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April 25, 2008



You got my support Bob! Any address or website that contributions can be sent in to your campaign?

big lou

bob good to see you putting your balls on the line lets see if denis sull has any

Really Bobby?

Well this explains why he's been all touchy feely with Tufts latley. Can't piss off that voting block if you want prince carls seat.


It sounds odd to just label someone an "elitist" but not explain what you mean. (However, this could be the fault of the Somerville News and not Trane). Although I'm sure what Trane means is that since Sciortino is a member of PDS, that means he's automatically a tax-hiking, government-expanding, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, Volvo-driving, New-York-Times-reading, body-piercing, Hollywood-loving, left-wing freak show (in the words of a famous ad against Howard Dean in 2004). It is clear that Trane wants to be divisive and reactionary in the start to his campaign. I'll keep an open mind - but I'm not impressed by his anouncement. The idea that PDS is some evil entity destroying Somerville values is getting so old and so tired. It's really laughable. Talk about the issues! Unite the city - not divide it!


Otis, I think Trane means that Sciortino actually bothered to educate himself. He probably has a graduate degree or phd, or some other sissy qualification...thus he MUST be an elitist. Not a man of the people like Bob Trane. ;)


I cannot even control my outrage at this ridiculous commentary. For as long as I have been interested in local politics, I have never encountered anyone more attentive to his constituency or concerned over the district than Carl Sciortino. He continually makes himself available, either by holding regular office hours or publicly advertising his contact information, and I have seen him at most of the Green Line advisory meetings (which he does not have to attend, but chooses to do so). He truly wants the best for his constituency. Before Mr. Trane flings around unsubstantiated accusations of "underrepresentation," he should provide ample evidence for his purported claims. I assure you - Carl is nothing short but the best in terms of representation.


Bob Trane is aloof and incompetent. I look forward to a public comparison of Bob Trane and Carl Sciortino, so voters not only reject Bob Trane for State Representative, but reject him for Alderman next year. Bob must be planning on retiring next year from the BOA, because he's already vulnerable in Ward 7 and this foolish stunt will make him even more vulnerable next year.


Can anyone tell me one piece of legislation that Carl has written and passed that has a direct effect on the lives of the people of Somerville or Medford?


I find it funny that Trane, who was very sensitive last year about "negative" campaigns, decided to kick his off with name calling.

Way to stay classy, Bob.


Speaking of "incompetent", this story was printed without informing us whether Trane intends to run as a Republican or a Democrat.


Finally, someone to run against this puke..BB says he has been attentive to the district? I live in the district and work here...most people have no idea who he is ...when I ask who is your state rep they give me a blank stare...

No this campaign is going to get down and dirty...the pdr's from OUTSIDE the city are going to rally and support Prince Carl a man who NEVER held a real job..who has no understanding of know Carl, the people who have to get up early, pay $3.50 for gas and an extra buck for know, your constituents...You are so out of touch..
I don't know anything about Trane but hell I would vote for Castro before I would vote for the little smarmy, ass kissing slimeball.

I am sure his mommy, Pat jehlen is busy schooling him on how to run against Trane...hopefully more people will run...i will support anyone who has a chance financially..


Let's see... "puke", "elitist", "smarmy, ass kissing slimeball"...

Sciortino beat this crap when it was coming from Ciampa. I guess they're trying the same playbook this time around.


Actually Sciortino holds pretty regular "office" or "constituent" hours. I know he holds them at Soleil Cafe in Teele Square and another location (Danish Pastry House on Boston Ave perhaps?).

Again it seems to me from reading this website that anyone who is associated with PDS automatically get labeled things like "elitist" or "smarmy" by a group of people. If members of this group are so "out of touch" than why do they keep getting elected by a population who is overwhelming not involved with PDS?

I just wish these divise comments would end so people could debate real issues.


You see, Otis, the News here doesn't print Sciortino's office hours. I've only seen them in Somerville's other weekly paper. So those who get no news but "the News" wouldn't know that Sciortino actually connects with residents in his district.


Mr. Trane needs some laxatives because he is really full of crap. Look at his face, trying to fake a thoughtful look. The result is pathetic, since he looks like somebody sitting on a toilet trying to take a dump that does not want to come!
Seriously, folks this election is about an old fart and a young up and coming politician. The choice would be pretty obvious, even knowing nothing else about the candidates. Homophobia has no place here.


