classes are taught in English and half are in Spanish.

I think this program sounds awesome. Congrats to the ECCS 8th graders on their graduation, and good luck in high school!

Ron Newman

They may speak better English than you have written.


This is an expensive program, and I'm not sure if the benefits outweigh the costs. Not only do they pay 2 teachers for every classroom, they TRANSPORT every student (spanish-speakers AND english-speakers) to school every day. How many students attend this program?
I also don't see the benefit in creating 'bilingual and biliterate' students, and 'biculturalism'. Look at every society from Ancient Rome to Modern Canada, a "bi-society" has never, and will never, work.


This is the United States and we do not have a national language. I bet if you look at their country they have one.

It seems people wanted the program. and if people are willing to press for it and get it funding the more power to them.

The downside is if their children are not able to develop a large enough English skill set fast enough and are then impeded in their educational development.


Look at Europe were it is common to speak at least 2 languages. There it is enforced that students become fluent in multiple languages. It has prepared them to exist in a more diverse economy... like the one exist in.

I am not sure of the details of the program, but if it gives kids a leg up for success we should have all students in similar programs, maybe for languages like Chinese, Russian, German, French and Portuguese as well as Spanish.


I apologize for not saying it in prior comments but congratulations for all the students and I wish them the best in their next educational steps!


This program is great. If you don't know what bilingual classes are you should not comment. It is a program that helps none English speaking youth learn to do so in a much easier pace for them. If they were thrown into regular classes with English speaking students they would not be able to learn. This program helped students such as Gosder Cherilus become the man he is today and now he's a millionaire lol. Great job guys. Much success.

yuri Miguel

Hi my name is Yuri Miguel, and I was part of the first Unidos class to graduate, and I am very proud to say I was part of this wonderful program. I recommend this program to all of the parents and hopefully they have Unidos as a option of a school for their children. By being part of this program I was able to grow up as a human being. Being in the program made me realize how we all are united and should love and respect each other no matter from what country other people are. This program gave me many things and I learned many things from it. I just wanted to say thank you in behalf of the Unidos 8th grade class and to everyone’s comments and good wishes. Thank you


Its great to see citykids come together.

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