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May 23, 2008


BYe BYe!

BYe BYe Carl!!!!!!!!! Smartasssssssssss!

Tree huggers out and people's people are in!

I remember when this clown ran first against Vinnie Ciampa and he had employed all these groupies from everywhere but Somerville riding bikes, unicycles and brooms knocking on doors and ringing bells just to knock out Vinnie to put their own kind in office! This was the united planned team of PDSers aka "The Communist Colony", that were going around from campaign to campaign to put their own tree huggers in office and take over our city and many more around the area! But what goes around, comes around! Senator Jehlen should be next! Their all a bunch of no good do gooders trying to move in and change the world!
Tree huggers out and people's people are in!


Hey Carl, Uhaul's hiring!

We will rise

Good its about time we get rid of these people who believe in tyranny. I am sick and tired of people like him who think its their mandate to take over our political system and tell us what to do. We all know why he ran for office, just look at all of the donations for non-Somerville residents to his campaign. These people could care about us, they just want control. They represent the wealthy trustfund suburbanites who move into working class neighborhoods looking to live a fake bohemian pseudo intellectual dream. They are the ones who cause gentrification and then complain about it. They are the ones who encourage illegal aliens to come to our city and take, not give. They are the ones whose misguided ivory tower ideas cause our taxes to increase and also destroy our quality of life. They are the smug, elites who think they are better then us. They call us dumb, white trash garbage and if they had their way we would all be banished from the city our parents built. They want a revolution, but their enemy is the working class people who have pride and morals. They mock our religion, they mock our strong families, they use our streets to party and then blame us. I say down with these people and kick them out for good.

Hipster Stu from Wisconsin

I am saddened by these horrible comments. I am not a native of Somerville, but I have lived here for two years and feel it is my home as much as you who have been here for generations. I am Progressive because I visited a third world nation once and saw why we need communism in America. I personally feel that my people have made Somerville better. Look at this city, its trendy and people die to live here. Maybe its just your fault for being stupid and uncool. I for one wish you would all move away and lets is have the city. Come on, we need more skinny guys with combovers riding bikes talking about how open minded they are to score with girls who are into the latest trend. Our time for sex will end soon and it will go back to the muscle men. Let us have our sex while we still have time. Thats why you all need to leave, because I am not giving it up now when its cool to be a wimpy looking guy whose parents pay his bills. Eventually when the poop hits the fan, girls will want a real man to protect them and provide for them. What can I protect, I am 5'11 and 135 lbs. I also have an art degree, what the hell can you do with that. We need to keep you people silenced so I can get sex.


I plan to vote for Bob, but can we just put Carl on the ballot and be done with it? Bob can win on the merits of his campaign.

Question Carl?

Carl - Please you or one of your people please explain the quote in the other paper that this is all Bob Trane's fault. Please do not make a statement and not back it up - that is childish. It is my understanding that you did not follow the process and pass in the papers to the Secretary of State. Is that wrong? If you want to accuse someone of something then have the guts to do it. Otherwise please explain the comment. Besides, Jamie please check if it is an ethics violation to have "political" signature sheets in a State office. I am pretty sure it is.

Ron Newman

If I were running for this office, I would

(a) photocopy all signature papers before submitting them to the cities
(b) photocopy them again immediately after retrieving them back from the cities
(c) deliver them to Secretary Galvin's office immediately after step (b) -- the same day

The much more detailed coverage in the Farm Team paper suggests that Carl didn't do any of these things. Why?

No way

I suspect that he never had them in the first place. These signatures were NOT stolen....they just never existed.


I for one and embarrassed for him. I hope that someone in his camp will sit him down and explain that what he is doing is damaging his reputation beyond repair. Please Carl, for all of us, step back and think about what you are doing. You have set back Somerville and the progressive movement decades with your actions.It is time for you to sit this one out.

No way

Yes it is embarrasing for him. He is behaving very badly. Obviously this is a difficult time for him and you have to feel bad for the guy, but this is entirely his fault. There is no point going around blaming the state, his opponent and whoever else for his woes. Take responsibility Carl - that is what rational adults are meant to do.


This is a good news: good news scenario for Bob Trane and it is all Carl's doing. If Carl does not get on the ballot (as he should not) then he has an uphill battle with write ins. If he somehow cheats the system (with all his whining and finger pointing) then everyone will see him for what he is; an imcompetent buffoon who has been backed only by oursiders and someone who thinks he can take the electoral process for granted.

No one can answer why Carl is blaming Glavin and/or Trane. The answer is that he is a whiney little prick who has never held a real job, created jobs or done a friggin' thing in his life, so when the s@%# hits the fan he is not man enough to deal with it.

