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May 24, 2008



I find it funny how this paper is supporting the residents right to view the sun but was all for the VNA project. Look at the last house on Capen St. Which is in Somerville. Tell me about the sun being blocked. Where was the paper commenting on this. Oh thats right it met your buddy Trane's agenda. Such hypocracy.


Well, the stairwell and elevator addition is supposed to cost $750k. I don't understand why so much, but let's assume that's accurate. I don't see anything wrong with trying to make an addition to help bring in more revenue to pay for the mandatory changes. It's not that cheap. Almost a million dollars!

Plus, like I've said before... you take risks when you live next to commercial properties. You can't expect that the commercial property is always going to be the same. You take similar risks with residential neighbors, but just not as much. They're less likely to build large structures. They might not keep up their property though, and things like that. That's the nature and risk of owning property.


Why does Dr. Rizkallah's ADA compliance have to come at the expense of his neighbors/abutters? That $750,000 number is the real issue as I see it as it's clearly for a third floor addition to cash in. He seems to me to be the rich carpet bagger looking to cash in. I mean honestly doesn't that seem obvious?

Let Dr. Rizkallah build his staircase and his elevator within his current structure.

Somerville resident

The good doctor is cashing in and why everyone cannot see that is beyond me. He can currently put the staircase and elevator into his current structure. How do I know this? Well glad you asked. I have been inside that building many times many years ago when it was the funeral home. There is a staircase already inside the structure. So why build the monstrosity on top of your neighbors. And if anyone does not agree that this man spells GREED then they are the stupist people I have ever met. Maybe if you were at the meeting I was and heard him say that he would buy everyone's property in direct contact with him, it would leave no doubt in your mind that this man spells GREED and nothing else. The fact that he has spent millions of dollars in the last 3 years is astonishing to most of us. Wake up people!!!!



I'm sympathetic to your cause, believe me, but we have the Ciampa Manor right across the street which I believe is an identical development to the VNA building which is to serve the needs of the many (not one, Dr. Rizkallah). If it's like the Ciampa Manner it will serve long term elderly residents and becuase if those reasons more acceptable to me.

Make NO mistake about it this construction of Dr. Rizzkalah's is to serve his needs only (his already very deep pockets)! It is Dr. Rizkallah and Dr. Rizkallah alone who will profit and handsomely from this construction increasing the value of his own building (and increasing his income by $$$) while decreasing the value of his neighbors, putting their properties at risk (fire hazzard), taking away their privacy, their views, their use of their property and increasing traffic in Davis Square which is already as another poster to this BLOG has clearly stated, unbearable! His building is at one point four feet from one neighbor/abutter and attached to another neighbor/abutter!!!

While I am completely sympathetic to your situation this does not serve the greater good like the VNA and Ciampa Manner and that needs to be clearly stated and understood!

Why do you think the absolute lions share of this 750k construction is going to add third floor? That is not at all state mandated! Dr. Rizkallah is the ultimate carpet bagger, absentee landlord (owns multiple, multi families in the immediate area) and as he clearly stated wants to buy our homes and his car has New York license plates!

As the arrogant author of this unnamed article put it, GET IT???

Lastly two wrongs DO NOT make it right!

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