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April 25, 2008



straightdope, thanks for the heads up that it was the hearld that ran the article. I thought the globe, but nonetheless a major daily. Of course, Carl's apologists have no answer to that.

I can tell you now that Carl has not proposed and got into law one single piece of legislation. Not one. Nada. Zip.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I know you've been gearing up for this for some time now, but I urge you to be careful with some of your posts.

I'm back and I assure you dear, I will take no prisoners if you persist in your sincere form of hatred.

I've been away a very long time but I assure you, I have by no means lost my touch.

Now, I'm just getting settled in my new flat here at Cobble Hill Apartments(since my untimely and sudden expulsion from the Little Sisters of the Poor home)and will be updating all of you in the Thursday or Friday edition of the world renowned Cambriville News.

See you all real soon.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy
Editor in Chief - Cambriville News


Mrs. McCarthy, you've been gone too long and we punted you. Sincere hatred? You ain't seen nothing yet. Karl and Lee will be proud of me when I'm done with Princess Carl.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

My Dearest Jamie(Your Excellency Mr. Ward 4 School Committeeman),

I need a favor. The movers are late getting my shit into the new digs. All the stuff I bought in Rome, after the Beney and the Gits yard sale at Vatican City, is still somewhere on the Jersey Turnpike and won't be here by the time Springer starts today.

Can you have Hassett deliver one of your new TV's(you know, the new 54" plasma one)to Apt. 68 at Cobble Hill? Pretty please???????????????

And as far as I can see, there's no God damn hill down here. Why do they have to confuse me calling it Cobble Hill?

Glad I'm home. See you soon Pumpkin.

Serenely Yours,

The Not Late Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Didn't he get a law passed that now allows the disruption of religious/church services? Isn't that what he is famous for?

trane spotter

ELITIST: 1. The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.
2. a. The sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class. b. Control, rule, or domination by such a group or class

Imux wrote: "You know, you little fag, the difference between me and you is that I am somebody around here. I own various properties and I employ people. Who are you, Matt? Just a little pickle stroking nullity... Get all the useless libaloons outta here. Get the illegals out. Keep taxes down. Only reward those who produce something of value. "

The irony is hilarious.


Local Aid & School Funding
Increased funding for our community and our schools every year for the past four years.

Senior Housing Bill
Filed and passed legislation to enable the building of 95 new units of senior housing in the community.

Senior Citizen Transportation Funding
Secured funds for SCM Transportation, which provides free rides to elders in Medford & Somerville.

Foss Park Improvements
Secured funds to improve Foss Park, and worked with the neighborhood association to make needed upgrades.

Local Youth Program Funding
Secured funds for the Teen Empowerment program, which helps our young people by giving them the tools they need to succeed in life.

Ron Newman

The Herald put him on that list solely on the basis of one bill, which proposed to change the MCAS system and establish different criteria for high school graduation. This is an issue about which reasonable people can and do disagree, in Somerville and elsewhere.


Imux, you're funny. Nope, I live in Somerville, property-owner, never been to Tufts. You're just a four-letter word here, no name or identity who you are, and that name's supposed to pass judgment on everyone else. Keep putting up every other post on this web site, maybe you'll convince yourself you own the city and everything in it.


"You're just a four-letter word here."

Game, Set, and Match.


Attention Plenty and all the other wantabes, again the Question is.
Name One Piece of Legislation That he has proposed, and got passed, your still playing the Savior game and Best Defense is a Good Offense. What you named is not the right answer, you want to think it is, you want to believe that he has done good by mentioning all that stuff, when in fact they all had a part in it, none of that stuff was Representative Carl Sccirotino's orginal idea or thought, so please answer the question if you can if you can't just say so. I am sure either Carl or his aide or one of his Tufts University Kiddies Political Wantabes is reading this. You can't answer the question because he hasn't done his job.
Now i've heard that the the Board of Alderman and Mayor have passed Home Rule Petitions onto the State house to be acted upon, I could be wrong but some of the petitions have been laying in committee now for maybe a year or two or three even longer? Since Carl hasn't proposed a single piece of legislation over four years, has he at least supported our City Officals in helping to get them out of committee?
One other point to all the bloggers here, Keep it clean and no name calling on either side, if the facts are known and made known to the thousands of voters in the district then they will decide who deserves to be voted in office.


