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May 26, 2008


Dough Boy

This "Puppet" of the Mayor's should have stayed in the dough business because he certainly doesn't have any say here in Somerville, nor does the School Committee. Soon the Mayor will have the School Committee in soup lines after he puts together the death squad to overlook changes to a lot of things here in the city except for, of course, the Mayors seat.

Just look at the Argenziano School that is in shambles, 9 months after it has opened. This school has mounds of flaws that Director of Project Managers G. B hasn't dealt with. Why do you think Cambridgeville dumped G. B.? It wasn't because he knew what he was doing in the office. Or was it because of what he was doing outside the office that sealed the deal to oust him? So Somerville ended up with him with "Is Your Alderman A Rubber Stamper".

This City is in for long awakening. Now The Mayor is going to sell the old vacant Powder House School to some French group from Cambridge or to Tufts. Whoever has the highest almighty buck? And what is the Mayor to do with this $$$? Just like he has since he has been in office, balance his budget.

How much more property does the City have Mayor to keep on balancing the budget each and every year? We are in bonding debt in the tune of $60 million and still climbing. You've got two substations to build a healthy police station to build, East Somerville school to rebuild that you are now going to court over with the Insurance company since we do not have the cash flow to do the construction repairs.

You are at the edge of no return with your hiring and buying spree. That wall is just an inch away from your nose. But yet, you still feel as though Gaeta is the place to be. You looked tough at the parade on Sunday. Was it jet lag or just that the banks were closed and you had no hard cash to walk around with?


Hiring Pierantozzi was a huge mistake. In his tenure he has caused many good people to resign or be fired.

Trivia Time(this has to be mentioned)

1.) Which coach won a State Championship in Salem?
2.) Led the Somerville Highlanders to the State Tournament all 5 years he has coached(a very difficult thing to do)?
3.) Most importantly loved by his players?
4.) Highly respected here in the city by his neighbors, friends, and colleagues?
5.)Admired(by all listed in #4) for the great job he has done being a single parent?
6.)Worked his butt off for the kids in Somerville for many many years?
7.) This person found out he lost his job(coaching) via a letter IN HIS MAILBOX ONE MORNING from our esteemed Superintendent.
8.)He didn't call him in to speak to him face to face.
9.)T.P's signature was on the letter. He should have done #8.
10.) The letter described a bunch of untruths and make-believe as reason for termination. Even if they were true, how unprofessional is that??????

Ten is enough for now.

Where is the outrage?

Mayor Joe, where are you?

Alderman, speak up will you? Is everyone gutless? Most of you know him and know the kind of person he is.

This is shameful!!! I'm shocked that this has actually come to fruition. This Superintendent is Arrogant, Unprofessional, AND(unlike this person) DISLIKED BY MANY!!!

How can the elected officials of this city allow this GARBAGE to take place?

One, or ALL OF YOU need to speak up and correct this injustice now.

Come on Mayor Joe. This Superintendent is a parasite just using Somerville to pad his resume.

Dough Boy

To: Gutless, T. P. is Joes Puppet. Joe pulls all the strings and Tony hops, jumps and twisted to every cord. Joe can do nothing of the unfortunate loss since he supported the ousting of a great person who did help a lot of kids in the City for years. That is not Joes forte.

What a disgrace!

"he served as the health and physical education director in Scarsdale, New York for 15 years."

WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!

15 years as a physical education director and the best he can come up with for our High School Athletic Director is a man hating, incompetent, bitter and way over her head yahoo. Wow, she was the A.D. at Wheelock College......that's like being the A.D. at Matignon High!

Her and her "mentor" Tony P. fired one of the best basketball High School coaches in this state who was very respected by the kids who played for him and the community as a whole. I guess his biggest flaw was that he refused to kiss her triple X ass.

Tony P. you sniveling little political didn't even have the decency to talk to PG in person? A man's reputation is at stake and you don't have the intestinal fortitude to face someone you know got screwed? PG got fired for one reason.....politics. Just watch and see who cut his throat to obtain his coaching position, a political hacks son. Just wait and see.

Whoever are the coaches for next years teams, you can be assured that their lips are going to be sore from all that ass kissing.


A few random thoughts.....
~I didn't know there were problems with the current AD until she replaced the hoops on the basketball court days before the playoffs began. The hoops needed to be replaced all season, and replacing them at playoff time was a huge mistake!
~There's certainly more to this story than meets the eye. While all coaches have their ups and downs, I haven't heard of a lot of problems with Coach Garrity. So why fire him and keep the other coach, who has a record of multiple complaints from parents, players, and even several MIAA suspensions. There's a history of bullying. demeaning, and inappropriate behaviors, and the winning percentage is no longer able to be used as a reason. In fact, the winning percentage is much lower than it appears due to the weakness of the GBL teams in general.
~'Nuff said.


