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May 21, 2008


Richard Shortt

I can't believe that dirty tricks are being played again and that Carl's papers have disappeared. What's the game here? Carl's done great things for Somerville, so I guess he's a threat to those who want to take over and take care of themselves.

Joe B

Don't be so shy about these thugs, they are the same ones - a new generation but even some of the same families - who went to jail a generation ago for stuff as simple as "a commission" from a developer. And it's cute that Trane's defenders may be the ones with the sticky fingers twixt the city and the state counts (all that takes is losing one of about 12 pages, after all). How much fun it will be to have the Attorney General and the FBI, who have been looking over the Mayor's shoulder for the past four years anyway, have a delectable scandal to use to nail him and his less than brightest light, Trane. Look out for the slashed tires, now, and we can see Somerville's roots showing.

Mow you see them! Now you don't!

Maybe the missing signatures are in the drawers of the missing desk in the New Hampshire landfill?

Joe B

Joe B,

"Somerville's roots? " Well, if someone is going to have roots, they might as well be from here. Where are your roots? If you consider Somerville roots a negative, Cambridge is right next door.


Why was Carl telling people that he lost the papers over a week ago and now he says they may have been stolen. Sounds like he is trying to spin this story to make himself look like a victim instead of an incompetent fool. Ask yourself why he has refused to respond to the reporters questions and give any details.

Joe, before you spout off about any investigation you should know the papers were in Carl's control and were not lost by the City or the State. A dumb mistake that he should own up to rather than try to deflect by making baseless charges.


you smarmy little bastards...You should all go back to your crunchy city of Cambridge, hug a tree and save a Manatee. You are not MEN or real Women..( you know the ones with the unshaven legs?)

Missing signatures? Carl, if you didn't wait until the last minute to file this could have been prevented. Also, in a district so large and needing so few signatures, I find it difficult to understand that you only had barely above the minimum...Lack of support???

I don't know Trane but I will vote for him. A vote for Trane is a vote for Somerville..a vote for Carl is a vote for the socialist party of Cambridge.

i know the Libs are probably going to skewer me over there sipping of their lattes...some of you people need a good kick in the ass.


"Medford and Somerville city records show Sciortino submitted a total of 186 valid signatures, 36 more than is required, before the April 29 deadline."

Help me here, if the proper number of signatures is already recorded by both Somerville and Medford, what is the problem?


Kate, because it needs to be recorded with the sec of state. The city numbers mean zilch, not-a-thing, nada (I want to be sensitive to your hug-an-illegal sympathies!). Carl will not be on the ballot. Deal with it.


CARL LOSES the paperwork!!! And this guy was our rep? What the hell? What a maroooon!

As aerosmith so eloquently put it "Trane keeps a rolling!!!!" Right over the knuckleheaded moonbat, Carl!!!


Oh, and just let me say that there better not be any backdoor (no offense, Carl) "deals" made for the PDS to get Carl on the ballot. The iggggiot was too stupid to get enough signatures to the sec of state as he needed, so he does not deserve to be on the ballot. END-OF-STORY.

I've said over and over that the PDS represents only that small vocal minority group of moonbat libaloons (and other mental midgets). This proves that as they couldn't even get the required singatures to get on the ballot.

Now is the time to put the boots to Rebekah and get her bony @ss out of Somerville too.


You jerks don't deserve to live in the cradle of liberty. Our founders fought for the right of representative democracy and all you can do is defend a corrupt machine and vote for whatever cog you are told to.

you make me sick. Go read some history. Democracy is not a religion of authority worship - go to your catholic church for that. Democracy is a process of participation, not a schoolyard bully game!

T & P $$$

Things do seem to go missing around the Ville. How about the Traffic and Parking CASH? The city doesn't keep the signatures with T & P office right? I mean, there is a track record of sweeping things under the rug over there...the same people who are screaming that Capt. Carl (PDS Superhero) be responsible for those "missing" signatures should hold T & P responsible for the missing CASH...right?


you make me sick. Go read some history. Democracy is not a religion of authority worship - go to your catholic church for that. Democracy is a process of participation, not a schoolyard bully game!

Posted by: SwirlyGrrl | May 22, 2008 at 09:47 AM

SwirlyGrrl, a bit anti-Catholic are we? How so very progressive of you - you must sit on the PDS board. Let me guess... all of us "working stiffs" in Somerville stick to our guns and religion because we're just bitter, right? I love you just keep shooting yourselfs in the face with your elitist, bigoted comments.

