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April 25, 2008



I don't live in a ward in Sciortino's district but thanks to this thread (that posted his record amidst the spew) and Trane's use of "elitist" when he announced his candidacy, I sent a contribution off to the Sciortino re-election committee today.



Imux - why do you keep insisting I am posting under your name? Where did you get that idea from?

Memo to James Norton: please back me up and let Imux know that I have only entered posts under my name. Check my email and IP address please! I want this to end or else I see no point in being involved in this discussion or any other.


Ron Johnson

I think it is time another somerville resident joins in and mentions how no one has defended Carl's hard left voting record. If seems the hardleft, liberals that have infested our area in recent years think that Carl accurately represents the average W. Somerville/Medford (34th Middlesex district) residents. He doesn't. He is a complete embarrassment.

I know Carl has his little minions on here defending him, but once the average voter realizes this guy has done NOTHING for the average resident or business owner then he will get booted. As he should.

I have to agree with what Imux posted earlier. Anyone that has tried to deal with Carl knows that Carl is NOT responsive to residents and/or business owners. I too have tried to meet with Carl and got the old brush off (I guess we're not in the "enlightened" PDS clique). I got the same response Imux mentioned above "I hang out at Soliel on blah, blah...". Well, most of us do not hang out at Soleil as we have businesses to run and families to raise. In my opinion, Carl could have put a little effort into meeting us and convincing us why he is good for us (residents and business owners in West Somerville / Medford). I agree that the reason he doesn't meet with us is that Carl knows that he has his little clique of PDS koolaid drinkers that will "get out the vote" (legally or not). Why would Carl even bother with us folks who actually pay the taxes for the programs he likes to spend our money on?

I don't know Bob all that well, but I do know that Bob has lived here his whole life, he knows the area and most everyone in the area. Bob is a true democrat, and not an elitist who caters to only his special interests. We need a new representative in the state house. Someone that actually cares about his district and spends time talking to people in the district.

James Norton

Otis, Imux, et al -

I am NOT doing this for anyone else. This is another perfect example of why I cannot WAIT for the new site to be up and running.

Note to anyone who cares: Otis has been posting on here since November of 2007 - he has only posted using his own name and from one IP Address.

Imux - just because I backed your claim up about only using your own name, please for the love of God - stop claiming random people are posting using your username. None of the "regulars" have posted using your username from their IP address.




Look, if it's not Otis, and I'm not sure you even checked, then it must be that pickle sucker Ron Newman. Or it could be that butthead Bill Shelton. I know libaloons have been spreading bad rumors about me. Just because I like my women very young and my servants dark skinned. JN, check their IPs as well.


The above post was not by me. Obviously.

I won't point any fingers as it could be just about anyone, but I agree with JN that this is a PDS operative trying to embarrass the News and ruin this board. What a marooooooooon.

To James Norton.......

Mr. Norton,

I have a serious question to ask you ( now that you are an elected official in the school system ) and I'm sorry if this post isn't the correct venue to ask your opinion, but there aren't any random areas to ask random questions.

Today at the West Somerville Neighborhood School someone took/stole $50.00 out of a students jacket that was in a classroom during lunch break. If I received the correct information that amount of money was found in a students locker. But before the discovery the priciple decided to "shakedown" all four classes of the 7th and 8th grade. She had each student empty their pockets and take off their footwear to try and find the money.

Now something tells me that this violates the students right to due process. Doesn't the priciple need probable cause to search the pockets and sneakers of a student being searched nevermind a whole cluster of students being humiliated and told through their ( the administration ) actions that no one can be trusted in both of their grades? What kind of self esteem are these kids going to harbor when they are basically all told that they can't be trusted?

I believe a Police Officer doesn't even have this power at their disposal. They can search an individual if they believe their life is in danger, but to search dozens of kids for any item they believe stolen, they would probably like to do, but are unable to do so because this is America afterall.

