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May 29, 2008



Of course, Rebeccah would submit this. This is just another stupid stunt by this dummie.

I love this...
Gewirtz wrote a letter to Gannon asking that her report be released without redaction. Of 17 categories of financial interest in the report Gewirtz said 16 were not applicable and filled out one - her employment with the National Association of Social Workers.

...this tells us that Rebeccah hasn't accomplished a damn thing in her life. She has nothing and has done nothing. What a zero.

And...who cares what an alderman or a family member owns in the city? What now? I guess the PDS mafia (Rebeccah and friends) only want their liberal, freak, ahole buddies to run for office who don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out? That would be friggin' pissa. Under the PDS "plan" the only ones holding office will be renters and other transient moonbat deadbeats not invested in the city (ooops... sounds like every PDS candidate). Oh yeah... they'd also have some of their core constituients, the illegals and drug pushers, run for office too.


wow, being a social workers means you haven't done anything? hope you never need one. to answer your question, i want to know which alderman is building a condo on every corner, and which aldermen/school committee members have a family member in every department?


This information SHOULD be available to everyone and not redacted. We elected these people and should know what back-door business they are or could be conducting so we can think twice when re-election comes around.


Imux - you don't belong in polite, civilized society.


We need to know what they own and who they work for as it affects the decisions they make. All voter should also look at the campaign contributions to the alderman and mayor (this is already available to the public) SOD is building a real estate empire in the city and we as voters should know that. What are the other aldermen involved in?
It does have an effect on the decisions he and other aldermen make. Is the city that much better over the past five year? It would be nice to know if our elected officials are suffering as much as we with the higher cost of doing business and living in the city

In order for voter to make intelligent decisions we need to look at all the information available, not just their campaign brochures. Everyone should release their ethic reports. Stop hiding.

To: Kate

"Imux - you don't belong in polite, civilized society"

Kate, when you find a polite, civilized society can you let us all know where it is?


Simpletons, don't you see that the more someone owns the more that will be turned against him/her by the leftwing PDS moonbats who don't own anything and never will? Chances are if you've been here a few generations (as I have) then you own a few properties and maybe a business. It's normal in America (I know... I know... not in the PDS world) for people to want make a better life and some CHA-CHING.

The only people that will dare to run will be the PDS nincompoops who own nothing and rent here. They move to the city, they know nothing about the city and then they run for office using tactics that their libaloon college professors taught them in POLY-SCI 101. Look at Carl and look at Rebeccah for proof of what I say. Neither was born here and neither have done a friggin' thing in their lifes. Unless - of course - you call leading a sick and depraved lifestyle an accomplishment. I don't, but I know the PDS does.

And who is this idiot who thinks Rebeccah being a past employee of the National Association of Social Workers is a plus or somehow a qualification to be alderman? How stupid can one possibly be? I know I want a ward alderman who knows the ward, how to create jobs in the ward and how to effectively bring revenue into the ward to bring more services. I don't want some shrill b@tch who alleniates everyone he/she deals with and who only wants to only spend her/his time helping people in Darfur! I can picture Rebeccah now -- with all her past "experience" -- in alderman meetings going on and on about any social/foreign project saying "I need to go to Darfur on the taxpayer's dime! Someone hire a lawyer! The children!!! The children!!!! Think of the children!!!!!". With her resume - as a social worker - it really is the only thing she is qualified to say.

Lastly, yes... some disclosure makes sense for the candidate, but all of their relatives? Are we talking 2nd/3rd and 4th cousins here? You might as well toss in the family pooch too. Everyone knows that what Rebeccah is pulling here is over-the-top bullsh!t and the only reason Rebeccah is even calling for it is because she doesn't own a thing here and she has no relatives here. Geeezzz... ya think if she did own something or someone related to her owned something that she'd be singing a different tune. I do. This broad has been playing games in this city far, far too long and she needs to be called on it.

The PDS: the party whose members stroll into town, own nothing, invest in nothing and whose only concern is leftwing social experiments (example: help illegals avoid ICE). Who voted these idiots into office anyway? They have no idea what the majority of people who live in this city and pay taxes in this city deal with (property taxes and water bills through the roof).

I have yet to see ANY politician say "The MAIN things I will spend my time on is to reduce the money wasted by the city. I will work to reduce the burden on residents of property taxes and all-over-the-map water bills. After that job is done then - and only then - will I work to save the whales or hug a tree". If a politician did / said THAT - they'd win in a landslide.

blah, blah, blah

blah blah blah PDS blah blah. Blah blah born here blah blah blah not from here blah blah. Blah I love trane blah blah hate Carl blah PDS blah. Blah blah idiots.

just a citizen

One would have to be an imbesil or a fool to not care about the financial holdings of elected officials and their families. The reason for ethic reports is so we all know if a politician or his family has a financial gain from thier votes on issues. Are your against condo restrictions because you are a renter or for them because you make your living converting rental units to condos. We have a right to know. Then we can vote for you or not based on that information. I would like to see the list of campaign donations published in the newspaper the way city employees salaries are. Informed voters are better voters.


@ I-mux:

Keep calling people names and saying that they've never done anything and don't deserve anything, simply because you don't agree with them. It makes you a bigger man.

