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May 12, 2008



I shop at the place that offers the best value for money...Market Basket. Local shops do some great stuff,but they are more expensive, so I will only go there when I want something special. For regular groceries I vote with my wallet.


there are cheap local groceries. like mckinnon's


McKinnon's is one of the best things about living in Somerville. I definitely encourage others to shop there for meat over places like Market Basket and Stop & Stop. The prices are much cheaper at McKinnon's. (but then again there is that smell....)

Does Somerville Local First have a web site?


McKinnon's is amazing. I love their marinated items!


JPM - You've got that right!


This is a great idea.


I should have said that although Market Basket is a chain, it is a MA one.


MacKinnons = overrated


My girlfiend and I are friends of Mr Grafton and we have been trying to buy as much locally as possilbe. For groceries we have been using Mckinnons for meat (less expensive than the regular super market, but we sure the meats are creulty/and hormore free. We need to find out). For produce we have been going to Wilson Farms in Lexington (local but not Somerville) and the produce is better than Wholefoods and significantly less money.

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