Ok, a few 1 piece of legislation prince Carl sponsored....JUST ONE.

Otis, the pdS'ers do think they are better than everyone else, thats why they are hated...

Stinky 4 ur info I didn't support Ciampa either but the alternative seems to be worse...e not a pack

i also agree that the issues should decide the race.. the issues like price carl voting to raise taxes on working people...raise the cigarette tax a buck, I am a smoker and i haven't purchased a pack in mass for 5 years..gotta love New Hampshire...

how aabout Casinos/? let's see Pennsylvanis reaped a 166 million dollar windfall and we got the big donought because prince carl didn't have the balls to stand up to the guts no glory


Seems like Prince Carl has all his PDS'ers up and excited, they don't like the idea that anyone would even consider running never mind taking out papers. Reading the comments, nothing wrong with what Trane said to the paper. Seems all the dirt is coming from the PDS'ers side. by the way Otis aka Prince Carl, Thousands of people in the district is that all you can say is he has been hanging out at coffee houses? I am still waiting for the one thing he's proposed and got passed in 4 years now?


By the way Go to the 2005-06 Mass Scorecard for State Representative Carl Sciortino his record is 100% Party Platform on the issues. He is only one of only seven legislators with 100% voting the party platform. Everyone go online and read his votes, and if you approve of his 100% strick party line, and all those votes, then you need to support Carl including the vote on "Reaffirming
"one nation under God" in pledge of allegiance he voted NO. Does that make him a Secular you know the O'Rielly kind?


Dingo.....if people don't want to pay all the tax on a packet of smokes they can quit. Grow a brain.


Dingo :"Otis, the pdS'ers do think they are better than everyone else, thats why they are hated..."

Dingo: My guess is that you subconsciously think the PDSers ARE better than you.....


Oh, this is going to be a good show! There is no outrage quite like that of the PDS crowd when the Somerville plebes dare to question their progressive "vision" for Somerville.


I'm planning to vote for Big Boy Bobby....just let me know when the kla....I mean political rally starts!


Any of you townies knocking Carl and going with Trane are morons. I know Carl and I can personally vouch that he is the type of guy to never leave his friend's behind. He is for all the things we want in the PDS; more taxes, us gays having special rights, no more God in society and - well - just plain ignoring what you lowlifes want or care about. Bob should learn to deal with it.

Just remember when you go to your lowlife jobs that we in the PDS, and Carl in particular, realize that we are more educated and richer than you and therefore deserve more of this city's resources. Thanks to Carl, we PDS'ers get what we want and will tell you idiots how to behave and what you'll pay for.

You know...Trane has got a set of balls even thinking of running against a PDS candidate and Carl... I wonder if Carl will give him a reacharound like he does me.

Yours truly - a diehard PDS'er,



"by the way Otis aka Prince Carl, Thousands of people in the district is that all you can say is he has been hanging out at coffee houses?"

"Otis, the pdS'ers do think they are better than everyone else, thats why they are hated..."

Wow. For starters, I am not Carl Sciortino (and how did he get the nickname Prince Carl by the way...?) Straightdope - where do you propose that Sciortino holds office hours? What other venue besides a cafe-type place would be a good venue for constituents to informally meet with their representatives?? Plus, at the same time Sciortino is promoting small, locally-owned businesses.

I am not a member of PDS, but I have talked with a few members and they did not seem to think they were better than anyone else nor did they seem elitist.

Honestly, I'm keeping an open mind in this election. I want to hear Sciortino defend his record and what Trane wants to accomplish if elected.

Just as I think the "elitist" comments are divisive, so are the comments by Constipation ridiculing Bob Trane's appearance.


Dingo: you asked what legislation Sciortino has sponsored. So I did some digging (a simple Google search!!) and found info on his website. The link provides details about what legislation he has filed in 2007-2008.

Now everyone look at that and let's have some constructive debate - not about who is elitist and who is constipated....


Otis, I have looked at Princess Carl's record and it is frightening. He was quoted (I think it's on the site)..." We need to work toward the goal of increasing property taxes and equalizing income in our state and at the same time limiting the amount that people can invest and save until illegal immigrants can get their fair share."

When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, he replied.
"We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and
minorities. For example, we have many illegal immigrants in our state who need our help. Increased property taxes and other state taxes could go a long ways to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as 'Americans'."