Ron Newman

To "No way": The cities of Somerville and Medford have confirmed that the signatures existed at the time when they certified them.

To Imux: Secretary of State is Galvin, not Glavin. (But no, I don't see why he's blaming Trane, either.)


Chhhh-rrrissst! Ron, do you need to be such an anal ahole? I knew how to spell Galvin -- you friggin' loonbat I just misspelled it.

And I already explained why Carl is trying to blame Trane, Galvin or anyone else but himself. Carl is a whiney little prick who has never held a real job, created jobs or done a friggin' thing in his life, so when the s@%# hits the fan he is not man enough to deal with it.

I still think Buffy threw the signature out. That's who Carl should be pissed at.


Yeah I also read the comments by Sciortino saying this was all Bob Trane's fault. He needs to have some cold hard facts to back up a statement like that. And if he doesn't - then that it is really pathetic to make an accusation like that. I do not see how it could possibly be Trane's fault. I mean - all each candidate needed to get was 150 signatures. That is nothing.

It looks like its going to be Trane vs. the stickers!


It wasn't Bob Trane's fault, we all know who was behind this. It was George W. Bush. Maybe not him per se, but being an open minded person, I know all white people (besides me and my friends) are evil and embody the person of George W. Bush. I also blame George W. Bush for my girlfriend dumping me for being a crybaby. He spread rumors that being a wimp hiding behind my parents money is bad. Don't worry, when Commisar Obama becomes king, they will all go to jail and the wimpy men will reign over and create our fruity utopia where as illegal aliens have more rights then Americans. Anyways, I am not even from Somerville. I moved here fro California because I realized that people like me make it better by causing housing prices to go through the rough. No loss though, we make it better. Now repeat after me "Hail Obama, full of grace he is the lord with me, blessed are the women amongst men and blessed are the fruits in Davis Square


Hipster Stu's and Obamataton's comments are probably made by the same person. Someone attempting to be satirical but ending up only silly-ass.

Bub, try the matchbook Famous Writers' School correspondence course to sharpen up....

No way

Yes Carl - you should apologise to Trane for these accusations. Just because you messed up, doesn't mean that you drag down a good man like Trane.


Excuse me, could someone please show me a direct quote from Sciortino where he has accused Trane of anything? Thanks.


Never mind. (Farm Team website)


LOL! I love the new nickname for Carl...
"Stickers"'s cute.


Anyone ever think that Prince Carl wants out of the legislature but was afraid to tell his perpetual activists string pullers that truth? This makes it easier for him to get back to the easy life of clubbing at night and acting up at church services during the day. We all know that the ONLY reason Carl ran was to keep the voters of Massachusetts from being allowed to vote on the Constitutional amendment defining marriage. Now its no fun for him anymore.

Hipster Stu from Wisconsin & Obamatron

What's the matter buddy boy, scared that people are sick and tired of you little rich fucks taking over our town. Feel free to correct my writing. I don't have the same free time as you though, so I apologize for not checking my writing. Some of us actually have to work for a living and have families to take care of unlike our Progressive friends. You people don't get it. You move to our city and take it over and then disrespect the people whose families made this city what it is. We hate you and we want revenge.

Jimmy La Barca

Tru story about PDS and their gang of canvassers. One day a young college kid came to my door to tell me about Carl. I spent most of the conversation in agreement until I asked his stance on partial birth abortion. I mentioned that I am Christian and have moral issues with this procedure. He ended up more or less getting into a shouting match with me and insulted me religion. I said to the kid, "Listen, I agree with you on 90% of the things you say, there is no reason to yell". I then said "When you scream, you sound like a zealot, not a rational person". This kid had the nerve to not apologize. Sad thing is these kids wonder why old timers respect the gang of crooks who used to be in power. Simple, the crooks at least were respectful and knew your name. Up until that conversation I had a favorable view of Carl. I am no fan of Bob Trane, but I personally feel that the members of PDS have some severe social problems. I have heard countless stories of people with opposing views being talked down to by a bunch of 20 somethings who really know nothing. Maybe if they weren't so arrogant people might not be gloating in this. I hate to say it but were seeing Elliot Spitzer syndrome in Somerville. That is where a politician angers so many people who agreed with them that they make these people hate them. Carl you seem like a good kid, if you get on the ballot make sure your campaign workers are polite and respectful.

Carl? or Supporters?

Shocking. Not one of you will explain Carl's accusation against Trane. It's times like this that prove everything that is said about PDS. Carl, you publicly and openly accused Trane. Now - BACK IT UP. I know you and your supporters read this blog. Back up your words.


