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May 25, 2008


Big Brown

I would guess an A+ for creative writing too.
The story is a fairy tale. The City re-pays the tuition and the ex had the kids. Nice try

Tim Gunn

really nice picture. Congratulations. I think your pearl necklace is fabulous.


this reads like a novel, a HORROR novel. This is a classic example of self-promotion !!


Came across this comment posted on the Boston Herald with the story that they ran about this female firefighter:
"I would love to ask the author if he did any research or if he just took Cindy's word for it. the article is a complete fabrication. this lady is not a single parent. in fact she has 2 sets of grandparents that have cared for her children. she also has an ex-husband that was not mentioned in the article. the man has been involved with every breathe her two boys have taken. he is a good man and a good father. it is a complete injustice for him not to be acknowledged. cindy's story is not one of inspiration. it is one of smoke and mirrors. this lady has broken up two families ( she had a relationship with a married man while she was married herself), she was excommunicated from here church and Social Services has been made aware of her irresponsibility as a parent ( she went on a 8 week vacation while her 16 year old son was left unattended). There are many people in the world that deserve praise but she is not one of them."


Its hard enough simply working and completing a degree program but because its a city worker doing it the local scum has to come out and smear good work. Dont go away mad...just go away. She should be proud of her accomplishment and its important to put her in the news. too many young kids stop education early, thanks cindy, for showing them its important enough to continue in the face of adversity. You should be justly proud !!!

Honest Abe

It's so sad that this acconplishment of graduating from college has to be ruined by lies of what her other accomplishments were. She did graduate, that is a fact. She was not a single mother raising her 2 boys because they lived with her X-husband for the last 3 1/2 years as she pursued her "dream". She also went on many vacations and didn't even bother to call her boys for weeks and months at a time. Single mother I think not. Very selfish, self promoting, dilullisional woman I think so.

Lady Bird

I think I'm going to puke in my own mouth. Anyone that knows the real story should also be sick. Hey, who took the picture ? Does "Dad" still teach at Suffolk? Children should not look up to this phoney baloney..


anyone that knows these people, know the real story. Is this a reported story or was it submitted by their P.R. firm ?


Graduating college as a working adult is a great accomplishment that I wouldn't take away from anyone. However, allowing this paper to print that she did so while "raising her two sons" is not only dishonest, but a slap in the face to her ex-husband, who actually did raise them, and an insult to all those who know better. Also, let's not forget the fact that both the bankruptcy and divorce were her fault.

Grand Marshall

I say she should be in the next Somerville parade. Maybe a wonder women costume !

Lone Ranger

is this a phoney story like the basketball coach?
Sure sounds like it!

 SImple man

Hey Stoned Ranger ... the basketball story was all true ... Cynic

Sam Malone

Will there be a forthcoming book about the the apparent only "struggling" person who got a degree from Suffolk? Maybe a book signing at the firehouse. Great PR for the City. Would that book be fiction or non-fiction?

Shirley Temple

will this college superstar be going for her masters degree? How does she get all the time off if she is a fulltime fireman? Will there be a Hallmark Hall-of-Fame movie coming out on this inspiration to all that know her?

Seattle Supersonics

We are thinking of hiring this wonderful person. Her story is enlightening and inspiring. Maybe she can work for Craven the other embellisher !

Self Promoter

WHY WHY WHY won't this story go away?

Ron Newman

Because every time you or someone else posts a comment on it, it pops back onto the "Recent Comments" list in the right-hand column.

Mommy Blog

Nice picture..
great mom for your children!!
well i think your inspiration to do these is your children to make a model to us..
thanks for sharing ..

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