Brittain33, the question was; were you born here and how long have you been here?

I also hate to break the news to you, but owning a little 1 bedroom condo doesn't mean sqaut. It just makes you a little yuppie trying to live the bohemian lifestyle at the rest of our expenses. We're tired of you fools. Now go run off and go protest against something - or better yet get over here and clean my house. Like a real lady would do.

trane spotter, that post you reference was actually not by me. Some asshat likes to post as me - there are subtle differences that a bright person would have picked up on. Just ignore that guy. Though he does have some pretty good one liners at times. I can't take credit for THAT post.

Tricky, that all you got? I see that the beatdown I tossed at you yesterday still lingers!

Ron, get Carl's you-know-what out of your @ss. He was named the worst state representative by a major daily. Just deal with it. Stop making excuses for Carl. The guy is awful.

Plenty of Nothing

Well Plenty let's go...

1) Local Aid and School Funding - Does he really want to take credit for this mess? The actual funding has increased very little. The expenditures (charter schools, MBTA, etc.) have increased a lot. This causes the actual local aid to have decreased over the last 4 years. So WRONG!

2) Senior Housing Bill - That was the SHA and Jehlen (unfortunately - signed Carl on because it's his district) that pushed that through.

3) Foss Park - Please! That was DCR, Curtatone, Roche and the Governor himself. The city of Somerville did most of the work there.

4) Local Youth Program - You are insulting a lot of people who worked hard to get this funding. Carl did not.

Do better research and come up with something he did not something he is stealing credit for ( ala the Green Line)


How the hell can you possibly post "Carl hasn't proposed a single piece of legislation over four years" and "If the facts are known" in the same post?

From the Sciortino website:
"In addition to over 200 co-sponsored bills, Carl has filed over twenty new bills this session."

Breakdown of 2007-08 legislation sponsored or co-sponsored by Sciortino (full text available at the Mass House website, Sciortino provides a link)


H 560 – An Act to promote excellent and accountability for the education of mobile student populations
H 561 – An Act to enhance the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System to ensure that all high school graduates meet the state’s standards
H 562 – An Act relative to student privacy
H 1191 – An Act encouraging licensed social workers to work in child welfare and human services programs


H 3375 – An Act relative to energy efficient construction
H 3376 – An Act to promote economic development via renewable energy production

H 1079 – An Act providing consumer choice and environmental protection by authorizing pay by the mile auto insurance


H 3725 – An Act relative to veterans’ benefits equity
H 1722 – An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes

Health Care

H 1168 – An Act relative to patient privacy

Affordable Housing

H 3125 – An Act relative to tax incentives for rental properties used as affordable housing


H 3694 – An Act improving the finances of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
H 3632 – An Act promoting carsharing

Public Safety

H 1723 – An Act relative to incarceration and its impact on public safety
S 1359 – An Act Relative to Public Safety ("Buffer Zone Bill")

Consumer Protection

H 185 – An Act relative to commercial rebate expiration


H 1991 – An Act relative to electric street poles
H 320 – An Act to protect dogs


Imux: That was a beatdown?

- - -
Tricky: I am not involved with the PDS at all

Imux: When you moonbats (PDS'ers) come flying out of the closet -- who knows what goes through your sick & twisted minds
- - -

You're battier than Dr. Mrs. McCarthy when she's three fingers deep in the communion wine.


again your missing the question being asked. Name one piece of Legislation that he proposed, passed and is law?
You guys just don't get it, Bill O'Rielly would have you thrown offline for Spinning like your doing. ONE MORE TIME FOR ALL YOU WANTABE POLITICANS. Name one piece of legislation that he proposed got passed and is law today? just one for his entire Four years in office collecting full time salary off the taxpayers back. This is simple read the question, digest it and then read it maybe two to three more times and then if you iq is above 100 you can proceed to answer the question that is being asked, not what you think it is.

