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April 19, 2008


Flat Fee Realty Louisville

It's a real shame when buildings get dilapidated and nothing is done about it.


Here here, i live nearby and in the summer teenagers are hanging out at that place all the time.

Ward Five Born

I also live nearby and the property is a shithole. I wonder if one of the tv stations would like to see how the kennedy's keep up their properties.

Joe Lynch is the one participant inthis whole thing that has held the developers feet to the fire. Thanks Joe.

it *is* funny

Joe Lynch is one tough cookie. I only wish he had taken Ward 5 so there could be someone, anyone, who asks the Administration to do its job. Planning committee? What a joke.

We need more people in this city who understand how to seize opportunities to negotiate as they come along ... Lynch was right. And when something awful happens to a kid playing in that dilapidated building we'll all be saying "Lynch was right".

Tim B

I'm a bit confused. Weren't the developers forced to spend a bunch of money ($1 million, if I recall?) for a new sprinkler system, fire alarm, and other security measures on the existing buildings? I had assumed they were not allowed to tear the buildings down for some reason, maybe awaiting historical review or something. Did the developers ever have the choice to tear them down, or has the city dictated what they can and can't do with those buildings all along?

Ron Newman

There was a delay period for historical review, but I'm pretty sure that has long since passed.


The only two who have come forward on the demolition and property clean up are Alderman Desmond and Joe Lynch. It is only matter of time before a tragedy happens.
Then we'll see Curtatone and O'Donovan front and center condemning the owner for negligence. What a pair of schemming slackers.

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