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May 16, 2008



Well I can tell you what's last on my list: affordable housing.


Ed: I agree! Affordable housing doesn't make any sense. Affordable is a relative term. Affordable for who? No matter what you set the price to, there is someone who cannot afford it. Also, the more homes taken off the open market, the more "unaffordable" the remaining ones on the open market become. It's simple micro-economics.

Here's an easy way to think about it. Sure, everyone would love to have a luxury car, say Ferrari. Does it make sense to artificially inflate the price for people who can afford the Ferrari, so that a few that cannot really afford it, can now actually buy it at a more "affordable price"? Of course not!

from very early on

From early on Mayor Joe has latched onto this "transparency" and "community input" bandwagon. Sounds good but problem is it's just for show. When Joe convened an Assembly Square working group and they begged to keep big box stores out, what did he do? Paved Lombardi Way with gold for IKEA. When he asked residents for input on who he should select as police chief and they chose Galindo, what did he do? He offered the job to Holloway after Galindo said he wanted independence from City Hall. Hope you had fun with your budget meeting Rebekah because it was only play time. Joe is going to do what he wants to do when he wants and however he wants. That's what makes him Boss Curtatone and that's why he'll never get my vote.

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