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April 12, 2008



As a lawyer (who passed the bar first time!!) I should tell you that there is no limit of the amount of times you can retake the Bar exam in Mass. I am pretty sure this is true in most states. Personally I think that is absurd. It should be 2 chances or out. Remember Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny failed the bar 14 times.

Having said that, the Bar exam is no joke and does require 2 months of 10 hour days going to lectures and independent studying. It is a gruelling exam.

The certification exam for a teacher is hardly comparable in difficulty. Again we see Dems who are supported by teachers unions doing what is good for the union members, and not what should be done. As you say, you wouldn't want a three time exam failure representing you in court or performing surgery on you. So why would you want them teaching your kids?

Bill Shelton

How is this not a triumph of politics over kids' best interests? I can only think of two reasons why an aspiring teacher couldn't pass the certification exam in three tries: (1) They don't care enough to prepare adequately, or (2) They don't have the intellectual capacity to pass the test. In either case, they're not what our kids need. What am I missing?

Not sure


I don't know what you're missing (nothing I think), but I do know what the teachers (by means of their union and politician-supporters) are missing...ACCOUNTABILITY!


To the lawyer who passed the bar exam the first time. Obviously, it didn't do you much good if you have time to be involved in silly postings like this.

dingo we have stupid teachers to teach stupid kids? what's the problem?? If they worked at a real job they would be FIRED.

If you can't pass the test then get another job. Obviously you are NOT qualified to teach.

In another matter, our legislators are morons too..did you see how long their sessions were this past week? the most was 25 minutes...25 minutes for the whole day!

Was little Carl out where he shouldn't be? Will someone PLEASE run against him...he is a moron....damn I thought Vinny C was bad but this guy is unbelievable.

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