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April 19, 2008



Increased Recreation Funding = More tax-payers money so teens can play. Now, that's a priority. We certainly need more of that.

Inclusive Policies = Make Somerville a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. Now, that's illegal, get ready for a lawsuit, Somerville if anything like that is officially endorsed.

Unity = Get those yuppies out of here! Gentrification is bad! Slums inhabited by dopeheads are good!

In sum, the future of the city advocated by the peace conference is: Back to Slumerville, but with more people who don't even speak English, and with more tax-payer money for recreation, so that people don't feel so bad about being human trash.

Any reasonable individual would see this as the BS it is! I hope our Aldermen are smarter than Mr. Jock Mayor and these clowns.

A taxpayer

Why is it that teens need taxpayer money to keep themselves amused? For God's sake use your minds and creativity. You do not have to spend money to play sports or enjoy the arts or do a hobby. What the hell did kids do in the decades past???? I am sick of it


Well Joey Cakes you could take in a few and hope they make the team? But please remember to make sure they have a real Somerville address?REMEMBER.

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