I can see the administration searching public property such as lockers and desks but to go as far as they did has to be the most absurd if not criminal act I have ever heard in this school system. My child came home in tears because she was aghast that they would believe she would even think about stealing someone elses property!
What a wonderful way to build a kids self esteem and trust.

Could you please clarify what is the legal rights for children in this situation and if the schools administration violated the children rights to due process who were searched.

This administration (WSNS) is out of control and runs their school like a penal colony. Please give the parents of this debacle a clear understanding of what is acceptable and what goes over the line.

Thank you for your time.


Geez... I'm away for a day and we top 150?!? It took me three hours to catch up!

In response to Imux and now "Ron Johnson" - I'm happy to defend what I know of Sciortino's voting record, including his defense of same sex marriage, his vote to raise the minimum wage, his advocacy for government services for those who need them, etc.

You can deride him as "hard left," but frankly I think is record is that of a pragmatic liberal. And I do think that the voters of this district will support it. I'm not saying they all agree with every vote, but by and large they respect his positions and he takes the time to explain his votes whenever I've contacted him about them. (Yes, I contact him when I want to know if he supports an issue that is important to me. Do you?)

As for the constituent services, I'm guessing we're going to hear a lot of this nonsense. Sciortino doesn't "hang out at Soleil Cafe." He holds monthly office hours there. Are you seriously going after him for making himself available? He's also quick to arrange other times to meet if his office hours aren't convenient for a constituent. Again, I've actually contacted his office. Have you?

I don't know how many active PDS members there are in Sciortino's district (other than the 6 who were elected to the ward 7 dem committee earlier this year), but it's obviously not enough to win an election single handedly. Sciortino connected with a broad cross-section of voters in 2004 and I'm betting he'll do so again this time around.

Meanwhile, Sciortino has responded publicly to Trane's announcement (if you didn't get the email, check Blue Mass Group) with detailed accomplishments. All I've heard from Trane is his "elitist" announcement. Does the alderman plan on distinguishing himself in any other way?


Dear parents, with all the shootings going on, schools SHOULD be run like prisons. It's the only way to ensure our kids don't shoot each other. I would not use heavy chains to restrain them, but chains of reasonable size and weight for children would be appropriate. Corporal punishment should be allowed, in moderation. Prayer should be mandatory, at least 2 hours a day. Locker searches should not be an issue at all. We are at war, we need to be alert. It's the times we live in.

Ron Newman

Another Imux post that he will disavow later today.


All of the kids were made to empty their pockets. This happened when I was in school too. Get over it, and stop being so sensitive.


The last post wasn't me, libaloons, but it's not something I completely disagree with. I would not run schools that way, at least not schools for rich kids. Poor kids should be trained to become soldiers, unless they are supersmart, so something like the above scheme may work for them.


Ron, the truth is that I DID NOT post that at 11:53. I was long asleep by 11:53 last night. Crashed right after the sox game.

And you'd have to be a complete moron (actually, you are) to believe I would go THAT far. I don't know how many times I've told you idiot moonbats that someone posts as me (about 20% of Imux posts are by an imposter) and throws some things out there just to get a rise out of you fools AND - more importantly - to discredit this forum and my legitimate opinions. Though that post at 11:53 was actually pretty funny. I would like to take credit for the humor part of it, but I can't. That was not me.

Though I guess should add that when I was a kid it was not unusual for our parents to tie us up in the yard, so we wouldn't go off too far. I guess nowadays that would be considered child abuse. What a world we live in now. Parents cannot even discipline their own kids - the moonbats want the state / government to do it. No wonder you have little kids dying left and right in accidents. Discipline is gone.


And the one at 9:12 is not me.


Stinky, I have contacted Carl on a couple of occasions and it took multiple emails/calls to even get a response. The reason I contacted him was to hear him out and give him another chance - I am a very open minded person. I think he knows I am not a fan of his (I am not in the PDS), so he doesn't want to hear my opinion. It was his choice to blow me off, but you're damn right that I will do everything in my power to see that Bob wins his seat.