The Sciortino quote as posted by the Other Paper: "I'm disappointed my opponent is trying to cheat me out of the ballot."

I have no idea what Carl was thinking when he said that, the only possible thing I can imagine is perhaps he was surprised to see attorneys for Trane speaking at what was ostensibly "Sciortino v. Galvin"?

Seriously, what if the shoe was on the other foot here and Trane were suing for ballot access, and Sciortino's attorney shows up to argue against Trane? Imux's head would explode and wipe out half the district.

The guy's tired, bitter, embarrassed, suspicious and a few other things. He needs to take a couple of days off and focus, find a couple of people who have helped run successful sticker campaigns in the past, keep up the work he's been doing (staying away from any touchy-feely crap) and hit the streets hard.

Will he? Time will tell.


Doe NO ONE remember that Carl interrupted a catholic mass by making out with his boyfriend in the back of the church? That action alone tells me all I need to know about the type of person he is and what he stands for. To me that is like throwing a slaughtered pig thru the doors of a Mosque. Do you KNOW what the rabid left wingers would do if anyone dared to try something like that! ? But do it to a Christian and its A-OK. Yep..he is a slime ball of the highest order I'd say.

According to The Tufts Daily, Sciortino organized Queer Pride Month at Tufts. It was in April, or, as Sciortino called it, ``Gaypril.''

Powderhouse Boulevard looks lovely in Gaypril, don't you know.

Sciortino was the top guy in the Tufts Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Collective (TTLGBC). In February 1999, the TTLGBC had a meeting on the topic, ``Monogamy, Polyamory and You.''

Never heard of polyamory? You can read up on it on a Web site run by Unitarian-Universalists, of which there are few, by the way, in the 37th Middlesex. ``Polyamory is defined,'' according to the site, ``as the philosophy and practice of loving or relating intimately to more than one other person at a time with honesty and integrity. . . . Polyamorists distinguish their practice from both `swinging' and `cheating.' ''

Another time, Sciortino was quoted in the Globe as being in favor of coed dorm rooms because single-sex dorm rooms, he said, were products of ``institutionalized heterosexism and homophobia'' and led to problems with gays developing ``a major crush on their straight roommate.''

Oh and by the way..check him out here:

There is a LOVELY photo of him how he 'normally' looks holding hands with his lover in church along with a nice article. SICK SICK!!!!


Sadly, this will be remembered as one of the greatest blunders in Somerville politics.

I'm not sure if the courts can remedy this situation although it's clear Carl had the signatures (since they were all certified by Somerville and Medford City Halls), but failed to submit them to Galvin's office. I don't think it serves the voters' interest not to have a choice on the ballot, but the law does not always produce fair outcomes...such is life.

By the way, julie, the opportunistic gay bashing (above) is pretty lame, and I don't think you will have the last laugh here...

Many people will be wondering what Bob Trane's stance on same-sex marriage is. Bob can probably shut down Carl's write-in campaign by supporting same-sex marriage, the only politically viable (and just) position in this district, and the only wedge issue that might motivate people to put stickers on their ballots for Carl.


Pardon my drunkness, but julie hit it on the nail. Get all homos and illegals out of Somerville. Only white strong men should stay behind, take hold of things again and reinstate the fabric of society. Men like myself and Trane. Women should stay here too, of course, if they are pretty, but behave well. I'm sure Julie would agree to that, she seems quite intelligent (for a woman).
You Libaloons are destroying this country. McCain will crush Hussein Obama!

Ron Newman

Julie, if Bob Trane beats Sciortino, he won't do it with 'Article 8' garbage like what you posted. He is smarter than that.

Ron Newman

And I bet that some time before the next Celtics game, we'll learn that the above comment wasn't posted by the real Imux, but by "some asshat".

No way

Lay off the gay bashing...the problem with Sciortino has nothing to do with him being gay...the problem is that he is accusing a good man and a good Democrat (Bob Trane) of theft. Carl has handled himself very badlyin this who episode.


Whatever you do don't criticize lewd and lascivious, disgusting behavior. Julie, kudos for NOT being so politically correct and cool. It's so uncool not to jump into the fray.

Somerville n00b

Sciortino is trying really hard. I'm curious to see how he'll do as a write-in candidate.


Sciortino trying real hard?! Where? Maybe running around the sand dunes in P-town, but I haven't seen him knock on the door to my business or house - and both are in the 34th. I know.... I know.... last time he had his out-of-district minions come by I yelled at them, but hey ... they were filthy and rude.

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