Yorktown Street

Doesn't anybody read any papers besides this one? If you read the Globe, the Herald, or even the Phoenix, you know that Sal DiMasi personally determines which bills go through on any issue that concerns him. No way any one legislator can claim credit on his own. He has to build alliances--and then, to get the bill passed, sometimes he has to give somebody else the credit.


Hey Tricky aka Carl or Carl's aide (I mean who else would have that information like that ready to shoot?).
Those are bills he voted on there not bills he sponsored, maybe he co-sponsored after the fact but i can pretty much gurantee that he didn't propose any of those bills.

One more time Boys and Girls, its Legislation he personally has proposed and got passed as law in Four years? I am not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling here regarding a true answer. But the voters will decide who they want to elect.


Dope - I believe the "Buffer Zone Bill" (S 1359) was enacted and is law today. My point is, Sciortino's not sitting on his ass. Given that he's been active, I'm trying to see who Trane is trying to appeal to...

For you: name one piece of legislation that Vincent Ciampa proposed during his entire career that got passed and is law today.


Hey (straight)dope - you are way off base. If you look up those bills on the state house site you can see that those are the bills that Sciortino is the lead sponsor of. Not co-sponsor. Not supporter. He filed them.

Now to the point: most reps do not get their own bills passed in the first two terms. Sciortino has both passed his own bill (the buffer zone) and also moved through Somerville home rule petitions such as the one that created senior housing.

The Foss park funding was a SCIORTINO amendment that got into the budget. Increased education funding was something SCIORTINO achieved when he railed on the house floor in 2005 against a budget that shortchanged Somerville and Medford.

Of course I doubt you care about any of this. You seem bent on parroting Tranes talking points.


I wonder if Carla would propose a buffer zone against protests within a certain distance of church/religious services?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I'll drink to that.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

I'm In

The Sciortino camp can count on me to display bumper stickers and posters.


Tricky and the rest of you Carl apologists, you just pulled that crap off the little princess's website. None of that legislation means dick to we who live here. How about he proposes to limit property tax increases or fixes the friggin' water bills?!?!? Carl is a dope and he needs to learn that the residents and business owners in ward 7 are his priority. Not some far leftwing (Obama loging, agenda of promoting Godless, treasonous, seditous and moral-less values --- as Carl does. Those values that Carl (and the PDS) spews are not the values of the residents in Ward 7. THAT'S THE ISSUE!!! WE HATE CARL. HE'S A NUTBAG.

On Obama - don't you all just love Rev. Wright? The gift that just keeps on giving!!! LMAO! Obama lost 10 points this week and will lose another 10 every day this racist / anti-us nutjob opens his piehole.


I just saw on the other Somerville paper online that Rep.Sciortino is the lead sponsor of a telecom amendment in this budget. If passed it would bring $77 Million dollars into cities and towns by closing a tax loophole that allows telephone companies to get out of paying their property taxes. Somerville would receive more than $908,000 a year to help schools,to fix roads,for public safty,ect.


Carl's record:

Voted NO on Reinstating capital punishment.

Voted NO on Reaffirming 'one nation under God' in pledge of allegiance.

Voted NO on Affirming marriage for heterosexuals only.

Voted NO on Capital gains tax rebates.

Voted YES on Studying how MA can overcome federal workfare rules.

Voted YES on Postponing reduction of income tax to 5%.

Voted YES on Replacing restrictions on local aid allocations.

Transaltion: Carl is pro-homosexual, pro-more-welfare, pro-criminals, pro-higher-taxes and anti-God.

As one of the few members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, & transgender community serving in the Massachusetts legislature... he caters to only that community. He needs to go.

Ron Newman

> Voted NO on Affirming marriage for heterosexuals only.

If Bob attacks Carl for this vote, he'll lose just as Ciampa did.