I don't think most people in the (34th Middlesex) district realize just HOW LEFT Carl is. I think if Bob highlights that - and the fact that Carl pretty much ignores the middle class and working class in his district then Bob will win. Easily. Half the people who vote democrat in Massachusetts do so simply becuase their daddy's did it. Well, Carl aren't your daddy's demoract (he's no Truman or JFK)... he's your daddy's marxist (think Castro or Che Guevara).

Maybe Carl could give a hand to the working and middle class in his district, instead of spending all his time (and our tax money) helping his special interest groups. It may be too late fom him as he has already painted himself as an elitist who is out of touch with the average voter in the 34th.


James Norton - thank you. I'm glad I've been been exonerated and can now make posts without being accused of "posing" as someone else.

Imux - if someone is truly posting under your name, then make a statement that is was not you but do not specifically accuse someone else of doing it for no reason at all.

I agree with Stinky. I do not see Rep. Sciortino as being "hard left" or a moonbat. As has been stated, PDS is a pretty small organization that has become a charter member of the national Democracy for America organization. That is an organization that has a noble goal of promoting socially progressive and fiscally responsible policies. These are not Marxists or people who want to close down every church in America.

I guess there will always be people who resist change. A lot of the old school Somerville crowd believe PDS represents how their city is changing and they are angry. I think a lot of the anger is legitimate and understandable. I'm sure it is difficult to live in a city for many years and see gentrification occur, housing prices soar, and old friends leave. However, PDS folks, the young professionals, grad students, and other newcomers are not leaving anytime soon. So we will all have to figure out a way to live among one another without deriding each other as "Carla," interior designers, neocons, moonbats, etc.

I am not a "minion" of Rep. Sciortino. I had a brief conversation with him once (about the weather I think...) and have seen him many times on the 80 bus headed to Lechemere.

So are we assuming that Trane will run as a Democrat? Is there any chance he will run as a Republican or independent?


Otis, my apologies if I accused you of posting as me. I was trying to connect the dots as to who was logged in when and all points - seemed - to have led to you. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I am sure Bob will run as a democrat. A real democrat. The problem with OUR gentrification has been that we haven't drawn in the best & the brightest of the yuppies - we attracted in the left and the leftists (the Cambridge effect). The PDS espouse views that represent only 10% of the voters in even the most liberal district. The 34th is liberal - just not THAT liberal. I believe if enough people get educated on where the candidates and organizations, like the PDS, stand then you will see the last of their support.

You know you can be a democrat and still care about the working and middle class, but the PDS (and Carl) does NOT. They care only about their own special interest groups, illegal immigrants and the lowest income. They ignore the rest of us and they've gotten away with it for far too long. I think that Bob's election will be the catalyst for real change here. People are waking up and realizing that the vocal minority nuts (PDS'ers) have run amuck in our city and it's time for changes to help the working and middle class.

Oh yeah....Democracy for America is pretty far left. Let me guess you think and other such nutjobs are centrists? If so, you really need to get out more.


Look- if you don't agree with his more liberal positions, that's one thing. But Sciortino has 3+ years of demonstrable service for working and lower class families in this district.

- Sciortino voted to raise the minimum wage. Good for those earning the lowest salaries.

- Sciortino has fought for and won funding for programs like Teen Empowerment. You'll notice this is not a program populated with trust fund babies.

- Sciortino has led the effort to increase funding for MRVP which helps provide housing to those at risk of homelessness.

- Sciortino has repeatedly come to the defense of seniors. Whether through legislation that he passed or budget amendments. And let us not forget the Capen Court debacle where Trane ignored the seniors for months and it wasnt until Sciortino stepped in that they were finally afforded the basic protections given to relocated tenants.