Hey, Carl, they're not AMERICANS!!!! This guy has to go. End of story.


Wow, Imux, I'd love to see a link to that quote... on the state site or anywhere else. Until you can back it up, it's worth less than the pixels its printed on.

Dingo, you want to know ONE piece of legislation Sciortino filed? Try reading the other Somerville newspaper. They have an article online now about an education bill that Sciortino filed with strong support from the Somerville school committee and superintendent. It recently got a favorable report from the education committee, which is a major step on the road to passing.

I actually appreciate that you wrote about some issues. You support casinos and oppose higher cigarette taxes. Fine, those are areas where you disagree with Sciortino. I've yet to hear a single policy proposal from Trane, so so I'd love to find out where he stands on these and countless other issues.

Straightdope, I appreciate your link to the state page, but there aren't actually any votes listed there. Just contact info and a bio. As far as the 100% Mass Scorecard rating, yeah it sucks that he votes DEMOCRAT! Shame Trane is also running as a Dem. Sciortino is in pretty bad company too, reps like Balser, Smizik, Festa, Moran, Linsky... clearly a bunch of loons.

Look, as far as I'm concerned Trane has every right to run and I'm happy for him to do so. But if he wants to earn any respect, he needs to set the tone that this race is actually about the issues and the needs of the district. Starting his campaign with name calling just makes me think this is another divisive attempt to pit old against new, and Somerville needs better than that.

Also, whether or not you agree with Sciortino's positions, he's hardly an elitist, and he does serve the district. Maybe Trane and his Traniacs need to actually look into Sciortino's record and work before they start the smears. Otherwise the "miss the mark" label will be theirs for the taking.


Stinky, can't do links as it's against the policy here. I would love it, but google it or (hint, hint) go to the PDS website. It's right there. Carl has plenty of other beauties floating around the web. I think the guy is damp in the head besides being light in the loafers.

On another topic; anyone else notice that "new" blog (Somerville Voices) is run by the same lame asshats who are the Somerville PDS? It's kind of funny. How stooooopid do they think people are?


Light in the loafers... That's pathetic!


Imux, I just did google that second quote you put in. It gets a lot of hits--but the top one is from the urban legend webpage! It's a false quote that was attributed not to Carl, but to Nancy Pelosi back in 2006.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you actually thought this had something to do with Carl Sciortino. But it's actually garbage recycled directly from the Republican spin machine a couple of years ago. If that's your best attack on Sciortino, I'm guessing he's not worried.

And for all those asking what Carl's done, let's see...anyone heard of the Green Line?


Utterly fantastic to see someone posting under my name last night; I have no idea why anyone would think that I'd be able to influence anyone, but if they've been drinking too much of the Kool-Aid, more power to them. I thought it smelled like Imux at first, but the I-man is at the least grammatically correct.

I am not involved with the PDS at all; Rebecca Gewirtz has knocked on my door before elections. I did tell her she'd get my vote (over Crazy Charlie) but threw her off my porch when she started asking for money. Actually, I've never given money in municipal elections and don't intend to start.

Now, I'm off to church, with my wife and the Trickettes. Have fun slinging mud, guys.


Matt/Otis, no way that Princess Carl is going to try and take credit for the green line extension! What an ahole if he/she does. The green line extension has been in the works long before Carl even headed (no pun intended) his first gay/lesbian coalition at Tufts. Dollars2donuts that Carl can't find lechmere on a map.

Tricky, FYI - on that post of yours last night. It wasn't me - I am sure Jamie can confirm. I also didn't comment on it as it was iffy if it was you. I really didn't know. When you moonbats (PDS'ers) come flying out of the closet -- who knows what goes through your sick & twisted minds. I just thought you had finally completely snapped. Have fun at church.

Lastly, not to change the subject too much, but why are we even dabating the presidential candidates/choices? I mean on the democrat side, you have a bitch (Hillary) who is a lawyer, married to a lawyer (Slick Willy), and then a lawyer (Obama) who is married to a bitch (Osama's wife) who is a lawyer.

On the republican side, we have a true war hero (McCain) married to a woman with a huge chest who owns a beer distributorship.

