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June 12, 2008


what happend Somerville

What happend to the days when Somerville boys would just fight with their fists? Nobody in Somerville neeeds a gun, and this gang stuff is getting out of controle. When I grew up here there was plenty of violence, but people used their hands, a bat, or bottal once in a while, but guns and 16 year olds don't mix. Somerville where have you gone?


The summer is here people. Stay tuned...


They need to deport these el salvadoreans, all they dude is come here and cause problems. Look at south los angeles for example. I tink they need to bring ice and the feds to come and deport some more of those people


I've lived in Somerville for two years and this is the third shooting that has taken place within a half mile of my house. These little punk-a*s kids need to be smacked around.
Tired of this crap...


See the problem is that if you deport them, they end up in el salvador which is one notch above Guatemala (which is to say, completely lawless). The country has ex-military gangs and drug cartels roaming rampant. If you deport these people it worsens the problem.

MS-13 was only a 'gang' in the weakest sense when it started in LA. It was a bunch of punk kids (children of illegals). When they started deporting in the 80's it sent large groups of teens to a warzone, into a country where they knew nobody and didn't speak the language. So they joined the military gangs, got weapons & training and learned how to kill and be more violent than the next guy (which is damn violent down there).

When they crossed back over the border, or came in via ports on the east coast (and let's face it, you can't lock down the borders of a country this big) they came back as a serious threat.

We have to realize that these people need to be jailed and suck up the cost. I'd rather have them in jail on immigration violation than doing a round trip (on our buck) and being back in 4 months with more guns or drugs.


Well lets deport them an d if they try to come back give them the firing squad.

Obama 08


I grew up in Somerville back in the 60's. It was a different time then, we had a sense of moral value. We had the family unit, that has gone now with the times, to many disfunctional families out there. We need to get back to basics.



Richard James

Yeah, Obama 08. Barack thinks the shooter needs hugs and therapy, not jail time. If he appoints judges crime will run rampant.

Bob Dole

::If he appoints judges crime will run rampant.::

Uhm, Richard? Did you even read the story you're commenting on?

Bob D.

Richard James

Umm, Bob, I did. I was responding to the post here that read "Obama 08." Thanks for breathing today Bob.


That was nephew who was shot! You all think you know what it was about, then why don't you all do something about it. He was innocent and is not gang related in any way! He was waiting for a relative to pick him up! Now if you have any info on this and would like to help do something about all the crime then let me know! Innocent people get shot and other people just turn the cheek because they are to scared to do anything about it. Man or woman up and do something about it!


It's a shame - I thought that area was taking a turn for the better, but it looks as if it's taking a turn for the worse! I ran a road race through that neighborhood a year ago and thought some of the old homes were so beautiful. It's sad to think that such violence is creeping in and taking over the streets of Someville.


After reading many of the comments, I came to the conclusion that arrogance is still a big problem within our society. What do El Salvadorians have to do with anything? The vast majority contribute to our economy and are all part of our community. The biggest problem is that most people stay still and let young rugrats ruin our safety. We live in a culture where a person who cooperates with law inforcements is called a snitch. If you know your neighbor is a drug dealer or the park a few blocks away is a place for drug distributions, give a report to the authorities. Don't wait and let our city be buried by violence or let it be degraded by comments as I have seen here. We as residents of Somerville, regardless of gender, race, income, or views, need to unite and fight against violence. The last thing I want to see is Somerville become another NYC or Los Angeles. Lastly, to all those who ought to read this comment, have pride in our City, it is our beloved home. God Bless all.


I grew up in this city back in the late 80s early 90s and you know what we did: We sold lemonade, we rode our big wheels, we had neighborhood parties and yes we left our front doors open. We could walk down the street at 10pm and be safe, now no matter what time of the day it is I feel like I always have to watch my back. We were a family oriented city and our parents were involved that meant coming home when the street lights came on. We watched each other's backs, we had respect for one another and in the summer we could sit in front of our porches late at night without a care in world nor a police car driving by. When were teenagers ok so we had keg parties and smoked pot but that was it!! We also cared for each other, looked out for one another. We didn't worry about were or who we were going to steal from to get that next OC or bag of heroin. Our parents felt safe sending us to school and we used the opportunities we had. This is the USA so respect the flag or get the hell out. America stands for freedom, justice and let's not forget all those people from before and today that fought in real wars not stupid or who's the better gang war. Come on people or parents get involved. We used to be a community/unity. It's not about segregation or who's better. There are so many opportunities in this counrty or at least take an English class which by the way should be mandated. Communication is the key and knowledge is power. Stop the ignorance!!!! If you don't like it don't complain, whether get out or make a change please or else it will only get worse!!!


It's not just that they are immigrants it's that they have parents who either are working three toilet cleaning jobs or their parents just don't care. These people procreate like rabbits and then leave their kids for the schools, city, society to raise. And best of all we get to pay for it all!!!