Seriously - if Trane wants to actually make this a race he (and his supporters) should focus their talking points on items that cant be quickly and easily rebutted.

trane spotter

What makes a government official “good”? I’ve been to about a dozen public meetings on various issues in the last couple of years, and Carl has been at probably at least half of them, more likely two thirds or more. He is extremely involved in the communication and debating process. I see him at these meeting more than any other local politician I know. I talked to him on a couple of occasions. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Very open to policy discussions with complete strangers, very eager to hear his constituents’ opinions, extremely polite. He even responded to an email I sent about a policy issue. I can’t even get my city councilors to respond to my emails! Not only did he respond, but he even followed up a few weeks later to see if there had been any changes on the issue. Like most good liberals, he seems to give a crap about people he has nothing in common with… the exact OPPOSITE of an elitist. I frequently read in the papers about his involvement in policies. Whoever the simpleton is that keeps asking what legislation he has written and passed, you need to re-examine your definition of what a “good” government official is. I’d rather have one government official who listens, cares, and gets involved in supporting and passing good legislation that other officials have written, than twenty politicians who live in a bubble and write little pieces of crap legislation that only help to preserve the little bubble world they live in. I don’t recall seeing Trane’s mug at any of the meetings I went to. I don’t know anything about the guy, but to start out a campaign calling Carl an “elitist”, he’s already made a bad first impression on me. He’s wrong, and he’s giving the impression that he is a disgusting smear tactics kind of guy.


Stinky, thank you for making my point for me. How many of those issues that Carl uses to promote as his top issues actually helped the average working/middle class resident of the 34th?

Minimum wage? No democrat would have voted against this (though an argument can/should be made that it may raise teen unemployment in the summer).

Teen empowerment? All for it. When I was a teenager (you were probably not yet poured into the test tube) I got a summer job for the city. What is new here? No democrat would have voted against programs to help the city's teens. None.

Homeless? I don't know too many working/middle class folks facing homelessness. Great - if we have the extra revenue then I'm all for helping the homeless get back on their feet and be productive. It's called WORKFARE - but Carl voted against it.

Capen Court? The only thing Carl did there was grandstand. He did nothing. Bob did more for those folks than anyone.

Lest I remind you of Carl's other great achievement: Helping Rachel Heller run that smear campaign in the ward 7 election. Do I still have the smear newsletter she had her PDS cronies put on everyone's door? I hope so.

Stinky, as I said earlier; I don't care if Carl likes to run around naked in a tutu all day or how far left he is - that's his business. What I do care about is that Carl cannot point to one piece of legislation that has helped the average resident in the 34th. NOT ONE. He hasn't even taken the time to find out what our issues are.

34th Middlesex

I live in the 34th Middlesex, and Carl has returned every one of my calls and emails. I also see him at community meetings frequently- in fact I see him around all the time.

AS for grandstanding on Capen Court? He got legislation passed (yes, his legislation) that gave Capen Court funding. He has also gotten funding for SCM, which provides transportation to seniors in Somerville. You can't possibly argue that either of these aren't helpful for middle income folks in the district.

I think he's been a terrific rep, and I will definitely be casting my vote for him.


Democracy for America is definitely a liberal group (as is MoveOn). I agree with you Imux - it is not centrist. I just don't think it is far left. The Communist Party, Socialist Party USA, Socialist Equality Party, Workers World Party, Revolutionary Communist Party - those are groups that I consider to be "far left." Those groups stand for things like the nationalization of industry.

DFA, MoveOn, and even PDS, fit in with the pragmatic liberalism of the US Democratic Party. None of these groups wants to get rid of the free market and set up a collectivist economy. None of them want to ban religion. None of them want to reverse our great tradition of federalism and make all public policy in a top-down fashion in DC (at the expense of local control).

I believe that helping the homeless would benefit the working/middle class because the inevitable (though small) government expenditures to help those folks take money away that could be spent for the benefit of all - on health care and education for example. Tackling homelessness with an effective, long-term strategy would eventually save taxpayer's money in the long run.


Trane Spotter/34th/Stinky, what year are you in at Tufts? All vitriol aside, I want to commend you all for pursuing a higher education. Bravo. I'm sure your parents are proud of you (though probably a little bummed about that $45K tuition). Anyway, any good keggers going on this weekend? If so, please keep the noise down as some of us who work need to wake up before noon. k?