Why is there even a contest here?

it *is* funny

Elitist. Wonder where Trane got that one? Why is the Democratic party bent on dividing itself? So, by this math, Trane is the Clintonesque candidate? Which means ... buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. He wont quit until they pry his cold dead hands off the podium. Just like Hilary.


Actually, Carl has been pushing hard for the Green Line even at a time some were considering defunding the project. Not every political victory needs to be made out of earth, fire, air, and water. Carl built on the work of others (a good thing), and he played his role at a critical time the project was being considered for defunding. Carl delivered his maiden speech at the State House on the Green Line, and provided the leadership needed to bring the original environmental impact studies forward and now the passage of the Green Line extension money. There is enough credit to go around, but it's clear Carl correctly recognizes the importance of this project: that's what a good State Legislator is supposed to do.

There's one good example for you.


To compare Bob Trane to Hillary Clinton is an insult to Hillary Clinton.


Thanks for showing your true colors there, Imux, especially with the "Princess" and "he/she" stuff. Makes it clear to anybody on here that you're not worth arguing with. Have a good night.


You know, you little fag, the difference between me and you is that I am somebody around here. I own various properties and I employ people. Who are you, Matt? Just a little pickle stroking nullity. I know Mr. Trane, and I totally endorse him. He has a vision for Somerville that coincides with mine. Get all the useless libaloons outta here. Get the illegals out. Keep taxes down. Only reward those who produce something of value. Just watch Mr Trane destroy that effeminate loser. Gotta go get drunk with my buddy Jamie now.


WOW! I can not beleive the tone of some of these posts.

I asked a simple question about Carl. Name one piece of legislation that he has written and passed that has had a direct impact on the lives of the people of Somerville and Medford.

I see from one post that he got a bill out of committee that he sits on. Four more years and he might pass one.

I am still waiting for an answer!

j up to my earlier posts to answer your question.

Not the Last

Clearly the Somerville News will be supporting their friend Bob Trane so they are unlikely to go out of their way to let you know about anything that Carl has done.

truthbtold, perhaps you should call his office and and ask him directly about what legislation he has passed.


I think the link(s) got deleted, J. Deletion of the link is consistent with the News policy, albeit convenient.

Hasnt Ben Sober

Let me Say This About That........

Today, the word around SOMERVILLE, which I point out is the ""FORMER ALL AMERICAN CITY"" is that Mr Trane has the nick name of "TRANE WRECK" can any one out there please comment / expound on that un official tag given to the current Alderman who represents the 7 TH ward of our fair city....... and also is it true tht Mr Trane has taken private public speaking lessons from the Senior senator from Massachusetts the "Aboe all reproach" Teddy Kennedy and is it true that Mr Trane is now comtemplating going for a Masters in Public Speaking from the local institute where Mayor Tom "Mumbles" Menino is employeed as a adjunct professor ? now that I think about it ...(SOMERVILLE) hasn't been the same since Dennis "The Menace" McKenna was arrested by a State Trooper because he was parked in the passing lane on Route 2 southbound heading home from a social event.....The "VILLE" hasn't been the same since Vinny "GREASE A FEW GUYS" Piro was wrongfully accused of taking Bribe money from an undercover FBI Guy (remember he was aquitted of that alleged misunderstanding (thanks in part to the incompetent U. S Prosecuting Atty William Weld) and was that Piro printing was accused of being the local supplier of "Illegal" FOOTBALL BEttng cards for the gambling faction in the city of the gang that couldn't shoot straight .....Or when Bobby Campo was shaking down everyone under the sun for some cash in lieu of a property tax abatement.....I say bring back the good old days when a politician from somerville made no bones about the fact that he was for sale and these elected officials of today are total "LIGHT WEIGHTS" in comparison and couldn't hold the jock strapps of the "GOOD OLD BOYS" of yesterday.......Where is S Lester Ralph Frank Bakey, tim Creedon, paul Haley jr and Mary Siglerio when you need them.......Good Night butchie and peggy where ever you are.......Long live belmont park.......


For those of you asking for a piece of legislation passed- just looked at scortinos website-
He seems to have passed legislation that brought in money for Capen Court Senior Housing, got money for senior transportation, and the green line too.

That's 3!


Wasn't carl the poster boy for a recent article in the globe about the most inept and absent representatives in the state? Yep. That was our little Princess Carlina. And you imbeciles are defending him?

