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April 03, 2008


Sal Monella

maybe the INS can sweep both places next weekend. I'll stay at Kellys Diner while all the hungover Tufts kids go to Soundbites.

wake up

Getting a table at Soundbites is no problem as long as you go before the Tufts students get up for BREAKFAST...say anytime before 11:00.

good food/no fighting

skip all the juveline bickering. get the best breakfast at Supreme on Highland (across from Som. Hospital) no fights, just great food.
i don't know who to pick in this fight. guy was a jerk, but apologized, other guy won't accept. maybe he's a big baby, or maybe what was said and done is not easy to forget......
i go out to breakfast to get away from fighting at home! SUPREME!

**** soundbites

While Soundbites has been around since 1992, Victor's, the other resturant owned by the Moccia family has been around since the dawn of time. So I swear my undying loyalty to their Belgian waffles. And while you're there, get a sub at Victor's, one of the best subs you'll ever have anywhere.

And **** frat boys, they can have Soundbites.


I was willing to try Ball Square Café until I found out that it was one of the Moccias wandering around Ball Square drunk in the evening, threatening and cursing strangers. I'll stick to the tried and true excellence of Sound Bites.

Jack Meofe

Soundbites is disgusting and expensive. I member i ordered some Ck wings over there, they were all soggy like theyt just put them in a microwave and for round 10 of them and some fries i ended up paying round 18 dollars for this crap. Wing works have the best wings in Somerville but dont have good hours.


Yasser is a good and generous man who deals with obnoxious customers (students and locals alike) who sometimes test his patience. If you are good to him, he is good to you--and even if you're not good to him, he's good to you. If there's a line snaking down Broadway, it's always for Sound Bites.

Yasser's concern is for his customers--if he scooted you out on a Sunday after you had finished your breakfast but lingered over your NYTimes, it's because there were 20 people waiting in line in the cold for your table. The thing is, now that there is more space there is less of a need to push people out quickly -- and they don't.

I've been a customer for 7 years, and haven't found a breakfast anywhere that can beat Sound Bites. But the story here is not about whose food is best, or about two businessmen arguing, it's about Ball Square changing, but that it is big enough for all of us -- for the old school locals, for the college kids, for the soccer moms, etc., if we can just stop bickering and enjoy it.


Seriously, this has got Hollywood written all over it: businessman evicts successful establishment, and seeks to replace it with his own version - only to have the guy move in next friggin' door, with a vengeance. I'm envisioning Stanley Tucci as Yassir and DeNiro and Pesci standing in for the Moccias.

Who else are we going to cast here? Dennis Franz as Norton, obviously.


And I think Rick Moranis for Newman would be the inspired choice. Who else?


Gimme a break - everyone knows the best breakfast spot in the 'ville is The Neighborhood...Union Square baby.

home fry

Wow, I've been spending all this time making my own breakfast at home. I've really missed out on some quality time with jerks.


The guy that owns soundbites is a very rude individual. He took my order one time, as I was asking what was in some of the things on the menu he became very frustrated. Then as we were having breakfast I saw him out side chain smoking, seems like a very up tight indivdual to me. I or my friends will not go there again.


When Yasser says "I don't want to be civil", he's not just talking about this dispute. I'd walk a mile to go to The Neighborhood or Renee's rather than put any money in this jerk's pocket.


Yasser knows the difference between good customers and bad, and he cultivates relationships with the good ones. He's great and the food excellent. I'd suggest that those who want premium "chicken wings" (and are willing to pay good money for them!) consider one of the many Wing Specialists in the greater Boston area.


Harold's put them all to shame! It's a shame the place burnt down......those "Truck Drivers Specials" were the best breakfast around.

Ron Newman

Where was it?

it *is* funny

I think the poster talking about the wings must be referring to Yasser's other place across the street -- formerly wingzings (or some other crappy name) and now What's on Broadway (or some other crappy name). For my breakfast $$$, I prefer Soundbites and I agree Yasser has mellowed out since the move ... more space means he doesn't have to be all over the lingering patrons.

To Ron

Harold's was right where Kelly's Diner is in Ball Sq.

