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May 21, 2008



Ron- this is most likely what happened. Carl brought all the required signatures to both Medford and Somerville City Halls to be certified. The cities certified the signatures and returned them to Carl. He then was going to bring them to the secretary of state, looked at the forms and realized that he had lost some. He then thought maybe if i give them the copies they will let them through. Carl probably made the copies himself before getting the signatures certified. He tried to slip them through, but the state didn't buy it. He then makes up the idea that they were stolen, when in all reality they were really lost. In a few weeks they will probably show up under his couce or something. A final thought is- why would they let him on the ballot? The system is there for a reason and I do not see how the state could bend the rules because of someones foolish mistake. If carl want to get on the ballot without doing the required things, then I want to be on the ballot too!


Just for example - if the signatures had been locked up in Carl's office, after their certification by Somerville and Medford, and then there was a fire in which everything was burned, what position would the Sec. of State take. If Somerville and Medford have already certified the signatures, why is it so important to have the originals at the State House? I get it, that that's the way it is, but has there never been a situation similar to this in our State's history?


Does Somerville and Medford keep copies of signatures for themselves? I'm just wondering. (I assume Carl and his camp have already check with them.)


Ok people here is what I have found out about the mystery of the missing papers.

1) Carl picks up certified nomination papers in April from Medford and Somerville. Papers must be delivered to Secretary of State by May 27th

2)Carl went to city hall 3 weeks ago looking for copies of the original papers that he filed. The city did not make copies and are not required to do so.

2) He went to Secretary of State to ask what happens if I lost papers. He is told you must submit original signed sheets.

3) When he still cannot find papers after a month he calls police and reports papers stolen from his state house office

4) He files in court to get on ballot without signed original sheets


Thanks, truthbtold - I wonder why, during that whole month, Carl's camp wasn't out securing more signatures, just as a backup in case the originals didn't turn up. I know, coulda, would, shoulda. Damn.

Ron Newman

You can't collect more signatures during that month. See the official schedule. All signatures must be submitted to the city election departments by April 29. The cities have until May 20 to certify the signatures.


truthbtold, the details in your timeframe appear a bit fuzzy although the chain of events you describe seems likely. I do find it hard to believe that cities do not and are not required to make copies of the signatures. Anyhow.

Couple things I'd like to know: when did Sciortino turn in signatures to the Somerville and Medford registrars, and when were the certified signatures returned to Sciortino?

It's looking more and more like Carl has until the 27th to tear his office apart to find the papers.


Thanks, Ron.


I did some more checking, Sciortino got his papers back from cities April 28


Carl is screwed. Even if he finds the originals, he cannot resubmit them. State law. He better get the stickers going... now. I still can't believe what a slimebucket he was too trying to slip copies in. A real PDS move.

Karma is a b@tch! Isn't it, Carl? Maybe this is all God's way to pay you back for that filthy campaign (smear newsletter) that you helped Rachel run. What comes around... goes around, beeeeesh!

To PDS: It's over. All the illegal-huggers better start kissing Bob's ass. He is the new rep from the 34th.

Buh-Bye Carl! We hardly knew ya (literally)!


Was Trane supposed to have obtained signatures from Medford as well as Somerville, or just Somerville?

Ron Newman

I don't see any requirement that you have to obtain signatures from each city and town. Just that you have 150 signatures total.

(I also don't see anything that would prevent Carl from re-filing next Tuesday, provided that he finds the certified originals that he needs.)


Let's hope he finds them.


James Norton:

Perhaps you should read my comment again. I am saying that Somerville DOES NOT fit into those two categories that I describe. Lately, I hear people from the city and outside the city make comments that our citizens fit exclusively within one of those two superficial categories.

Oh and I appreciate you calling me an asshole. That really provides a great atmosphere for informal debate and building community. Thanks for your great leadership on the School Committee and with this paper!!


Oh, Muxie-Poo, I'm SO disappointed in your "performance" last night!
Even that Viagra substitute from Borneo didn't do the trick!

Maybe you'd BETTER come out of the closet.



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