I have a funny feeling that something really depraved is going to come out about little Carl here -- besides being useless as tits on a bull. Which we all know about him/her already.

Everyone with half a brain ought to distance themselves from Carl and quick. Besides the BS he supported with Heller (what a beast!) and her dirty campaign -- this deviant (Carl) does not represent the typical voter in Ward 7. Get the freak out.


Please read the request not what you want to say just answer the question. To all you wantabee politicians and off course you kiddies out there that think you know it all, especially the ones that have a degree in Political Science from Tufts. The question was name ONE piece of legislation that he proposed, passed and is law today? PLEASE NAME JUST ONE IN FOUR YEARS, not two not three JUST ONE LITTLE OLD PROPOSED LEGISLATION, Something he did, as oppose to something the Party or the Speaker wanted passed, Something on his own, not co-sponsored not talked about but he proposed.
He's a State Representative, frankly i voted for him over Vinny thinking that now we would get someone who helped the average TAXPAYER. Both Carl & Bob are applying for a Job and the next several months is the interview process,we the voters will decide how to reward an office holder that is and isn't working on the behalf of the thousands of citizens they represent.
Remember now ONE PIECE OF LEGISLATION THAT HE PROPOSED, AND GOT PASSED AS LAW, in the entire Four years that Carl has served as State Representative.


straightdope, if you listen closely you can hear Carl's supporters:



straightdope, learn how laws are made on Beacon Hill and how stuff gets done. You do it by lobbying, talking to colleagues, getting amendments inserted into bills, getting money for your town by listening to your constituents, patiently working with people, keeping a smile on your face and in your voice. Rep. Sciortino has done that, as testified by many people here.

This isn't Mr. Smith goes to Boston where the freshman walks up and introduces something that he insists the whole House drop all its business to attend to. That's not how the legislature works. If there are freshman or sophomore legislatures getting bills passed that AREN'T naming rotaries for local grandmothers, why don't you tell us what they are so we can measure Sciortino by that yardstick. If not, then stop moving the goalposts and creating a set of rules that rule out the Green Line extension (Somerville got more money than any other town or city in the commonwealth, but that doesn't count, does it?) and aid to the towns.

What bill is Trane going to get passed in his first year as representative? So far, his agenda seems to be based on name-calling. Yeah, that's useful. Maybe he can work on repealing the Green Line extension.


It's a good question, though, I went to and found bills that passed (Taj Mahal is the official blues group of the Commonwealth) but didn't see any search function for sponsor. If someone finds it, post it here; it's worth talking about.

In the meantime, I find it hard not to judge our delegation by the results they secured with the Green Line, which affects Sciortino's district as much as Provost's, and both to a great degree. We stopped hearing the drumbeat about our "do-nothing delegation" a couple of weeks ago, hmm, wonder if that had something to do with it.

It doesn't matter, because we can already see the shape of the campaign that's coming, and it's not going to be about money for our towns or the Green Line, sadly.


Its about performace and what we do as individuals in our daily lifes and our work places. Rep. Carl Sciortino works for us at the State House, and its his full time position. I am still asking and so won't the voters still ask, "Name us one piece of legislation that he proposed in 4 years, proposed, and got enacted into law. Simple but you and your wantabe politicians keep coming back with the same answer. I am not critizing Carl, I am not calling him names, I am not saying anything negative about him. Just want to know WHAT HAS HE PROPOSED AND GOT PASSED INTO LAW in FOUR YEARS.
The Green line wagon represents a lot of people just about every side or point of view, so please lets not see that he's claiming to be the Green Line Savior. The Voters aren't that stupid, but apparently you wantabe politicans think we are. You Keep coming back with the Best Defense is a Good Offense routine, answer the question that was asked.
ps: to the person who earlier posted a comment, it was the Boston Herald not the Globe that call him Carl "Bay State Lawmakers who missed the Mark", January 1st. 2008 page 19.


Wow... I guess all the Tufts 1st year students must be on break today. Brittain33, let me ask - what city were you born in and actually live in!!? We know Carl. He sucks.

Somerville got more $$$ simply because the extension GOES THROUGH Somerville!!! Carl had nothing to do with the green line extension beyond not screwing it up. The idea for this extension has been floated since I was in daipers.

Now go back to drinking your Obama koolaid, smoking your weed and let the grownups discuss this.

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