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April 26, 2008


Nelson Salazar

I am appalled by the generalization on the words "of some illegal immigrants looking for work". For one, I am an immigrant but not an illegal yet I have been looking for jobs at the same place. I am a US citizen, registered to vote and an active citizen in Somerville.

It is sad that a paper like this with a school committee member as the editor can generalize in such manner. Not only is sad but scary to know that an editor who cares about the education of our children can let go to those remarks, knowing that 54% of our children attending the school system come from households that speak other language. It is wrong to generalize, is like someone saying that all white people are racist, that is not true.

When someone makes a mistake and is willing to acknowledge it, an apology is always welcome and in this case, the writer and the editor should apologized, by making the mistake of generalizing. I'll be waiting.

YOUNelson you will wait till hell freezes over

Nelson you will be waiting till hell freezes over.

The Missing

I'd love to hear an explanation from the 'missing' elected officials. I feel that many of them aren't really interested in this country or its' history (a la Barack Obama and his wife). It's pretty sad when people who are elected by our democratic process, which was fought for and won by the people we celebrate on Patriot's Day, refuse to honor our past! Many of these same politicians don't show up on Memorial Day, either, or at events on Veteran's Day. Wasn't it that guy Niedergang who twice wrote anti-american, anti-military pieces which the Journal (shamefully) published in the Memorial Day edition? It's a disgrace, and I think people should work towards voting these people out of office. They don't deserve the honor!


The Missing, I could not agree with you more. It's the hard left that has hijacked our local political scene. How it happened -- I have no idea. Maybe we were lazy and thought they meant good, but now we see their values are twisted/marxist. They need to go.

I remember when one of their mouthpieces (Ron Newman) said monuments should be named only for artists. Not the police/fire/soldiers who have died protecting us. Just disgusting that I was one of the only ones who had to shout that idiot down.


I hope you are paying your "U.S. citizen" taxes for any work you may "pick up" from that majority illegal alien hangout. Turn in the contractors if you don't get W-2s to file your taxes.


So what Imux and Missing are saying is that it isnt patriotic to run for and hold elected office - to actually participate in the government of this great nation. Only to show up on a few holidays and wave a flag.

When did notions of sacrifice and service get replaced by trivial nothings as how we judge the patriotism of our fellow Americans? The Bush administration and its followers are quick to scream to the heavens about someone who doesnt wear a lapel pin. But they havent asked America to make a single sacrifice for our troops at war. Reduce our dependency on foreign oil? Nah. Actually contribute to the cost of properly equipping the troops? No, just tax rebates for the rich.

Whine all you want about the anti-american left. The truth is that the right has abandoned the values that make this country great.


Many Americans have sacraficed there Stinky.
You think the parents, wives, husbands,and children haven't sacraficed for their killed or injured servicemembers?

Oh, but you meant "higher taxes" didn't you?
Funny, the left seems to be the loudest when it shouts out about how "this war" and
it's "costs" (meaning the troops and their equipment) are sucking up money from social
spending. Where's the left's "sacrafice"?


So we need to cut social spending to fund the war? Not repeal the tax cuts to the wealthy?

Sure. Let the near-homeless who rely on aid to pay the rent pay. Let the seniors who need healthcare pay. Let the kid on the hot lunch program at school pay.

If thats how you want to do it then thats your call. I happen to disagree.

Nelson Salazar

I am sorry, but did not realize that this is just like the "speak out" section, waste of time.
People who is afraid of showing his or her real name is just like those people in the south who did not want to show their faces while African Americans were being killed.
I am out. Dont bother in replying because I have better things to do.

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