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May 09, 2008



This remark from the Alderman is weird,
"The previously displayed art pieces were generic and gloomy with no connection to the community surrounding the station". What previously displayed artwork is she talking about? The tiles? Those were made by Somerville school kids back in the early 80's. One of them was my kids.

Ron Newman

No, she means what was on those nine panels before they were replaced with these new artworks. They were generic pictures of train tracks and the like.

The tiles are still on the station wall, where they always have been.


Congratulations to Laurinda Bedingfield on being one of the artists chosesn. Laurinda was born and raised in Somerville, so it's good to see that they chose art by at least one truly local artist! Congrats, Laurinda!


Thank you Newman, at first I thought it meant they were replacing the tiles and that would be wrong since it was kids that did those and they all have their names on them. I know the things your talking about down at the lower level and they were kind of out of place there. I shouldnt've jumped to conclusions.

Ron Newman

There are still nine or ten generic or blank panels at the platform level, so perhaps this contest can be repeated in a year or two.

(And bravo, Laurinda!)

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