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May 14, 2008



Interesting tidbit about Sciortino's stance on the VNA facility. As far as we've heard, he's for it but wants to make sure that any neighborhood concerns are addressed. We'd love for Newstalk to back up their assertions with some evidence that Sciortino's position has changed.

Ron Newman

What are the main issues of contention regarding the VNA project?

trane spotter

who is the author/authors of News Talk? Are they a scorned former lover of Sciortino's? The Somerville News should institute a drug testing policy. The author seems paranoid. May be a sign of drug abuse.

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

Trane spotter-The Rep. from Medford needs to be held accountable for his actions, even when he flip-flops! You sound envious, did you run out of Paxil?

Wd 7 Voter

Since Trane pulled papers against Prince Carl, who's likely to run for the Wd 7 seat vacated by Trane if he wins?


What is the VNA project?


the Visiting Nurse Assoc. It is assisted care living facility.


Bob Trane who I hope gets elected can hold both seats because the state elections are during even years and the city elections are during odd years just like Vinney Ciampa did when he was a at large alderman and our state rep.

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

That's right, and I think I did a good job sailing on the Mystic!


speaking of the mighty Mystic. What happened with the Winter Hill Boat Club. They had the sweetheart deal with the State. The exclusive club was using land for storage that wasnt theirs either. I say open up that area for all of Somerville to enjoy and use the river access, not just for a select "connected" few.


Vinney was a associate member at Mystic Weelinton Boat club across the river from there so don't blame him for Winter Hill.

Commodore of the Fleet

It's Mystic WELLINGTON Yacht Club you idiot! Learn how to spell!


I thought I'd seen everything, but someone hoping Trane gets elected so he can hold both seats like Double Dippin' Vinnie Ciampa, like this is a good thing? Sheesh.


What's wrong with that? Tim Toomey does it and has for many years and nobody seems to care. And he's good at both positions.

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

It all depends on who it is. Tim is very adept at both jobs, my cousin Vincenzo was not.


Regarding the "invisible sidewalks" re-appearing on Joy and Linwood Streets?
According to the city Engineer, these city sidewalks have always existed, they were just assumed to be the private property of all the businesses that are in the Brickbottom end of the city. It seems like all the city is asking, to be fair to all the people who now live in the area, is to re-open the existing sidewalks for pedestrian traffic. This area has been industrial for decades, and the times have changes, so the need for the sidewalks is apparent, and this should be a positive move for all. The bike lanes are coming to this area soon, and new paving will also take place.
Thanks to Alderman Heuston, this will finally be a nice place to safely walk home.


I suspect then that Trane's performance (if elected) would be somewhat closer to Toomey's than to Ciampa's, definitely. Does anyone know how long Toomey's been in either position, and perhaps how he came to be elected to both of his offices(defeated longtime hack, "appointed" by predecessor/establishment, whatever)?

Searching around for information on Trane, here's something from his 2007 mailing, under "Ethics, Responsible and Open Government":

Refused to accept political contributions from City Department Heads, Sr. Managers or employee's (sic) of non profit's (sic) receiving funding from the City

Is Trane planning on the same squeaky-clean goodness for his House run? I've got to believe someone significant is behind his run, that he's not doing this completely out of grudgery.


lets hope IKEA kicks the elitists out of the boat house. Let the people in you hacks.

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

I'll run 'em over with my yacht, all aboard!

Wd 7 Voter

I don't like double-dippers either, and I'd hope Trane would give up his seat like Provost did. And I can't stand Provost. Toomey isn't double-dipping from Somerville, so I don't care as much.

What I do not want is Ward 7 going the way of Ward 6 ... there are still enough "regular" Somervillians who care about issues in the city and not ALWAYS globally.


If Somerville wanted to raise some coin for the coffers, put a cop on Holland St. between Davis and Teele Squares early morning. I can guarantee you'll nail a dozen or more speedsters hitting between 45-50 on that strip, including buses!

Ward 3 Voter

nice ward7 Voter perhaps you can come here and move into ward 3 we can use you.


Sherlock Holmes

Congratulations to officer John Olivera! Maybe he can find the missing desk and the T&P missing monies now with the help of the FBI.

Elusions hard at work!

"Thanks to Alderman Heuston, this will finally be a nice place to safely walk home."
Ya right! A romantic stroll in front of a body shop and a ambulance company! Boy, I just can't wait! Please come on will ya! Concentrate on the big stuff like the milking of the Somerville Ave constrution project and the rest of the shithole that we call Ward 2 especially Lower Broadway and Gillman Street.

Sounds good for PR

I like officer John Olivera, always did! Don't blame him! What good is it looking for the desk? We know exactly where it is! We always did! We can send a man to the moon to play golf and drive a rover, but we can't dig up a desk to solve a mystrey or possible internal crime that we have the exact cordinence on! Can't and won't are a big difference!


I heard that a relative of a former Som pol was eyeing Trane's seat ...

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

Maybe Cathy O'dea will come back to Ward 7, we all could use the laugh.

Was there!

Maybe one of these new law enforcement hotshots should take a closer look at Miss Heuston's profile amd recreational situation a bit closer!

Growing up to fast!

Why should an ambulance company that is on call 24-7 for the city answer any questions about their hours of operation to anyone especially to those Brickbottom instigators! They are trying to reshape the entire ward to cater to their own circumstance and the city officials are leaving lipstick behind on their rear ends! Keep fueling the fire letting them get away with whatever they want and it just might bite you in your own ass just like it did to Alderman Joyce! Bit by his own dog!

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