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May 11, 2008



It's unfortunate that people are suffering due to mistakes and inaction of every facet of our government over the last 35 years.
~We refuse to drill our own oil from the midwest and from Alaska.
~We have refused to develop alternative sources of energy (including solar, wind, and nuclear power).
~We virtually eliminated the rail system in this country, putting more traffic on our roads, more pollution in our air, and using more fuel along the way.
When will the elected representives of 'we, the people' wake up and start to turn this situation around? Drilling our own oil could solve this problem for years while we use the time for research and development of alternative sources of energy.


ya thats right and another must mean pasta fagiole....or pasta fasule.


No, the writer is correct,Pasta vazul ..look it up

Former Business Owner

Tony, Try working a lottle harder. I am a former restaurant owner and take this advice. You are in your first year of business and should be saving money. Get rid of your vendors and do your own shopping. That is what the Restauran Depot, B.J's and Costco are for. You will save a lot of money and why throw your hard earned money away with vendors that add a gas charge to the cost of your goods

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