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May 29, 2008



Profits from certain things O.K. and the job returned, but this time this poor sucker did not have a guardian angel, on your way.


"Leuchter said city officials opened an investigation into Trant's dealings because he had upset city officials plans to take the property and flip it for a profit."

Be that, as it may, it doesn't change the fact that:

“Trant's wrongdoing in this case . . . includes making a lengthy and painstakingly detailed telephone call to Cambridge Psych for the purpose of learning how to involuntarily commit [someone} in order to . . . facilitate the purchase of the property…


"Trant used his position as a police officer to do something about it. Attorneys for the city said Trant's call to Cambridge Hospital was “a clear attempt to use his authority as a police officer to take away a citizen's personal liberty for his own financial gain.”

john smithers

speaking of Vernon st who owns the building that used to be owned by the city and used as a storage building. I see condo's are going in there now. I live in the neighborhood and never saw that building auctioned off by the city. Is the city making those condos for a profit also? Is the money in the budget for that purpose.


I don't know the name of the developers or when the building was sold, but there were several public meetings about the 1 Glenwood Road condo conversion last summer. The city did sell the building to the current developer. I hear numerous racoons were made homeless by the work. - Anne

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