Now, some of us who actually PAY TAXES in the 34th are discussing what little Carl has done for us. Can you please let the people who have been screwed over by Carl get back to discussing the issues with the Carl supporters? Oh... wait... you Tufts students are the ONLY Carl supporters in the 34th!!! Yikes.

Note to self: disrupt wifi access at Tufts. Too many moonbats clogging the airwaves.


Otis, ask Hillary how well she thinks fits in with the pragmatic liberlism. It's not pragmatic -- it's silly and counter-productive. Calling General Petraeus -- General Betray-Us was beyoind the pale even for those traitoruous, moonbats at That group should never be taken as mainstream liberals. Ever. That you do so means that you have now raced into a neck-and-neck tie with Ron for moonbat of the month. Congratulations. I have though faith that Ron will contribute a post so ignorant, so out-there that he will again leapfrog ahead of you, but for now... you're with him racing headlong into total irrelevancy.

Help homelessness? How are you going to do that? I didn't see you or Carl proposing anything beyond wasting more tax dollars. What to throw more money at the problem? Hey... I know let's build more housing projects (like the libs did in the 60s) as that has worked out so well.

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” -- Imux

Ron Newman

Since Bob Trane is a member of the Ward 7 Democratic Committee, I think it's safe to say that he'll run as a Democrat, not a Republican or independent.

I look forward to hearing and reading about his specific differences with Sciortino's positions on various issues.


Imux 1 - Talk to some of the residents of Capen Court. They'll tell you who returned their phone calls, who pressed the housing authority to present residents with a detailed timeline and outline of their rights, and who brought in attorneys on their behalf to ensure that the laws were being followed.

They'll also tell you who did the real grandstanding, taking credit for meetings that he didn't organize and blustering around while not actually making his buddies at SHA do anything.

Did you ever wonder why Sciortino endorsed Heller? I'm sure the "PDS groupthink" argument plays well in your head, but the truth is that she did more for Capen Court than Trane ever has.


Stinky, so now Rachel Heller (who ran that Rovian, dirty campaign last fall - sponsored by Carl) did more for the folks at Capen Court than Bob!?!?! LOLOLOLOL!!! She a frigin' librarian at Tufts and just a common foot soldier of the PDS. Nothing more. She got involved in Capen Court only to try and steal votes - my aunt told me she was useless.


I actually think low-income housing developments are bad. It further marginalizes those that are poor. I am in favor of mixed-income affordable housing in which both low-income and middle-income people live. Rents would be based on a certain percentage of family income. This would foster a more diverse concept of community.

As a result of the 1960s Great Society programs, poverty did drop quite a bit. However, since budgets for these programs were cut significantly in the late '60s by both Johnson and Nixon, that progress did not continue. But, I agree, more money does not always mean success.

MoveOn worked to elect Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Barack Obama for president. These are mainstream liberals. Nothing far left about those individuals at all. MoveOn was started to defend President Bill Clinton - one of the founders of the centrist "New Democrat" movement (the Democratic Leadership Council I don't see how you can equate them with the far left. It might be convenient for you to place them there - but really the MoveOn folks are not radicals.

As for the Petraeus ad and the Iraq War in general - it is not just "far left" "moonbats" who are opposed to the continued occupation of Iraq and the surge. Paleoconservatives like Pat Buchanan (and the American Conservative magazine), Republicans like Chuck Hagel and Ron Paul, the "far right" Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, etc. were all against the war from the beginning and want it to end now.

Unfortunately, the timid Republicans AND Democrats in Congress are not doing anything about it.


Imux - thanks for the apology too. And I think you are confusing Heller (who works for the State Senate Housing Committee) with Suzanne Bremer who ran for mayor. Bremer is a librarian at Tufts.