I think Bob is smarter than that, but I'm not sure some of his supporters are.


If Trane runs as a Democrat against Sciortino, how does he plan on differentiating his platform?

James Norton

Imux/Tricky/Stinky/et al -

Listen up - I am only going to bitch about this ONCE. Stop with the "fag", "princess carl", "Carla" and whatever. There is an enormous difference between this newspaper saying "Prince Carl" and anything else you asshats have been spewing - which is bigoted, racist and very narrow minded.

Now don't get me wrong, we keep this weblog open as it is formatted to encourage free speech - and I think we do a damned good job of it, but, enough with the low shots, keep the language clean and keep from making overtly derogatory remarks borderlining what I mentioned above.

It's no wonder the left-wing nutjobs think we at this newspaper are narrow minded sometimes - because of tools like you and the words you choose to make your opinions known. It is no small wonder there aren't more Oliver Stone-ish Brociners running around shrieking at us like the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The way and manner in which you post on here, somehow, in their small minds, equates that with The Somerville News stand on everything. They think we control and know who all the bloggers are - which is completely false - and if you respect us and this site at all, you will at least agree to keep it to a slow simmer from now on - or go somewhere else, please.



I beg your pardon?


My platform is quite simple and it has substantial support in Somerville.
i) Pro-heterosexual legislation. It's the way God wanted it. It's in the Bible, you cannot argue with it.
ii) Anti-Green Line Extension. The Green Line would bring more criminals into Somerville. Property values would crash.
iii) Anti-immigration. Aliens destroy the social fabric. I would propose legislation to facilitate deportation in coordination with Immigration agencies.
iv) Lower taxes.

With this platform, I am confident I can beat Sciortino.



No problem, JN. Hopefully I didn't let fly with any inappropriate innuendos re: Carl. Sometimes the coffee gets the better of me. I'm a pretty tolerant guy and I don't want to give the wrong impression that I am in any way bigoted against the best interior designers in the world.

Tricky, you can be a democrat and still vote not vote like this:

Voted NO on Reinstating capital punishment.

Voted NO on Reaffirming 'one nation under God' in pledge of allegiance.

Voted NO on Affirming marriage for heterosexuals only.

Voted NO on Capital gains tax rebates.

Voted YES on Studying how MA can overcome federal workfare rules.

Voted YES on Postponing reduction of income tax to 5%.

Voted YES on Replacing restrictions on local aid allocations.

The fool (Carl) is the only one who supported the hard left PDS agenda 100%. The PDS is as close to marxists as you can get. It's their leftwing way or no way. They also want something called "economic redistribution". Do you even know what that is? Hint: they tried it in the old USSR and look at what happened to them.


What "race" is Prince Carl?
Also, where did the "Prince" in TSN's
"Prince Carl" come from? What does it mean?


Imux - you are now making things up. Some of those items are probably true and some of them are controversial and a good way for Trane to distinguish himself if he would have voted differently.

- Studying how MA can overcome federal workfare rules
- Replacing restrictions on local aid allocations

... these are total BS. I dare you to cite a bill number.

Also - the income tax freeze at 5.3% was in 2002; two years before Sciortino was elected.

You want to make this campaign about the death penalty and gay marriage? Be my guest. But lets focus on the actual records of the candidates.


I believe he is talking about another vote taken recently where it was decided to
"again postpone" the law that requires the "temporary tax" increase to expire back to the
promised 5%.


Stinky, check out Carl's OWN website and massscorecard. I cut & pasted it from -- I did NOT make ANY of it up. I know... most people didn't realize how OUT there Carl is. Now they know.


JN, I just confirmed the post that used the term "fag" was the one NOT by me. Some clown has been posting with my name - every once in a while - and I just ignore it and laugh. But I didn't use the word fag. That one wasn't me.


According to MassScorecard, how OUT there Carl is happens to coincide perfectly with the platform of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

If Trane wants to run to the right of that, perfectly fine with me, but didn't Sciortino beat the incumbent *twice* when Ciampa ran to the right of the Democratic party?