Anyways... lil' girl... no one swiped Carl's signatures. The moron lost them all on his own. Freedon isn't FREE and neither is stupidity. Carl is going to have pay for his stupidity by not being on the ballot. No free ride for Carl's latest clown act. S#@^ happens to dumb people - deal with it. Carl is - obviously - as dumb as a fencepost.


Sciortino's only mistake was not anticipating the depths to which some people will sink to get what they want.

And Imux, what does PDS have to do with the candidate certification process? If Sciortino gets on the ballot it will be because the law is on his side. (He did get enough signatures, after all).

All I see are a few Trane groupies afraid of a head-to-head fair fight.


Stinky, no one "stole" Carl's signatures. The moron was incompetent and did not confirm he had enough before they went to the sec of state. So now we're supposed to give Carl MORE special "rights" -- this time becase he is stupid. You PDS'ers like to rewrite the rules as you go along to meet your candidates and your candidate's agenda only. Let me spell this out for you; N.O.T G.O.I.N.G T.O H.A.P.P.E.N!

Tell Carl to start the write-in campaign. That should go over big. LOLOLOLOL!!!


No Imux, I have no problem what the catholic church does in the catholic church.

I have a problem when representatives expect priestly worship and try to run our civil governemnts like an Archdiocese with orders coming from the top.

Democracy demands accountability to the people, not gaming the system by a corrupt machine.


Oh, and if you believe that there is no foul play here, you are either a pure idiot or you are an owned idiot.

Either way, you have no idea what democracy looks like.

truth teller

Stinky - Actually the ONE thing Carl does not have on his side is the law. The law requires you to file 150 certified signatures at the Secretary of State's office. He did not do that. It's actually that simple. Most politicians guard those papers with their lives. You do not put them down.


SwirlyGrrl, what is this babbling about "machines"? Does your tinfoil hat need some more adjusting? Carl lost the damn signatures all on his own. No one did it for him and there is no conspiracy here. Just one dummie (Carl) who has been representing (mis) us for some time and who needs to go.

Also... BREAKING NEWS! The transcript from Carl's office for the day when signatures were due at the sec of state's office has just appeared on my desk!!! I will transcribe as best I can:

[Setting: Carl's office and his recent new male assistant named Buffy]

Carl: Buffy, do you believe that Bob Trane wants to run for my office! The nerve! Just because he has lived in the district all his life, knows most everyone and the issues that confront the real residents -- he thinks he should have the seat Pat, Rebeccah and all my PDS friends bestowed on me! I hate him!

Buffy: Thweetie, do I like fat in this jeans?

Carl: Ahhh... y... No... no. Looks fine. Anyway, we better get rolling over to the secretary of state's office and drop off these signatures and then you and I can have another special "Ferris Bueller's" day off at the taxpayer's expense! Again!

Buffy: Ohh-weee! Just let me slip on some new jeans. I feel so FAT in these! I knew all those lattes would go right to my hips!!! Carl, no more meeting with those stupid constituents at coffee houses! My @ss can't take it!

Carl: Yeah... yeah... let's hurry. In the meantime, I'll start tossing these signatures in this shopping bag. [Carl thinks to himself that the signature pile does indeed look thin, but say nothing as Buffy reappears wearing white jeans, a pink shirt and a feahered hat].

Buffy: You know the drapes in the office just CLASH with the rest of the decor!!! I can't work in such conditions!! Tomorrow I am going out and spending thousands on an all new design for the office and those moron taxpayers you "represent" can foot the bill!!!

Carl: Ok, Buffy, you need the right work conditions!! Those damn idiots I represent have to understand that we can't work in a sweatshop. I'll pull right in front and you just run in and drop off the signatures. ok?

Buffy: Damn! I'll need to change from these exquisite red pumps if I am to do any running at all! I HATE WORKING!

[Carl pulls in front of the secretary of state's office and Buffy bounces out of the car with the shopping bag of signatures and saunters up the stairs.]

[Minutes later Buffy reappears]

Carl: Buffy, dearie, you did count those signatures before we left to make sure we had enough, right?

Buffy: TH-illy, you know when you hired me from hair dressing school that I can't count beyond 10! I only have so many fingers! Plus... that pile was making such a mess of the office I th-ust threw half of them away!

Carl: Oh-oh.

