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May 30, 2008



“I personally want the kids down at Lincoln Park,” said officer Jim McNally, who patrols around Union Square. “Now I know where they are all the time.”

Yeah it will make it easier for him to arrest them so he can get $court time$...cha-ching!

It's not easy being the on top of the city payroll year after year.


This makes me sick lmao. All these crooked cops pretending to enjoy working with all these adolescents. How much did they get for overtime doing this event? You know something's up when you see officer hickey holding a teenagers hand without putting handcuffs on them.

Who is Officer Hicky

Who is officer Hicky? Is he a nice guy?


A one-time event doesn't cut it. Why doesn't the city bring back the community police officers? This was an effective, on-going tool for the police and the kids, who got to know one another. The neighbors knew they could talk to the community officer about problems in their neighborhood. This officer would be dealing with the drug problems in this city, rather than watching from the sidelines as the police are doing now.

Ward 3 Voter

Hey Chief Holloway & Somerville News Bloggers
Officer Nick Stiles, Officer Jim McNally are great poice officers somerville has and also there are many many more to many to list. Also i known these police officers for a very long time. Keep up the good work officers.
Ward 3 Voter


We have a MORON here !!! Thats not Hicky in the photo, as a matter of fact, its not even a Somerville cop. Its so funny reading the commentary from the local idiots.

Ward 3 Voter

hey Rob
get a life.

hey rob

the very first photo and the guy growing bald is officer hickey, so who's the Moron now

The Last Of The Mohican!

Officer Hickey is a great guy he's like the last of the mohicans. A true pioneer!

look before you leap

The balding guy is from the Everett police. I was there.


I find it hard to beleive that after all these years the local Morons don't know what Hickey looks like. There are enough of you idiots that have his autograph. Although that Everett cop looks a little like Hickey, he's missing one thing..... the wheel barrow...... thats what Hick uses to carry his balls around!


“I personally want the kids down at Lincoln Park,” said officer Jim McNally, who patrols around Union Square. “Now I know where they are all the time.”

Do you think I was kidding when I commented on "McNally's" motives in the above post?

Somerville -
Two 17 year-old Somerville residents were busted for pot after police caught them and four of their friends smoking and playing basketball at Lincoln Park Wednesday, May 28, a police report said.

According to the report, authorized by Officer James McNally, six males were hanging around at the school basketball courts. It appeared, McNally wrote, some of them were passing something around. McNally saw they were smoking.

McNally witnessed several of the youths smoking, including Salami and Jit, before he called for backup. Officers Steve St. Hilaire, Marcos Freitas, Alan Monaco and Sgt. Neil Brennan responded.

The police officers frisked each individual to see who was carrying pot. They also found a pile of discarded clothing, including a pair of blue jeans worn by Salami, which contained a large plastic bag holding seven smaller plastic bags, each reportedly filled with pot. A pair of black jeans, claimed by Jit, also contained a bag of marijuana.

Of the six youths, Jit and Salami were arrested.

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