Old Som. News Post

"Harold “Butch” Michitson, formerly of Somerville, and the former owner of Carol Ann’s Bake Shop in Medford as well as Harold’s Luncheonette in (Ball Square) Somerville has passed away this past week. Those of us who remember Butch from when we used to eat at the Luncheonette can remember the many memories and good times that accompanied the great food! Butch will be sadly missed, but never forgotten."

oh boy

I hear the mayor has ordered alderman and others not to enter Victors or the Ball Sq cafe. Who does he think he is Fidel Castro? What a crock of sh?? Same ole Somerville politics as usual. What a shame!

Ron Newman

Where did you hear this, and who are "and others" ?

Two over easy?

Yasser is not only an asshole, but he is also an undocumented visitor! Many questions should be asked where and how funds were made available for the purchase of his restaurant! Just wait, it will come out sooner or later!

karl rove's playbook

Straight out of Karl Rove's Playbook. Moccia is a fool. Moccia has no respect for Mirza, and he knows it. This apology shows that Moccia is nothing but a sneak. Moccia's family pushed Mirza and his business out of their property. Moccia is nothing but a sneak. The recent apology is nothing but a political ploy to get city employees to eat in his resteraunt. Rumor has it that Curtatone sent a strong message that he doesn't want any of his coherts eating at that establishment. Moccia and Curtatone are both wrong and immature for their actions.

Moccia's dirty tricks

Moccia offered Judas/(Omar D) two pieces of silva to leave Mirza and Soundbites. Omar D. betrayed Mirza and left for Moccia. Moccia made Judas/(Omar D) an offer he couldn't refuse. Moccia not only forced Mirza out of his previous establishment but stole his cook.

On the other hand, Mirza is a con/artist and began attending the Mayor's fundraisers in attempt to gain political captiol over Curtatone. Due to the fact that Curtatone is afraid of the wide left liberal attack, he sent a direct order to his close constituents that disapproves of anybody attending Moccia's Resteraunt.

Curtatone is so concerned about his politcal future that he purposely stayed away from the Ball Sq. Cafe. In return, Moccia wanted to get in good graces with the mayor, therefore attempted to apologize to Mirza. Moccia's apology to Mirza was cute, but nothing but a slap in the face to Mirza.

Mirza, Omar, Moccia, and Curtatone...should all be ashamed of themselves for their behavior.

After reviewing the case,

I rule in favor of Mirza because he created a lucrative business, and fulfilled the American Dream. I dissaprove of Moccia's actions because he's been milking of the tit for years. I dissaprove of Curtatone's actions because it only confirms his political agenda.

Good Riddens!

Al koholic

Meh, they both suck. Come on, do you really want to eat at some scum pit in SlumerVille for greasy breakfast?

You're better off going to S+S - now that's a breakfast you can set your warch to! Not some glorified student ghetto!


I love Sound Bites for their fresh fruit bowl (great variety, even in the winter), their french toast, and their great omelette selection. The fruit bowl in particular is the reason my wife and I go there frequently. For you guys who are recommending other places, what do you particularly like there?


Ok, first of all the guy Mirza is a complete idiot as well as an uptight argogant jerk. His name soundbites is linked on the web to the new place across the street which was old wingzings so if you want to look at "Soundbites" evening menu on the internet you are looking at old wing zings. When you go in there the place is filthy and the food is absolutley disgusting. I am not sure if this guy knows what he is doing or if Soundbites is just a fluke because why else would he allow his name to be used at that s***hole. I will just stick to Renee's for breakfast. Ball square is infected with poison.


Oh and one other thing to Al koholic, the S&S is a horrible place. The silverware is always dirty. The vibe in there is like someone just died and the eggs are all greasy and served cold. But then again if you are an alcoholic then grease is what you are looking for in the morning.

You look kind of silly refering to the city of Somerville as slummerville yet you read our little paper the "Somerville" News.


Who cares about this? Really. They're a couple of breakfast places. Oh... I can see Mirza being a jerk... he's always nice as pie to me, but I have seen him be rude to other folks. Cracks me up. Plus the food ain't nothing to write home about - at either place.

The S&S?!?!?! I got food poisoned in that joint years ago. Bad. I still get the shakes walking by that place.