It still doesn't change the fact that these folks have all won elections, and you're just a bitter person who is angry at anything that he doesn't understand. Sure, "They have no idea what the majority of people who live in this city and pay taxes in this city deal with". But somehow, a majority keeps electing them.

Who's right- the majority that counts, or the majority in your head? Oh, yeah, and your mom says you're real cool.


Imux, your intelligence and grace outshines everyone. Your view of the world is myopic and distrustful.

Forget about the PDS, they have no power expect in their and apparently your mind.
I have yet to see an alderman create a job in their ward. I do know that they are very good at obtaining and creating jobs in city government for family and friends. I’m sure you are well aware of the amount of nepotism on the city payroll. How many politically connected families are we the tax payers supporting? The DPW could field a football team because of Joe’s involvement with the high school team.
I for one am tired of paying for all of this. It’s time for all in City Government to be more open.

They have nothing to fear except unemployment.


The fact is, despite McCain’s heroic military service during the Vietnam war, the quality of his character over the forty years since warrants scrutiny of the most critical kind. McCain’s life of power and privilege so closely resembles that of George W. Bush that the prospect of a John McCain presidency is cataclysmic. Though he lays claim to high moral standards, McCain, like Bush, will do anything to win - even if the result is the tragic death of innocents. John McCain, like George W. Bush, chooses warfare over negotiation and blood over words. It’s the Bush-McCain commandment of Thou Shalt NOT Speak which devolves into thus Thou - SHALT - Kill. They simply undo the “NOT.”

For those who doubt the similarities of Bush & McCain, let’s take a closer look:
- Bush & McCain both come from families of power
- Bush & McCain both were “partying” youths
- Bush & McCain both were poor students
- Bush & McCain both had powerful fathers and grandfathers
- Bush & McCain both were accepted to excellent schools due to their families
- Bush & McCain both pursued the careers of their fathers and grandfathers
- Bush & McCain both were given jobs through family affiliations
- Bush & McCain both are sarcastic
- Bush & McCain both relish power
- Bush & McCain both like to dominate
- Bush & McCain both are quick to anger
- Bush & McCain both make reckless statements: “Bomb Iran”/“Bring It On”
- Bush & McCain both have dominant mothers
- Bush & McCain both are ruthless competitors
- Bush & McCain both want to win at all costs
- Bush & McCain both refuse to negotiate
- Bush & McCain both want to attack Iran which can cause the Third World War

Now compare Bush & McCain to Obama:
- Obama came from humble beginnings
- Obama barely knew his father
- Obama went to high school on scholarship and loans
- Obama admitted “partying” as a youth
- Obama became an stellar student
- Obama went to University NOT because of his family
- Obama went to the top of his class
- Obama got jobs on his own merit
- Obama worked at the community level
- Obama struggled with student debt
- Obama married a woman of humble means
- Obama was elected to office without family help
- Obama is measured and steady
- Obama is not quick to get angry
- Obama believes in negotiation
- Obama wants to preserve peace
- Obama believes in war as a LAST resort
- Obama is an adult


Imbe-friggin'-ciles, especially PDA, what the hell is wrong with you all? Who cares who owns what? It ain't your damned business. Go out and get something on your own - quit whining about what others have.

And PDA... let me help you understand some things here. Barry Hussein "Neville Chamberlain" Obama ain't getting in. The guy has zero experience and is a rabid racist who wants whites to pay reparations for slavery to blacks. That's right - he has said that he (and his wife has yelled it) is in favor of levying a tax ONLY on whites to remedy the "ills" of slavery.

Plus, I think we're all just waiting for his racist wife to yell "Kill Whitey!" after Hillary steals the nomination. You think the blacks will riot? I bet they do. If he wins, do you think whites will riot? I doubt it.

A vote for Obama is a vote for Osama.


Imux -

So the News is now running the software requiring a log in. No more can you claim a comment wasn't really yours. Too bad that wasn't the case earlier today when you're taking a stand against transparency in local government. What damn business of it is mine as far as who owns what? It effects the spending of my tax dollar so it is MY business and I'm stunned you don't see that. You're unhinged if you don't see how this conflicts with your own opinions. Hate the PDS much? You should want as open a window of information on what they're doing as possible. Anyone who's against transparency from City Hall has something to hide, period.

And one more suggestion Imux --- McLeans.

Right To Know

Why is it that THIS administration is the one the black out potential public information and no other Administration did? What do they have to HIDE?

By blackening out this information provides scrutiny for all. Let's call a spade a spade when it comes to this Administration. They don't want you to know what they have been doing behind close doors. So many deals hang in the halls of City Hall they you could fill a room with.

Get vocal and call your alderman, especially in Ward 1,2,3,5 & 7. Oh yeah, also the good Aldermen at Large from Ward 1 @ 6 would fall under that scrutiny. What do they or this Administration have to HIDE?


Ron Newman

Bush/McCain/Obama is way off-topic here, no matter what point of view you are trying to advocate.


There's plenty to hide at City Hall which is why this Administration has made such a concerted effort to hide things from the citizens of the city. See all of the developments in question. There are many responses to an article on this site currently regarding a new business owner at 30 College Avenue trying to build his business over the tops of residential properties to the horror of an entire neighborhood of long time residents. Where does the Mayor stand on this issue? The more I read about developments like this which there seem to be many the more I understand why the current administration seeks to block information from the citizens!

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