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April 25, 2008


Ron Newman

Not being a parent, I don't know. But the Brown School seems to have an active PTA supporting it, and I buy their 'Community Card' every year. People I meet who do have kids at the Brown seem to be very passionate about it.

trane spotter

I too would like to see the comment section have an option (non-mandatory) for registering, so that those who want to reserve a screen name can pick a password-protected name that no one else can use. The choice for anonymity should stay... there are a lot of psychos out there, I see at least a half dozen on the roads every day, and I don’t want psychos going after people with whom they disagree with machetes, but I'd really like to be able to know whether Imux has multiple personality disorder, or whether Imux the angry asshat and Imux the somewhat gentler, somewhat more fair-minded, right-wing tool are really two different people. I assume the Imux who wrote “I've been tossing beatdowns on the yuppies as fast as they come in, but one man can only do so much. To all longtime residents I say ‘Let's Roll!!!’” was Imux the angry asshat? Sure sounded like the rage disorder, angry asshat who thinks that because he has lived here a long time means he’s the king.
I bet a lot of the people that poster calls “yuppies” (who exactly qualifies as a “yuppie”?) have kids and are not even remotely making this a family unfriendly place. I’d bet most of the ones without kids want this to be a family-friendly city too. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t want families to thrive and be happy. The city is diverse, there is a place for everyone to go do what they want.
What is the sick and twisted yuppie agenda again? I’ve been too afraid to attend any of the yuppie meetings because I’m afraid they won’t let me into their elitist club. I’d rather hide in my cellar and toss verbal hand grenades at people I’ve never bothered to listen to. It’s too hard to stay cynical when I actually get to know the people I say I hate. I’m sure the local businesses must hate affluent socialites too, especially the hippie yuppies who shun chain stores in favor of locally-owned ma and pa businesses. Don’t anybody dare sell your home for a big profit in order to improve your life and move to a different place you like just as much, and for God’s sake, don’t leave a city you hate and move to someplace better! Just stay right where you are, stay the same, don’t try to improve or change anything.


Actually, I think the secret yuppie agenda is to promote equality for metrosexuals and to require all cars in Somerville to be hybrid or to run on biodiesel (with no trans fat) by the end of next week.

(Do I smell another edition of the Cambriville News brewing?)


The Brown School is the PDS School of choice. Why you ask? Could it be that they are closet biggots.

They perfer the all white school to the other more diverse schools in the city so that the PDS spawn will not have to rub shoulders with people of color.It is this a do what I say not what I do sort of thing.


I am sorry, but the Trickettes are both at the Brown School right now, and their class pictures reveal children of all shades and colors. Actually, comparing pictures from three years ago, it appears to be *more* diverse now.

Maybe it's a neighborhood thing to some extent, but if you could, why wouldn't you send your kids to the school around the corner instead of hauling them halfway across town?

There are places in Ward 7 that are closer to Arlington Heights and Belmont Center than ESCS, likewise there are places in East Somerville closer to Chelsea and Allston than the WSNS.

Ward 3 Voter

why can't we have a happy hour like this in rep. provosts district
Ward 3 Voter

To James Norton

Thank you for your comments on the school matter. The supers office has been called and contacted a person there who is going to investigate what happened and get back to me. He alluded to the fact that no ones safety was the issue,(it had nothing to do with a weapon) so frisking all the kids left a bad taste in his mouth.

We'll see what happens.


I dont think making students empty their pockets constitutes "frisking." What is the big deal. Did this cause emotional harm? Was your daughter singled out? From what I know, the upper grades at W.S.N.S. are a problem group (not all of them, but as a class). When I was in school which was not that long ago this happened on more than one occasion to me. I didn't get upset, it is just part of being in school. I think that it was a good idea to try and find the money at all costs. When I was in school someone sole a students cellphone, everyone knew who had it, but couldn't prove it. What if it was your daughter's money stolen? Wouldn't yuo want them to find it?

To Screech

No, my daughter wasn't singled out as I stated in my post.

I don't know what country you come from, but to search dozens of kids to find a students $50.00 is unjust. Don't you think that any student is innocent until proven guilty and with that don't you think the schools administration would need some sort of probable cause to search anyone? Even the Police need some sort of probable cause to search one individual.

What kind of message does this send to all of the other kids that had nothing to do with this $50.00? Would you like to be accused of something that you didn't do? Which is basically what they did. What if one of the kids had something like a tampon in her pocket, wouldn't you think that would be a little embarrasing for this kid?

You also go on to state that the upper grades are a so? Then you go on to say "(not all of them, but as a class)." Which makes about as much sense as your post.

Yes, my daughter had a personal item stolen from her last year. But as I told her if you want to take the risk then if the item gets stolen then that's her problem. That's life.

You sound like one of those PTA types who kiss this administration butts so your little "Johnnie" or "Julie" gets special treatment from this over the hill ridiculous administration. The rest of the kids get treated like garbage and receive no respect at all, whether they are part of the "problem" group or not. Thank God this is the last year I have to deal with this incompetent staff and their little lackys like yourself.

I even believe that one of the teachers there who is a complete crackpot wouldn't be above from stealing from the kids to get a kick out of it.


Ok, I'll clarify. The upper grades at WSNS have a reputation as being a problem class. This does not mean the every single student misbehaves, but as a whole the class has a bad reputation. Second, I do not have children, nor do I know the current WSNS adminstration, but I do know a worker (not a teacher or admin) who has to deal with the school on occasion. Third, I am sure that the administration wants to get rid of the problem class as much as you want your kid out of the school. Finally for you to make a comment about someone being a crackpot shows who the real one is.


Why do we get all the pathetic whiners in Somerville? So what if your precious little kid was asked, like the other kids, to empty their pockets? Well, did she actually take the money? Did she have something to worry about? Was some kid abused?
Look, pathetic whiner, kids are basically demented little humans since their brains are not fully formed yet, they don't know what they are doing. Adults have to direct their daily lives. If the school personnel decided this was the way to go, then I stick with them. You don't like it? Then take you stupid kid from the school and send her somewhere else instead of bitching.

To Screech and Whiners


So I was wrong regarding your involvment with the school, my bad. But then again your last sentence has no merit because you don't know what is going on and the teacher I mentioned is a crackpot. What, teachers can't be crackpots????
I have a good idea who the worker is that is feeding you this crap.....I'll take that with a grain of salt.

Whiners........Just re-read what you scribbled. Enough said.

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