Good lord. Pierantozi's been doing the incredible task of coordinating efforts to rebuild this school system back up to a respectable level, and all people post here is bitching about the basketball coach?



You have no idea what you're talking about. Coaches can be the best educators for inner-city kids. It is a big deal you dope.-especially if it's a well respected, loved member of the community.
Wake up!!


Your point about coaches being part of the educational problem is well-taken, HB; I coach youth soccer at the lowest level and try to keep an eye on past players, make sure they're still playing if they're interested, doing well with school, etc., particularly the guys you might consider "inner city" or "at-risk" or whatever.

I don't even think Garrity leaving made it to Newstalk, or even the Ron Craven article.


So tell me Tricky how many college scholorships do you think were handed out to our kids because of their participation in high school sports?


T:T, I have no idea. Is it higher or lower than the number you think should have been handed out?

I'm not trying to rattle your cage, but the number of HS athletes who get collegiate scholarships is amazingly low.


There are thousands of athletic scholarships, in more than 30 different sports, awarded each year by colleges to qualified high school student-athletes.

Just look at the walls leading into the auditorium someday and look at all the full and partial scholarships , not all sports, that SHS students received. (Hopefully they still have them hanging up)

Just this past year two full schlarships were handed out and many partial sports scholarships were also handed out.


Dough boy,

I hope that's not true that the mayor is behind this. I actually think he's done a lot in his tenure.

Mayor Joe, I call you out again sir. If there's any one time you should stick your nose into something, this is the time and THIS IS THE SITUATION. The railroading of this gentlemen is the most outrageous and unprofessional act I've ever witnessed.

I know you hired him and want to give him the freedom to make decisions and do his job, but this is just unacceptable. Mayor Joe, he was a bad hire. He, the A.D.(who seems to mishandle many situations), and the Principal need to be overruled here. All of your hard work as Mayor has just been sent back a long way if you allow this ABSOLUTE TRAVESTY to continue. I don't even know what adjectives to use to describe this anymore.

The community should be up in arms. Alderman should be called. Mayor Joe, your phone should be ringing off the hook. A situation like this(if allowed) has a way of biting you back in the butt. Word gets around the state that a well- known, respected etc. educator received the shaft from city officials, and we all know the thought process- "Oh yeah, typical Somerville. That's why Somerville will always be just slummerville."

Mayor Curtatone, Don't let this happen!! Do the right thing. Don't let a couple of lousy hires screw everything up.


Was Garrity only relieved of his duties as coach, or was his position as teacher terminated as well?

Know the Facts

You people don't have a clue. You people talk about the other coach being tossed out of games and suspended. How many times? Once in 13 years. How many times has St. Garrity been thrown out of? Two in five years. Have you ever seen this man in action? Didn't think so. I do agree the way he was let go was wrong. My daughter played for the girls program and is a better woman because of it.

I'm a babe

Your daughter's coach is complained about all the time. The parents can't stand him; including 7th & 8th grade pride. Don't be surprised if he's next. He's no longer protected by his very gorgeous and highly competent School Committee wife.

Pride Parents...give me a break

7th & 8th grade Pride parents? They'd complain if Jesus Christ came down from heaven and coached...too much yelling, not enough yelling, too much practice, not enough practice, too much focus on winning, not enough focus on winning...give me a break. Just another example of entitlement.

Pride costs parents about 1/3 of what other similar programs in other cities charge but these parents are impossible to "please".

BTW, I thought PG did a good job, too, but you won't hear any 7th and 8th grade parents complain about him because the youth boys basketball program DOESN'T EXIST in Somerville anymore. Someone ask those Pride Parents about THAT.


PG was only terminated from his coaching position.

To:Know The Facts

If I didn't know any better I would conclude that you are CH.

If you know all the facts then why didn't you bring up that BH was actually fired by Sup. Argenziano but had his ass saved by the late Joe Mackey?

BH might be a likeable guy off of the court but during games and practices he treats the girls like dirt and loves to play mind games with their heads. His obscenity laden "pep" talks during halftime of games are legendary.

I can go on and on, like favoritism for certain types of girls, walking off the court during a game because he didn't like the girls effort, pitting teamate against teamate. The list goes on and on.