Otis, thanks. You're right. I did confuse the two. I saw pictures of both of them once and guess I am still traumatized. I still can't sleep at night. I mean... I've been drunk... and I've been drunk, but I've never been Heller or Bremer DRUNK!!! I'd go comatose long before hitting on either of those two.


Question: who did Bob Trane defeat when he was initially elected Ward 7 Alderman, and what year was it?

trane spotter

Imux: I'm not a Tufts student. I'm a (small house) home-owning, tax-paying citizen of the 34th, and I'm not feeling particularly screwed even though I have a middle-class income that barely pays my mortgage and bills (what's up with the whiney middle-class posters who want their needs placed ahead of the elderly, poor, and children?). If the Tufts students throw a loud kegger near my house, I'll finally agree with you on something, and I'll call the cops to bust up the party. My parents are extremely proud of my college education, and where it has gotten me in life. Their $45k was an excellent investment. I'll tell them you approve. Or was that someone else again making all the sarcastic posts in your name? What's your story? Why you so grumpy? Are you one of those people who likes all the benifits our government provides but doesn't like being forced to invest in the common good of society and can't see the connection between the investment and the benefits?


Ach, Trane was appointed in December 2002 when Jim Halloran resigned.


Bob Trane was appointed in 2002.


Libaloons, I would never make comments such as these one: "I saw pictures of both of them, once, and guess I am still traumatized. I still can't sleep at night. I mean... I've been drunk... and I've been drunk, but I've never been Heller or Bremer DRUNK!!! I'd go comatose long before hitting on either of those two."

That was not me! Not me! JN, confirm it was not me! It's not my style to make it publicly clear I'm a homophobic and sexist pig. Libaloon conspiracy.


Was Trane involved with anything (politically) before that?


I have never posted to this web before so forgive me if i do not know the basics. I have just learned about computers and emails from my grandson.

I am a long time resident of Somerville. I am 67 and spent most of my life here.

I have been reading the things written here and I am very upset. I and many others made our homes here decades ago when Somerville was not so hip. We fought for change and weathered many storms to get where we are now. Most of you would never have come here if not for the hard work and dedication of those that came before you.

As a long time resident I find it very insulting when people say things about our past and yet forget how far we have come. I would remind some of you that I and others worked for that change and now you walk around with your nose in the air looking down on me and anyone raised here.

I am so tired of being told how stupid and corrupt we old timers are. I do not have a fancy degree, I went to the school of hard knocks and I am damn proud of it. When will you show some respect for what we did?


Nah, oldtimer, you are doing pretty well with the basics for somebody who does not knowing anything about computers.
Dunno much about hiiiiistorrrryyyyy...
By the way, you are stupid and corrupt, but there is nothing wrong with it.

James Norton

To the person who asked me the question about student's rights last night -

I apologize I have been unable to comment about this until just now. Based on events that have happened over recent months in and around our schools, I have asked the School Committee to review the Somerville Public Schools policies with respect to violence, discipline and gang-related issues (just to name a few).

I won't speak about the present policy, as I and my colleagues are in the middle of this review, but, I would suggest you call the Superintendent's office directly and explain your situation and your concerns regarding this particular incident.

As just one member of the School Committee, my own personal view and the view of many in my ward, is that the health and safety of the entire body is far more important that the rights of one student. Within reason. No matter what the circumstances are or how they're dealt with, the unfortunate reality is that collateral damage occurs in the functional "process."

It is my personal opinion that once we as a community agree on steps to take to ensure the health and safety of our students, as is with any organizational procedure, there should be a system-wide educational process to create awareness of the process and the ramifications therein directed at students, teachers and parents.

Like anything else in our society, proper education and open communication would solve a lot of issues today. That's all I have for you at the moment - definitely give the Superintendent's office a call though.


Ron Newman

As a relative newcomer, I greatly appreciate everything the 'oldtimers' have done, including lobbying to bring the Red Line to Somerville.

Many of the things that newcomers most like about Somerville were built by the 'oldtimers': the Somerville Theatre, Sacco's Bowl-Haven, the Rosebud, Lyndell's, the Brown School, the Prospect Hill monument, Powder House Park, and so on.

