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May 03, 2008



I use to enjoy your articles and found you some what funny until
this article. if you think for one second that john l is waving too his friends then you better retract.If john l was waving too his friends on highland ave he would never need shoulder surgery.


I said "he may recognize you and give you a HONK. All my articles are written with no harm meant. Sorry if you mis- interpretted it. PLUS. I do these articles for FREE so I have nothing to gain from them . I'm just trying to entertain without hurting anyone. It was meant to be light, with a few recognizable names tossed in.

You Bastid

You suck! I was talking with my dad and my uncle about it this morning and they both agreed. Truth is, you should give up this silly column, it's just embarrassing. Just because you do it for FREE does not mean that you should be doing it at all. Nobody ever replies anymore. Time to move on, buddy.

Johnny Glynn

I know Jimmy meant no did respect. He was just saying people should wave instead of react adversely. How was he to know about any surgery??? It's a light hearted look at traffic that's all. Chill out. If you just dont like Jimmy , that's a differant story. Stop picking apart a harmless story. And why dont you put your real name at the end?


Dear "signed You Bastid" I sign my real name Jimmy Del Ponte on my article. Why dont you sign your real name? And thank you for telling me I suck. That's real nice !!!


Dear "Bastid" You're an embarrassment .


PS Why dont you read the friggin article before tearing it apart you jealouse cry baby bastard.


My Uncle, cousin, Father, brother in the can, my sister the cop, my brother in law the State cop all like the article. Keep it up !!!

Billy B.

To Jimmy and all those SOB's (You Bastid, ogoof) who responded to this weeks article.

LIGHTEN THE HELL UP , and laugh a little and sit back and smell the roses and the Dunkin Donuts, Diesels and Starbucks coffee.

Jimmy, your articles and writings are awesome, entertaining and nostalgic. Thanks for the memories and JOGGING our memories.. I look forward (from a far, internet) to your weekly writings, as does my mother, 2 brothers 3 sisters and many of your old friends.

Billy B.

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