Another Opinion

'To Know the Facts', you seem to be someone who's knowledgeable about the girls bball program. Unlike 'Know the Facts' above, who clearly doesn't know the facts. BH was suspended by the MIAA more than once, for several games. Trust me, there are many parents in the city who could easily drop a dime on BH and he'd be history. The MIAA violations, inappropriate behavior and personal comments to the players are bad enough, but as you said, the head games are probably the worst. Actually, know, the worst is that he doesn't really know the game of basketball that well. He's smart enough to sometimes win a game by treating it like a chess match, but watch what happens when the score gets close....He takes good players and either destroys them, or turns them into mediocre players by not knowing how to coach, or because his methods of 'coaching' are to belittle and demean.

Dough Boy

I ask you, what were the circumstances on Hog Hanna leaving the City a few years ago? This was another wonder of our fearless Mayor and a “Rubber Stamp of the BOA”. Someone should have done a CORI on Mr. Hanna to find out what exactly happened down south regarding his first marriage. Also, with his low tolerance of temper tantrums regarding the high school concourse parking situation and the way he dealt with the Recreation female workers. Supplied with an $80,000 for being Rec head and head football coach was a travesty.

Why bother to post this....

Why bother to post this coaching position? We all know it's a sham and the "candidate" has already been picked.

I especially like the part that says under qaulifications:

"Previous coaching and/or playing experience"

Are you kidding me!!!! A storied basketball program that to this day people in this city talk about teams that played 40 to 50 years ago and this incompetent AD would hire someone with no coaching experience. What a joke!

She probably thinks that the "Tech Tourneys" had something to do with the science department.

Notice of Vacany 2008-2009 FALL coaching season
Varsity Boy's Basketball Coach
Somerville High School

A member of the Greater Boston League, Somerville High School has an opening for a Varsity Boy's Basketball Coach for the 2008-2009 Winter coaching season.

Responsibilities include :

Practice and competition arena coaching duties;
Practice preparation;
Other duties as assigned

Qualifications preferred:

Bachelors degree;
Strong communication skills;
Knowledge of Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association rules;
Previous coaching and/or playing experience

Deadline to apply is June 13, 2008 at 3:00 PM . To be considered for this position, please submit your letter of interest and an updated resume to:

Nicole Viele
Director of Athletics
81 Highland Avenue
Somerville , MA 02143

Ron Perry Sr.

The story goes back to 1949 when Perry, a high school junior, was a member of Somerville High School's New England championship basketball team. In the late 1940s, a Somerville game at Boston Garden would attract more interest than the Celtics, then a floundering team, losing in the playoffs every year despite the efforts of young coach Red Auerbach.

"Somerville was known as the school of the city," remembers Perry, who lives in Shrewsbury, with Pat, his lovely wife of 49 years. "At Tech Tourney time we would play preliminary games for the Celtics and bring 2,000 or 3,000 fans."

To: Another Opinion

You hit the nail on the head when you stated:

"....He takes good players and either destroys them, or turns them into mediocre players by not knowing how to coach, or because his methods of 'coaching' are to belittle and demean."

He has taken good kids with tons of potential and ruined their confidence for his own little sick games. I guess you need a rap sheet, low test scores and are willing to "clean someone's clock" to have him take notice. Yelling and demeaning girls from the sidelines during games seems to please him to no end.

Of course he's not stupid and the girls who work hard, get good marks in school but are sick and tired of his little rants, "ride the bench" for his sick enjoyment.

I wonder why the administration puts up with his act. I have an idea,,,but I don't want to open a can of worms. Just look and see what girls he will bend over backwards for and what girls he won't.

Paul and Mark

we know its you posting, give it up you sound like the fake poster Craven !

Just pissed

Just a comment on the job posting. First of all I thought Basketball was a winter sport?? Is basketball played by one boy?? Shouldn't it be Boys and not Boy's? Is this an example of the wonerdful grammar and writing skills being taught at Wheelock??
Why would an AD at a private college take a H.S. Phys ed. teaching position to begin with? Sounds like a set up for AD at the High School??? A VERY unprofessional AD at that.
I am under the assumption that Somerville is still the basketball city that I grew up in. The Mayor and School Committee need to step up to the plate and confront the Superintendent and AD about their unprofessionalism. They need to be called on the carpet for their poor decision concerning the BOYS Basketball program. The Boys program had one of the most dedicated coaches involved in Somerville High Schools sports. The people of the City need to make their voices heard. WE ARE PAYING THEIR SALARIES

Larry Joe

yes, the boys have some very dedicated and well liked coaches. Unfortunatly Garrity wasnt one of them.

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