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May 13, 2008




Seems like you have figured out that the "support the troops" bs coming from rich Republican assholes is simply empty rhetoric. You know, the politicians who are rich enough to pay for all their kids' tuition and expenses to the best colleges, and 97% of whom have never served in the military.

My dad was in the Marines in the 1960s and the GI bill enabled him to get a full ride to American in DC.

The watering down of these benefits is a disgrace. If anyone deserves a free ride it is these soldiers.

GI Supporter

This is certainly an important issue to discuss. I do, however, take exception to JPM's comments:
'the "support the troops" bs coming from rich Republican(s) rhetoric. You know, the politicians who are rich enough to pay for all their kids' tuition and expenses to the best colleges, and 97% of whom have never served in the military.'
I think you have it a little backwards. There are more GI supporters in the Republican Party than the Democratic. And if you check, I'm certain that you'll find far fewer Democratic legislators with family members in the military! Get a grip with the Republican bashing and try to stay on point!!


Supporter - then why aren't all those "GI supporters" in the Republican party behind Sen. Webb's bill? You can take your "empty rhetoric" and stick it back on your lapel next to your flag pin.

Excellent article, Matt. You've caught one thing that often gets overlooked in these discussions: that ex-GIs with a college education are an incredible asset to society, and will pay back the costs of the GI Bill many times over. Restore the GI Bill to where it was after WWII: a free ride to any college you can get into.

just wondering

Anyone who thinks that republicans care about veterans has to look no further than the devastating buget cuts that they imposed on the Veterans Hospitals. These cuts were made while they controled the house the senate and Bush was president as they continued sending troops to Iraq on a misguided mission. They cut funding that supported returning veterans. These are the facts. Republicans have a long history of sending troops to war and forgeting about them when they get home. You can wave the flag all you like but actions like this tell what the republicans really think of veterans.


Thanks for the article Matt! I hope Webb's bill passes. The Republicans under Bush have weakened our military through their poor planning for post-war Iraq and through the reprehensible "stop-loss" policy which many have described as a back door draft.

You'd think veteran's issues would be a bipartisan affair - but apparently not. Webb is a great independent-minded Senator and I hope he continues to fight for these important issues.


In Haig's presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy.
Woodward and Bernstein, The Final Days, chapter 14

That tells you all you need to know about how much contempt Republicans have for soldiers.


Screw that, spending libaloons! That's MY tax money you're talking about. Being a soldier is a job like many others. In many respects, not even as dangerous as many other jobs. Many more people died in construction accidents than in Iraq, for example, since the war started. Why don't give construction workers free tuition and a stipend? If there was a draft, I'd understand: they make you go to war, they should compensate you. But with a voluntary force, this is just bullshit, Mr. Matt. Besides, most soldiers are too braindead for college anyway, it would be a total waste of money. Afterall, you become a soldier BECAUSE you are stupid. Flame away, but this is the politically incorrect truth.


Imux, based on your beliefs it is impossible for me to believe you are not a veteran. But again based on your belief you are to stupid to have any knowledge anyway.


No opinion on this, but this is not related to municipal issues-I'd prefer Somerville News focus expanding coverage of local issues.


That comment dated May 13th and 6:34 PM was NOT by me. It was by that asshat who likes to be pretend he/she is me. Just ignore him.

Just an FYI. Every generation of my family has served.


Et tu, Brute?

Taxes, taxes, taxes....

The GIs should recive more support. Perhaps when this country wakes up and stops funding silly things, there'll be enough money left for our veterans! How about putting an end to health services, legal counsel, etc. for illegal aliens? How about cutting back sharply on welfare benefits? How about cutting the money which supports all of the crazy things in our budget? There should be PLENTY of money to support the veterans as they deserve!

Yorktown Street

The problem with the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq is not that it was bungled. The problem is that it ever happened at all. The known costs of the war were too great for us ever to have chosen it ourselves. It is America's shame that we let Bush choose this war for us.

Before we ever let Bush send in the troops, we should have said to ourselves, "Am I willing to see young men and women suffer brain injuries that will cripple them for life? " As the N.Y. Times reported last year:

"Largely because of the improvised explosive devices used by insurgents in Iraq, traumatic brain injury has become a signature wound of this war, with 1,882 cases treated to date, according to the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center."

The best way to support the troops is to stop sending them to stupid wars.


Matt - great article.

Yorktown - one clarification, we're not in a War technically. War can only be declared by Congress. Of course, we've had 'actions' in Koren, Vietnam, and the Gulf...but those were all at the behest of the president, no popular support needed. And we have a long history of the Congress (conservative and liberals alike) acquiescing to executive power since Truman.

This is much like the constitutional 'formality' that the Senate must approve of any treaties the US engages in (because they become the 'law of the land' once signed by the president) presidents (Democrats and Republican alike) find it expedient to sign 'Agreements' and not risk running to get approval.

So while our apathy in the voting booth is no doubt a major factor - it is not the only systemic weakness to be addressed.

I'm personally hoping for an Electoral College tie this year so Americans can finally get behind the idea of reforming our noble, but antiquated, Constitution to ensure better stewardship. Then we might address issues like Matt's more head on.


The G.I. Bill and other benefits are ok but I think it could and should definitely be strengthen

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