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May 25, 2008



Patricia Wild apparently has nothing else to do with her time than to complain, gripe and moan about issues that don't concern her. Who told this person that she was a writer? Someone should confiscate her computer. I am sick to death of her and her moronic scribbling!

In this article, she addresses racism between black and whites. Not too long ago it was illegal immigrants. When did she become such an expert on this subject? Isn't she white? How then does she think she can speak for others? She is clueless, to say the least.

I don't understand why she is so concerned about these issues, except that if she has lived such a privileged life maybe she feels guilty and this is how she deals with her own conscience.

However, it is my feeling that do-gooders like Ms. Wild are the cause for a lot of problems between people. Maybe she should stick to stupid articles about the kitchen witch hanging in her window, which was another item she wrote and was published in the Somerville Journal.

This woman might be well to do, but she should also stay out of other people's business and sip tea and crumpets with her socially prominent acquaintances, rather than to express her non-existent views on racism or other issues that do not concern her. Instead of trying to tackle issues that she cannot possibly comprehend, she should write about areas that she would be appropriately versed and knowledgeable in, such as trust funds and shopping at Neman Marcus.

Doug Holder

If you read the book you may see how she is able to discuss these issues. If you read the book you might be actually able to know why "she is able to tackle these issues." This was a well-written and honest account, and Wild is very critical of herself as well.

If we don't have any "do-gooders" as you put it, left in this world, then what do we have?

Barbara Bialick

good article! barbara bialick

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