Thank you Paul Upton for not commenting on the details of the crime. As taxpaying citizen we want to know the extent of the gang problem in our neighborhoods. If drive by shootings are happening near school playgrounds before summer break I want to know the plan of action to prevent further mayhem on our streets.

I love this neighborhood and am raising children here. Thank God we weren't at the playground yesterday!

Mystic Projects

To all you people that say life was better off back then must have been living in a cocoon when in Somerville. In the late 80's early 90's they used to have gangs based on race and killings based on race. Have you ever heard about the Notre Dame gang and the UNLV gang? They clashed back in the days just because of race. Now a days the majority of people can walk the streets without hearing racist comments day to day. We are a multi cultural city that is stuck in this 4 square miles. We get along pretty well, but these incidents only hold us back. Yes it was a horrible crime but its a city and every city has it now and then. The majority of people who reply to this post are the remaining racists that like to put fear in the community, because they know with fear the public is vulnerable. But I cant wait till you remaining racist die off and the city could strive to be the best city in the USA. I love my city and mostly everyone that lives in it, but we have to get off saying lets deport so and so because without immigrants we would not know how to survive. This land is based on immigrants either from Ireland, Italy, and Mexico, lets not put a whole race or culture down just from the actions of so little. I know your ancestors are rolling in their graves because they knew the struggles and hate they received when first coming to this country. And you think life's a cake walk because of the color of your skin, and that you were born here. All I'm trying to say is don't deny all immigrants the freedom* we all have because the actions of a few in their race. We all come from the same God so stop hating.


Makes me long for the days of public executions. When they catch this little bastard that pulled the trigger, they should hold a public hanging in the middle of Foss Park. Start making examples of these punks. Let all his homies see what's in store for them. Let them see the chair kicked out from under him and watch his neck snap. Then when it's done, put his body in a wooden box and ship it back to whatever third world hell hole he crawled out of in the first place.

Elio LoRusso

I have lived in Somerville for 36 years, all my life. I am very disappointed at what is happening to our streets with these gangs. I think that we should do more to round up these so called gangs and ship them right out of our city back to their country. IF THEY ARE HERE ILLEGAL THEY DO NOT BELONG HERE. WE NEED TO WAKE UP AND TAKE CONTROL OF OUR STREETS BEFORE THEY TAKE OVER OUR CITY. MORE COPS ARE NEEDE ON THE STREETS ALSO.

Kemps Nuts

I can't believe that this city is wasting so much money building a "park" at the old Kemp nuts land on Walnut St. close to Pearl St. This "park" is going to turn out to be one of the most dangerous areas in the city once it opens. It will be nothing more than a hangout for those punks that hang out in front of those apartment buildings located there......the ones where we had a recent shooting.

Mark my kid or parents with small children will get any benefit from this new "park". They will be to scared to go there.

MS-13Kemps Nuts

"As a result of the poor conditions in El Salvador, many MS-13 members have illegally immigrated to our nation where our law enforcement efforts and prisons seem tame when compared to their homeland.

MS-13 members in our country are known to be involved in all aspects of criminal activity. Some law enforcement sources have reported that because of their ties to their former homeland, MS-13 members have access to sophisticated weapons thus making firearms trafficking one of their many criminal enterprises.

Despite their access to weaponry, there have been many high-profile murders and assaults in which MS-13 have used machetes to attack their victims.

The federal government has increased efforts to locate and deport illegal MS-13 members living in our nation but with the lack of cooperation from many cities whom support sanctuaries policies, has made the government’s job an uphill battle."

Ron Newman

Somerville has a tiny amount of parkland per square mile compared to its neighbors Medford, Arlington, and Cambridge. Any addition that the city can make will be appreciated. The city is also building a small park behind the Cambridge Health Alliance parking lot on Central Street (stretching back to Centre and Woodbine streets).


That's not the point Newman.

I'll repeat what I posted above:

"Mark my kid or parents with small children will get any benefit from this new "park". They will be to scared to go there."

Ron Newman

So what would you suggest instead? (Either different place to build a park, or different use of the Kemp-Nuts property?)


Instead of building a new park they should have taken that money to spruce up many different parks.

Then entice some company with start up tax breaks to locate there.

Hey, you could even use the space to re-locate the farmers market from Union Sq. to alleviate all of the traffic on weekends that causes.

Ron Newman

No, the farmer's market should be in a busy place where people already are. Union Square is perfect for that.


Well, I warned everyone that the longer we did nothing to get rid of the illegals the worse the crime will get. It will get even worse as the summer really heats up. I'm going to need to mount an SAW, M249 on the roof of my car just to go grocery shopping.

Good work, libaloons. Your dreams of low-income housing all over the city will come to fruition with the all the illegals you keep coddling. Values will continue to drop as no one will want to live here.


Well is that case Imux, let the violence continue lol. More than 50% of the city are renters and I would love the houses in Somerville to go down so maybe us underprivileged could buy one some time soon. Hey maybe i'll take you out of your land some time in the future lol.


Geesh, this turned into something ugly.

