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May 09, 2008


The contract should go to the lowest qualified bidder

The contract should go to the contractor that is the lowest bidder and most qualified. The relationship between the water department head and the owner of PT Kelly is unacceptable.

City Hall Nose

Here is another tactic the Mayor is playing just like he did with Commonwealth Tank Services. He calls the head principal into his office and asked him to reduce his fees just to satisfy his own agenda.

Commonwealth Tank didn't fall for it and I am sure Steve K is smarter than the average dog and he also will not do it. Now this leaves the door open for the Mayor to get whom ever he chooses by emergency requirements which means not bids, no quotes, nada. The lining in their pockets keeps on getting thicker.

What's Up With This Story

This Administration has to be nuts. Kelley has been doing business in this City for over 50 years. Steve's grandfather took care of the brick sewers on Somerville Ave for years and so did Paul, Steve's dad. So why all of a sudden do we colse the door on Kelley? There has to be more to the story than is being displayed here.

Come on. Give It Up!!!

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