Al koholic

Hey don't make fun of my name! My pal David DillHole are very sensitive about it!

S+S Rocks - perhaps you're some kinda townie putz who restaurant workers give the crappy eggs to because you look like you won't leave a good tip? I know it is tough to pony up that $1 for eggs but ...well I suppose you could just stay home.

Hey, howse that IKEA working out over there in S-ville anyways, btw? People still getting gang beat outside the assembly square mall? That's a classy place, I hear they have silver plated spitoons and a gun and coat check at the movie theatre.

Davis square alone does not the raise the cache of Somerville. However, more police and a bulldozer mightt.


Hey Al koholic,

The fact that you clearly frequent this site quite often tells me that you are a self loathing Somerville native. I bet you were born and raised here and hate your own trashy relatives. Why else would you continue to read about a city that is so trashy. It's ok we still love you.

P.s The part of your post about the tips, wtf?


Harolds was next door to Powderhouse Pub..husband and wife team..I'll take Frenchies any day or Dolly's

healthy breakfast

I have some advice for you, Somervillians. Just eat some cereal and fruit at home, in the morning. At least, you know what's in your food. Both of these places are disgusting, when you know what goes on in the kitchen. Trust me. Also, why do you think there are all these men and women with fat bellies around? It's the freaking grease at places such as these ones. Stay home, save your money, save your heart.

Phil Myhole

I skip all of these places and go over to the Old Country Buffet at the Meadow Glen Mall. I can eat and eat and eat. They have everything you could want, including fruit, and it is all excellent! No one rushes you out, no waiting in the cold, and best of all, no Tufts students.


paulie, when you were eating dollies, which i loved by the way, you were most likely BOMBED, and didnt have any idea what the food tasted like. frenchie was all about the lady swearing at every one,kind of a free floor show with breakfast. you hadda love this city back in the day!


omg i almost forgot. did you ever spend 5 minutes talking to harold wife, that woman can swear! i loved talking to her she told it like it was.

Bill Dever

You can keep the Ball Sq. Cafe and Victors. The parents are nice but the kid is a punk. I was waiting in line for Soundbites one (the line was 30 people deep to go with a full house. Nobody was waiting to get into the Ball Sq. Cafe) when the Moccia kid tried to talk several of us out of the line and go to his place. When we refused he said several inappropriate comments about Mirza. All together it was very rude. I'll never go to either of his places in future.

It was quite obvious who had started and perpetuated this "war."

Sound Bites?

That place is pretty good. But I have not gone there in a while... Had no idea it had changed location. But that Boccia guys seems like a total scumbag, if it's true that they refused to renew the lease and then stole their menu and chef. Freaking sumbitch that Boccia!

Ron Newman

For those of you who don't want to stand in long Ball Square lines, may I suggest brunch at Alfresco, at Highland and Cutter Aves?


How about a decent breakfast burrito? Anyone got tips on that?

Billy Bell

The Bagel Bin on Shirley ave REVERE is better than any of your diners in Somerville Simple as that

Jay Conne

Let's set the record straight...
First, full disclosure - I consult to corporations on software development using methods that Toyota made famous with a large focus on transparent communication, openness, honesty and continuous learning. I have been a fan and customer of Sound Bites since it's founding by Julia Sati with Omar as the chef. I was offended by Yasser's rude and dishonest description of Omar as his dish washer. When I confronted Yasser about that, he had no interest in truth, just manipulation. As a consequence of my meeting Mike Moccia through Omar, I was hired to build the Ball Square Cafe website:

Now for the record - these are what I know to be the facts:

1. When Yasser's lease was up in his old, small location, it was not renewed - he was described as a difficult tennant by the owners, the Moccia family.

2. Yasser has worked very hard for a decade and has expanded his capacity many fold by moving into a new space and now having a full bar, plus buying a business across the street too. In his attempt to get other property across the street, he caused offense with many other business owners with his disrespect for them.

3. Yasser has an anger management problem that is well known as he shouts at and humiliates customers regularly. About 10 months ago, I was having a business lunch meeting there as he started screaming at people trying to sit at a table just inside big raised door - eventually telling them to go to True Grounds across the street, saying, "They like people like you!" Many postings here, on and confirm the pattern. My experience was not an exception.