Rather than talk about ways to fix the problem people want to blame a group. The problem with the violence is coming from the kids. Whether the kids parents are from Italy, El Salvador, or Ireland does not matter. We, as a community, need to figure out how we can keep kids out of these gangs.

Yes some of these kids some of their parents are illegally in this country and should not be. Fixing that problem is part of a wider issue.

To fix the PROBLEM we need to keep kids busy, doing things that are productive to themselves and if possible for the community as well. Making sure that jobs programs are well funded or lengthening the school year are ways of fixing the PROBLEM. Helping law enforcement to be perceived as a trusted part of the community rather than as an oppressive force through greater community policing. etc. etc.

So many people are talking about what it used to be like. What did you do as a kid to 'stay out of trouble' Why not create opportunities like that for the kids who are getting into trouble.

Murder (2006):
National - 7/100,000 person
Boston, MA - 13.3/100,000 person
Somerville, MA - 2.7 /100,000 person

Assault (2006)
National - 336.5/100,000 person
Boston, MA - 797.5/100,000 person
Somerville, MA - 228.1/100,000 person

Lets fix the problem and not place blame


its just seems the police arent doing enough.

deanna cremin never solved. that man on broadway

on the hill towards magoun sq. the only reason

that kid who killed janet downing eddie something

is that he confessed!!!

in the 60's the boys on marshall st plied their

trade , including buddy mclean... i went through

hours of journal microfilm over the course of 2

weeks 1964-66 NOT ONE MENTION of any arrest of

one of these guys.... they say they know who

they are then goddamnit start doing something

before more innocent get shot!!!! he was just

waiting for a ride!! i do look all around me

in the area now..

do we have to do something ourselves? progress

in numbers. neighborhood crime watch... or crime

stoppers??? no i havent been watching too many

charles bronson movies!!!

Winter Hillian

To: Newman, that's a great idea.

To Mystic Projects: I corroborate your story. I grew up in Somerville, too and it seemed worse to me back then. Back then, the Haitians were moving in and despite some ignorant opinions, they were doing it legally, based on a refugee status they had because of the famine, wars and general strife that existed there back then (like the famine in, say.....Ireland). In the early 90's there were race riots at Somerville High and cafeteria brawls. Now, the Haitians are pretty much integrated and people are turning their animosity on the newest strangers.

Just so most of you can get another sense of the picture, many of the older Salvadoreans are actually here legally. Many of them also qualified for refugee status because they had a terrible civil war in the 80's (caused by U.S. interference in Central American politics). You can't deport them, so figure it out. Learn how to live with them. Just because immigration issues make national news, the problems that they have in California and Arizona aren't as much of a problem here. The media is making you think they are. We barely even have any Mexicans around here.


After the gang outbreak of a few years ago, when there were 'meetings' galore, the police began to tell us that there was no gang problem. Apparently many people believed them, and look what has happened. The Somerville Police chose to ignore the problem, hoping it would go away, and of course it only grows.
The other problem....out of control immigration. In the past, you needed a sponsor to come to this country, who would agree to support you if need be. You also needed some type of skills. Thanks to the illustrious Ted Kennedy that all changed in the late 60s. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, flooded in, many choosing to live off the government. And we no longer looked for skilled immigrants who could enhance our society. How, I ask you, do you maintain and grow a society when the people you are adding are unskilled workers, criminals, drug dealers, etc.? Do you really think that it doesn't matter as long as we are 'multicultural' (a truly meaningless word, by the way). Look at the cities in this region which are dominated by immigrants: New Bedford, Lawrence, Springfield, Chelsea......need I go on? When will we wake up and start to truly look at the problems we are creating for our children?

Winter Hillian

I do think it would be better if people came here on the same sponsorship program that used to occur in the past. It would help people to integrate more fully and learn some of the social rules needed to keep their neighbors from hating them. Sadly, Congress can't get it's act together enough to fix the immigration system, especially with the vocal yahoos making ridiculous suggestions about deporting everyone. We need all our money for the war in Iraq, remember, not for free flights to the Southern Hemisphere.
I don't know where you get your information about people choosing to live off the government and being drug dealers, though. You're just speaking drivel out of ignorance and maybe what someone else told you to scare you. The only way you'd know they were drug dealers for sure is if you bought drugs from them yourself.
Most of the people I see in the Housing Projects (at least around Somerville) are white Americans.


FYI there was NEVER a Notre Dame gang. Alot of trouble started back in those days at the High School, we couldn't wear Notre Dame sweat shirts because they thought it was a gang. There was NEVER a ND gang. My good friends were the leaders they say, that was a bunch of BULL. This City is getting crazy. For all of those that are in gangs, take it somewhere else. We don't need this in our City. Enough is enough! Bring the trouble else where. Another reminder there was NEVER a Notre Dame gang.


To the comment of JamalSampsonIII, I think you should be deported too, because you don't even know how to spell!!




2 out of 3 defendants in this case were convicted for joint venture in the shooting. the shooter was never caught, but rumor has it there's a outstanding warrant issued for his arrest.

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