Buffy: The South End or P-Town today for our special day! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

I feel the Rep. from Medford's pain. We are a lot alike, more than people realize. He is stupid, and so am I. He is arrogant in his own way, and so am I. He slept on his signatures, and I slept in office. Come down to the yacht club Carl, I'll buy you a beer!


"because it needs to be recorded with the sec of state."

It doesn't make sense that the Secretary of State can't accept the records of Somerville and Medford. But, common sense never had a place in politics.


Imux, just when I thought you couldn't surprise me with how absolutely offensive you are, there you go... wow.


Truth teller - I think you've explained it for me. Somerville and Medford, first, verify the authenticity of the signatures; then, they are submitted to the Sec. of State.

I voted for Carl, and I will again, but I feel as if he, or his camp, misplaced the signatures. That has to be killing them. I'm so sorry, Carl.


Is there any verifiable info as to where, exactly, the signatures were being kept, before it was noticed they were missing?


I think I-hole's obsession with homosexuality in repeated posts says a lot about him... People who tend to focus on gay stereotypes (a la above post) and constant comments about gay sexual acts ("reach-around", etc) are usually closeted, self-loathing homosexuals themselves.


Craig - I agree with you.


Kate/Stinky/Craig, you guys got to lighten up. It was a joke intended as a rebuttal for SwirlyGrrl's silly contention that Carl is not to blame for this mess himself. I bet Carl and Buffy are sipping their lattes and laughing too.

Why are you libs so angry now? Lighten up and smoke your lawns for all I care.

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

I have some leftover stickers from 2004 that you can borrow if you need to Carl.

Ron Newman

Is the claim here that one of the two cities did not give all of the signatures back to Sciortino, or that Secretary Galvin's office lost some of them after he filed them?

This article is frustratingly unclear (and so is the Journal's article).


Ron (knock, knock, McFly!), what needs more clarification? The secretary of state's office did NOT receive the required number of signatures from Carl for his name to appear on the ballot. As a consequence, Carl ain't going to be on the ballot. It's his own fault.


Ron - I agree; I'd like more info, too.

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

Shouldn't have left Katie Wallace in charge of your sigs. Or was it Ugly Betty? Oh, I forgot, it was Becky Boo-Hoo, didn't she try to annex Ward 7 a couple years ago? Maybe Marty will make you co-chair of the Regressive Democrats.


As per state procedure, the certified signatures were returned to Trane and Sciortino. The candidates must deliver the locally certified signatures to Galvin’s office to be on the ballot in November.

Carl was handed back the signatures be each city. Somehow he (or Buffy) lost them on the way to Galvin's office.

James Norton

Ron -

Did you not read the story? How many times does someone have to say "...has not returned repeated phone calls..." So, how do you develop a clear and concise story when the subject won't return phone calls? I know you once worked for the Communist News and they had very little journalistic ethics (not saying you do or don't, just an observation) and some people who work for the Farm Team don't bother to get their facts straight...but, you can't blame either newspaper for being frustrating when the subject won't bother to make a rational statement or get his story straight.

Imux -

I cannot tell you how much you are pissing me off with the indirect comments regarding sexuality. Tone it down, please.

The Koolaid Drinkers -

We had a wonderful laugh at the short amount of time it took for some chucklehead to allude to "dirty tricks", "foul play", "corrupt machine", "sticky fingers" and other stupid ass, misinformed and downright ludicrous statements and accusations.

The basic structure of this process, indeed every process associated with running for office, has steps you have to follow - steps for acquiring signatures, certifying them with the city/town and then submitting them to the Secretary of State's Office. It is true, most people running for office guard their signatures for dear life, because if anything happens and they don't get the certified signatures to the state, then they just don't get on the ballot. It's simple.

So there is no conspiracy, no plot, the Illuminati isn't behind this - people lose paperwork all the time - why not just admit it and move on?

And before the crackpots start with "oh Jamie is a Trane supporter, of course he must be in on it too..." I would prefer to see Carl and Bob go head to head in an election to be honest. What I'd like even more is for Carl to get his story straight and just deal with whatever needs to be dealt with straight up. I would have much more respect for him then.

Chew on that.