The subsequent comment by 'Nah' adds nothing constructive to the conversation.

34th Middlesex

I'm not a Tufts student either- I'm a tax paying citizen and I work for a living.

I'm just one of the many, many regular folks in the community who voted for Sciortino in '04, and are going to do it again in '08 because we think he's doing a good job.

Oh yeah, and I'm not in PDS either - but I do think I'm progressive.

Ron Newman

JN, if that post about WSNS is accurate (and that's a big IF), they didn't violate "the rights of one student", they violated the rights of ALL students. I find the post quite worrisome.

trane spotter

oldtimer: I see a lot more oldtimers bashing the "elitist, yuppie, over-educated scum" than I do the newcomers bashing the "stupid and corrupt" oldtimers on this site. A lot of the oldtimers seem to think that just because they've been here longer means they have more rights than newcomers. I hear a lot of fear about change. I do appreciate the work that oldtimers, like my wife, put in to turn the city into what it is today. You are right, I would have insisted my wife move someplace else when we married had Somerville not been such a great place. I don't think either group should be bashing the other, or that either has more of a claim to rights.

Friend of Ward 6

each dog has his days good to whoever


Just as an FYI - I was at the gym for the last 2 hours. I have a feeling that imbecile that goes by "Nah" is also the same asshat who posts as me. The clown ruins the ebb & flow of the board.

oldtimer, this is exactly what I am trying to tell these newcomers. My family and I have been here forever and I resent a lot of my friends who sold out to these yuppies and moved to Wakefield or Andover. These yuppies come in and then try to jam their sick & twisted agenda down our friggin' throats. Then they act like everything we've done - they did. The reason these freaks wanted to come was because we had safe streets and nice neighborhoods. Now they're ruining that with their farleft agendas. hey moonbats, this ain't the South End and never will be.

The big question is where the hell are the rest of the longtime residents who have seen our neighborhoods go from family friendly to yuppieville??? I've been tossing beatdowns on the yuppies as fast as they come in, but one man can only do so much.

To all longtime residents I say "Let's Roll!!!".


Imux - instead of tossing beatdowns, why don't you try communicating your concerns in a more effective way. You can stick to your principles and your beliefs and present your point of view without being antagonistic. This isn't a war. Do you really think you are effectively communicating when you refer to anyone who disagrees with you as "moonbat," "far left," or "libaloon"? Although that last one does make me chuckle...where'd you come up with that?

I would hope your goal is to make Somerville a better place to live for EVERYONE. So perhaps if you stop with the name calling, issues can actually be debated in a more respectable way.

How many people are in PDS? A few dozen? How powerful are they? How many Aldermen are in PDS? School Committee? I know Jehlen, Sciortino, and Provost are PDS.


Actually, Imux, it is pretty obvious that you are the main poster who ruins the ebb and flow of the board.


Mr. Newman

I hope you were joking with your post. I said I was 67, not 267. Powderhouse and Prospect Hill were here long before my time here on earth.

From the other places you mention I can tell you know little of the history of the city. The Rosebud for example was headquaters for the biggest gang of thieves and crooked cops this city ever had. It was a den of vice and it was only cleaned up after good people stood up and said enough is enough.

I do enjoy your posts and I hope I do not offend but I wanted to let you know you made a error on that one.

Ron Newman

Well, by 'oldtimers' I meant both the living and the now-dead. Prospect Hill Tower and the Old Powder House predate anyone living today, but the living old-timers have made sure that these structures remain standing and are preserved for future generations. Not to mention holding the annual New Year's Day ceremony at Prospect Hill.

As for the Rosebud? Sure, it's had its less savory days, but it's still an local historic and architectural landmark. People appreciate that it's still here, and it attracts long lines on weekends.


Ron Newman: Why do newcomers like the Brown school? And how was it built by oldtimers? The building was, but not the school we have today (or was it?).

I'm not challenging you. I'm looking to be educated.

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