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May 25, 2008


Ward 3 Voter

Hello to all the readers of the somerville news. Happy Memorial Day. What a great parade we had nice job Mayor Joe I tip my hat off to you and the city workers great job, and also a big salute to American Legion Post 19 up here on highland avenue, you men and women are number 1 in book, God Bless The USA and you Veterans.

I watched the parade not to far from American Legion Post, i saw quiet a few somerville news readers watching the parade from there. There was Herb Vargas, Michael or is it Mike Sullivan, which seem to know alot of people that was Marching in the Parade. (Hey Mike you running for office if so let me know i will help). There was former alderman candidate Mr. Lawrence, who ran for alderman in ward 3. our own Robert Pubicover, Donald Norton, Bruce Rollins etc, and may more too many to name.

once again Happy Memorial Day everyone.
Ward 3 Voter


I'd love to see more Somerville Organizations marching in the parade. I'd also love to see a few floats. Maybe each High School Class could make a float for the parade next year. It would add some color and interest.

I enjoyed the bands. I often wonder who all those people in the cars actually are. Maybe the Grand Marshall should have a sign not just saying that they are the Grand Marshall, but their name too. Not everyone knows Mr. O'Donovan.

Ward 3 Voter

hey plenty that is a good idea about the high school classes should have a float. ok anyone from class of 1980 from somerville high lets think about it how about a float with our class in it. Plenty thats a very good idea, maybe see you next year in the parade.
Ward 3 Voter

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