I have no idea who I will be voting for, but I hope Rep. Sciortino gets through this mess and there a can be a real election and a serious debate. Hopefully, the people of Somerville will finally see that we are not made up of the two exclusive groups that everyone thinks: 1.) White trash, blue-collar, uneducated, overly-Catholic "old-timers" who hate everyone who finished high school and was not born in Somerville and 2.) elitist "libaloons" who drink latees, collect post-graduate degrees, espouse Stalinist viewpoints, and use Somerville as a stepping stone until they can afford to move to Lexington or Andover.

Nothing is black and white. Gray is the color of truth. And until people see that - the whining and name calling on this site will continue forever and ever...



Couldn't agree more. Thanks for putting that out there.


Hey Norton, if there were a newspaper that did nothing but trash you on a weekly basis with rumors and innuendo, how likely would you be to return their calls?

You guys are quick to "report" on every supposed misstep Sciortino makes, but somehow only the "farm team" reports on the things he's done well recently, like $100,000 for senior transportation funding.

I don't know if the Rep. is avoiding you because you're the News or because this is a pending legal matter, but either way, if the man wants a good outlet to tell his story, this ain't it.


Otis - Well said.

James Norton

By the way -

Why don't you all do the same thing we have been trying to do for a few days now - call Carl at 617-722-2018 (his State House number) or email him at and ask him for yourselves. You might not get him, because he might not be in his office - I heard he is trying to get around the whole "submit certified signatures to the Secretary of State" portion of the process.

Let's recap for the emotionally, socially and mentally impaired people in the reading audience today:

1. Get signatures
2. Get signatures certified by city/town
3. Get signatures (originals by the way, NOT COPIES) to the Secretary of State's Office

Just because you do the first two, doesn't mean you get a free ride on the third. This isn't "two out of three is ok" or "sorry you lost your signatures WEEKS AGO, but it's ok - we will take your copy of the originals now..."

Oh and by the way, for the people who just can't handle the truth - you can file suit and/or get an injunction in this state against anyone for just about doesn't matter in the end. A member of the House should not be looking for a way to circumvent the law when it comes a very simple and basic process (see steps above).

Otis -

Your asshole comments inferring that everyone in Somerville thinks two-dimensional and that people are only one of the two classes you so ignorantly described - indicates that you are obviously someone who doesn't read much beyond merely the inflammatory comments made by idiots who act like Imux on crack. That happens everywhere. Go comment on the happy go lucky website that will be a distant memory in six months. Take Craig with with you and say hi to Ken for me.



Hi, James - Actually, my interpretation was that Otis is saying that he thinks others, not he, view us as two-dimensional.

"Hopefully, the people of Somerville will finally see that we are not made up of the two exclusive groups that everyone thinks:"


Nice, JN. Setting a solid example of respect for your readers and participants on your paper's site. No wonder Imux and Dingo feel right at home.

Oh, and Otis's comment was that people in Somerville DON'T fit into the two stereotypical boxes.


JN - It seems to appear Sciortino has misplaced the signatures, and I will give you that this is the most likely scenario.

However, given the nonsense that has occured in this district in the past (Vinnie Ciampa and the disappearing ballot box, for openers), there is a possibility the usual suspects are up to their usual business.

The other possibilities would include:
- Medford received and certified, but didn't return all the signatures
- Somerville received and certified, but didn't return all the signatures
- Galvin's office received the appropriate number of signatures, but some went missing before certification.

Are there methods in place (receipts, etc.) to ensure the receipt and return of signatures by city clerks, someone saying they'd received six pieces of paper (and returned six pages of paper)? Would Galvin's office issue a receipt for X number of signatures, to be validated later? No one's saying.

James Norton

Tricky -

I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about with a missing ballot box. Maybe my mind is turning to mush now that I am 40 yrs old. Yes, whenever you go in person to deliver documents, whether locally or at the state level, you get the equivalent of a receipt from the body you are submitting paperwork to.

There are a lot of rumors flying around about exactly what, when and where the signatures went "missing", I will definitely agree with that; however, I heard from a very very reliable personal source that he went the to the Secretary of State's Office with 114 original, certified original signatures and the rest were copies. If someone stole them, again, I want to write that screenplay - but I doubt it.



JN - this is an interesting item indeed, that the Sciortino camp showed up with 114 original signatures, but the rest copies? Odd that they'd have copies mixed in with the originals. That takes the heat of Galvin's office then. Sounds like someone could have inadvertently mixed in signatures with copies of signatures, then - Sciortino's office, Somerville, or Medford. Time will tell, hopefully.