4. While Yasser is fulfilling the American Dream, so are Omar and Mike. Competition drives quality of products and service. I believe Omar's cooking skill combined with Julia's business savy were the keys to Sound Bite's long success and what made it attractive for Yasser to buy into. Omar deserves his chance to own a buainess too.

5. In the course of building we created a page called "Explore Ball Square" with listings of 2 dozen business. Yasser was invited too but continues to decline. In the process of creating this page, I met many fine business people and learned about their history with the people in this dispute. Yasser's history is not attractive in the way he has delt with other business people including well before he bought Sound Bites. Check it out and draw your own conclusions. Mike has also had some bad and immature behavior that he acknowledges and is trying to correct. That difference in ability to change is what I consider the measure of a man.

6. As I posted on - As I have more experience with Yasser, including doing him favors, in my considered opinion, he has little regard for truth and little respect for his fellow human being. If I may take the risk of psychologizing, I think he just fears others and attacks in neurotic defense. In contrast, I understand that he has a brother that people find delightful to know and trust. So much for blaming it on culture. BTW - the favor I ded for him was to bring him 2 gallons of early maple syrup from Vermont at a very good price. I also have continued to offer to coach him in cleaning up his reputation, but I now think it's unlikely that he'll have the courage to do what Mike is doing unless he encounters some great personal disaster as a consequence.

Those are the facts as I know them and judge them.


Jay Conne

And, while people are recommending other restaurants, I'd like to add to that list Pescatore Seafood. It is owned by Ann (Chef) and Luigi. They have great homemade gourmet Italian food for take-our or with table service. Their grown daughter has waited on my family twice and we will go back often.

Mike Stevens

So Jay, you work for Michael Moccia. That explains you're defensiveness.

You're obviously a douchebag.


Jay, thanks for the recap. A couple of issues.

4. Kind of hard to envision Ball Square Cafe "fulfilling the American dream", except maybe in the most perverse way - I don't think Horatio Alger had forcing removing your competition and stepping into the void as the American dream. Moccia certainly wasn't looking for competition in asking Yassir to leave, and then presuming to take his place.

5. Given the animosity, why are you surprised Yassir doesn't want to link to the "Explore Ball Square" page - that can only be accessed from the Ball Square Cafe website? Set up an independent website before you start shooting off inane criticism like this.

BTW, I see you didn't have the bowling alley linked to your website either; why don't you try to banging on their door and see what kind of response they'll give you?

Mike Stevens

One more thing to tack on to Michael Moccia's "American Dream." He's merely adding on to the dream his parents made. He hasn't had to toil in a restaurant to make ends meet. His parents hired him and pay him a great wage. That's why you always see him driving Cadillac Escalades.

Michael spread his wings a bit a few years ago when his parents opened an another Victor's in Revere. They fronted the money and Michael was supposed to run it for them. He ran it alright, right into the ground. Thanks for the dream, Mom and Pop, I'll come back to Ball Sq. where you can keep an eye on me.


Jay (Conne), who designed that website? Mickey the dunce? My breakfast almost came UP after going to that website. Who picked the colors? Are those colors there to remind everyone what flies out of them after eating at Ball Square cafe?

soundbites fan

Everyone loves to complain about getting ousted from Soundbites when they've out-stayed their welcome... how soon we forget what a blessing that is when we're the ones waiting in line for a table. If there's a line down the block to get in and you've finished your meal but want to sit around and chat or read a paper while sipping a (bottomless) cup of coffee then you're an a**hole and deserve to be treated as such.
Plus, it's pretty shady to refuse to renew the lease of your long-time tenant just so you can nab his chef and steal his menu for yourself. Sounds like Mr. Moccia never considered the fact that Soundbites would pick up and move next door and now he's pissed off that his little scheme to steal Mr. Mirza's business out from under him didn't work out quite the way he planned. Boo hoo.
I'm not gonna lie- Victors chicken parm subs are the best around and I'll continue to go there for that, but most of that family are a bunch of jerks. They're just not as upfront about it as Mr. Mirza who puts up no false nicey-nice fronts. Good for him for not being bullied into appologizing to people who essentially stabbed him in the back.

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