I've got a question: if Trane manages to pull this off, does he intend to continue serving as alderman as well?

And if he doesn't, how does he think a defeat in the primary (and I suppose a write-in attempt in the fall) is going to effect his chances at remaining Ward 7 Alderman in 2009?


I don't understand why TSN doesn't just add software to this site that prevents
someone from posting using a name already registered.

Ron Newman

I agree. The "some asshat who isn't me" stuff is getting really old.


I'm gay and I've been reading this blog for a while, since I live in Somerville. I find Imux and his buddies (or is it just Imux?) rather offensive. In real life, they would get punched in the nose, if they talked like that. Imux, instead of resorting to lame excuses that somebody else is posting as you, just admit that you were drunk, again, and you posted what you really think (when you used the "fag" word). You need to apologize to the community. You are a bigoted hater with no place being around here. It is a shame that some people here know you personally (including JN and Bill Shelton) and still they do not seem embarrassed by the way you behave. You should be banned for good. I hope JN does it. Obnoxious drunks should not be allowed to post on public boards.


I agree. The "some asshat who isn't me" stuff is getting really old.

Posted by: Ron Newman | April 28, 2008 at 06:49 PM

Ron, what are you implying here? That no one ever posts using another's name?


Thank you Imux! For finally posting something of substance and backing it up. Now I can actually argue with you over the real issues.

Looking at the Mass Scorecard issues that you cited.
- It wasnt federal WORKfare rules. It was welfare rules. When the federal government cut welfare the state tried to make up the different. How dare Sciortino try to help people!

- Replacing restrictions on local aid allocations: One of the Republicans tried to amend the budget to mandate that half the budget goes to local aid. Sciortino (and I imagine most of the Dems) voted against that motion. He probably voted against it because it was bad fiscal policy.

- And there was nothing on Mass Scorecard about the 5% tax rate reduction. Probably because it was before Sciortino was elected. But nice try.

So there you go. Sciortino is not a Republican. Guess what? Neither is Trane. If you think Trane is going to get to Beacon Hill and single-handedly cut taxes against the will of the rest of the legislature then give him your vote. But you would be kidding yourself.


Oops. My bad. Mass Scorecard does list the 5% tax reduction.

Whatever. I still support budgetary responsibility.


I'm gay also and I have "I'm offended" fatique
whenever I hear it from "the community". I do not subscribe to Carl's agenda. Buck up and stop being so insecure. Posters can post using someone elses' registered screen name here and that is what is causing the problem.
Imagine, someone who supports gays posted
that word in his/her post just to have it identified with someone he/she doesn't agree with. Think about that twisted mind.
Just like one of the posters above trying
to get people to believe it's Bob Trane posting but it's so obvious that it isn't him. You are very gullible if you fall for it.


"Ron, what are you implying here? That no one ever posts using another's name?"

Obviously you do, since you are also posting as Grog29. For some mysterious reasons, Grog29 never posts when you don't post, and vice versa. I keep detailed stats, pal (or at least, my little software spider does).


You're a hopeless conspiratorial drama queen.
I agree with Imux on alot. That doesn't mean we are the same person. Get a life.


Probability that the observed pattern is not due to Imux and Grog29 being the same entity: 0.00000001 %.
Based on detailed traffic analysis over 14 months. Pal, you are busted.


JN, I have a funny feeling that if you look at the post attributed to me that says "fag" and Ken's posts that you will find the IP match. Take a look.

Stinky, again.. do you think most democrats vote like THAT????


Describe the "traffic analysis" formula you used to come to your
"0.00000001%" conclusion. LOL
To believe that "not more than one person could ever disagree with me
at one time therefore they must be the same person" is the height of
arrogance and is most probably psychotic. Sounds like something an 5 year old would say. Hey, maybe you (Ken) are also (Ron Newman) who is also
(Stinky) who is the same person as (Cabbie) who is also the person (Bob)?

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