As for the missing ballot box, maybe it all depended on which candidate one was supporting at the time. But Ciampa's opponent Josh O'Brien lodged a complaint after the primary election in 1995, when it took Medford police three hours to transport a ballot box all of one half of one mile. Guess who won that precinct, Medford, and the primary?


Trick, Carl needed 150 original signatures to get on the ballot. He delivered ONLY 114 ORIGINAL signatures - anything other than originals is useless. As a representative, Carl should have known that. He also should have done a much better job safeguarding the signatures and confirming that the required amount got to Galvin's office. He did not. That shows - further - that he is an incompetent boob and not worthy of being on the ballot.

It is time for the democrats to galvinize (pun intended) around Bob Trane and push forward for a new direction in the 34th district!

Carl, you better not be a complete ahole whiner and sue anyone over your incompetence. If any of my tax dollars are wasted on a BS lawsuit that you may bring then I will have no choice but to have my inside source at Soleil Cafe fire a snot rocket into your latte!


Imux, Sciortino HAD 186 original signatures certified by Somerville and Medford. WHY he delivered 114 signatures plus copies of the others to Galvin's office is up for debate.

Either someone in his organization screwed up (unintentionally) by mixing up copies with originals, or someone in one of the clerk's offices screwed up (intentionally or unintentionally), by returning copies in lieu of the originals.

I'm sure we could debate this all night, I'd rather not. Given that Sciortino apparently called in the Mounties (Somerville or Medford, who was it?), I'm willing to wait and find out at least what the hell he was thinking by doing that.


According to many of the other news sources online (farm team, Medford paper, inside Medford, etc) - "Sciortino said several of his certified nomination papers went missing from his Beacon Hill office." Also, "Sciortino reported to police the disappearance of several of his certified nomination papers."

So what we know is:
- Sciortino got 186 signatures certified by Somerville and Meford.
- Those sheets were retrieved by him or his campaign and stored in his office at the State House.
- Some of them went missing from that office before he took them to the Secretary of State.
- The disappearance has been reported with the police. Not sure which police, but there should be a report out there somewhere. Who has jurisdiction over the State House?
- Sciortino is filing suit to get on the ballot.

What we don't know:
- How did they vanish? Were they lost? Stolen? Accidentally picked up with the trash? Sucked into a space-time vortex?
- When did they disappear? Not clear from the news articles.
- Is there in fact any precedent for this? I've seen stories where candidates failed to collect enough certified signatures, but none where the certified sheets didn't make it to the secretary. Anyone able to find any examples?
- Did or didn't Trane collect signatures in Medford? (The farm team paper cites a Medford city spokesperson who says he didn't submit any papers there. Seems to be poor strategy considering half the district is in Medford.)

There seem to be plenty of assumptions and theories around here, but anyone who claims to have more information than the few facts above is either more clued in than the rest of us or just making stuff up.

Ron Newman

If the Somerville or Medford election department gave Carl back copies instead of originals, and he filed those copies with the Secretary of State .... doesn't he still have until Tuesday, May 27, to correct this?


Ron, he ain't getting on the ballot. No one in Somerville or Medford -- my information is the copies were from BOTH cities - how could that happen!!! -- gave him back copies. What did happen is he did not have enough signatures and he or someone in his office made copies of some and tried to slip those in. No one is buying it, so now the little incompetent is telling us someone broke into his office and stole the signatures. What an illegal-alien-hugging iggiot! No one is buying it.

Carl, you screwed up and they're not setting another special deadline for you and you will not be suing anyone. Deal with it or be prepared for something extra clamy in your morning latte.

Why do the PDS whiners always want special rights? Play by the rules like the rest of us.

Ron Newman

But, if he didn't have enough signatures, why do the Somerville and Medford election departments say that he did?

It is simple

I have worked closely with both state and local politicians. I have been responsible for dropping off nomination signituers at city hall and the Sec of States Office. For a state representative, you need 150 sigs. You bring those to the city (what ever city the person signs resides). They then varify the sigs and someone picks them up and brings the certified sigs to the Sec. of State's office. They only way corruption could occur is if someone physically takes these sig from his hands by force. If he places them somewhere, and then gets stolen, that is 100% his fault. The only other way is if someone fraudulently represents themselves at city hall as a sciortino supporter and takes the sigs from city hall. From reading, that does not look like what happened. I think he has an uphill battled and should only be blaming himself.

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