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April 15, 2008


Ed wood

Problems such as "gentrification in Somerville neighborhoods." that the same gentrification that has lead to increasing home values and tax revenue for the Mayor to fund all his programs for the teens of Somerville???

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.


Who cares what a bunch of teens have to say. They shoudl quit whining and get working. Being succesful is not brain surgery. As the old saying goes it is "99% perspiration and 1% inspiration." Those that work hard and stay in school will more than likely do well. Those that chose not to will not. Darwin at work.

Nothing to do

Please don’t reply to the ridiculous posts above. Some people are building bridges not destroying them. Uniting the Ville what a great day it was for the community.

Bernie and Phyl

what is the graduation rate at Somerville HS ?

Gentrification Joe

Why is Mayor Joe so intent on doing whatever his little yuppie masters want? Why won't he stick up for the real neighborhood folk who vte for him and who made this city great. He needs to tell these godless, commie yuppies to stick their multi-grain bagels up the wazoo the next time they come to him and ask him to turn this whole damn town into one big, rent-controlled housing project? Why is the Somerville Community Corporation pulling his strings and dictating the words that come out of his mouth. Stand up for the locals Joe and reject those Commie bums!

Gentrification Joe

Why is Mayor Joe so intent on doing whatever his little yuppie masters want? Why won't he stick up for the real neighborhood folk who vte for him and who made this city great. He needs to tell these godless, commie yuppies to stick their multi-grain bagels up the wazoo the next time they come to him and ask him to turn this whole damn town into one big, rent-controlled housing project? Why is the Somerville Community Corporation pulling his strings and dictating the words that come out of his mouth. Stand up for the locals Joe and reject those Commie bums!

Old guy

I'm one of these older guys who usually says, ah kids today..., but I am truly impressed with this conference thing. When you think about the world and city we have left these kids to live in, you can't blame them for being half nuts. But the kids who put together this conference are obviously trying to help the city and make it a better place for all of us to live. And I appreciate that.


The american culture centers around strong family values. The auditorim was filled with Obama's American hating gang! The bAmerican language was brutalized during this event. Thease young adults need to be educated on how to speak properly. They have no positive leadership and alway feel as if society owes them something. Affirmative action should have ended 35yrs ago. I am tired of lazy people playing the race card.

Somervillen 617

i Love how close minded inbreds get on here to express there 5 percent minds thinken that the world wants to hear or cares what they say and the fact of the matter is if they actually open their minds and eyes they would see that all these people that were involved in with the peace conference are actually putting toward effort on getting their voices heard and are sick and tired of yuppies coming in to the city and stealing our memories away from us and friends overdosin and suicide so i dont need a (real job) u corporate slave stop postin shit on here thinken that ur somthin important when all these teens are doing is trying to reunite daville and bring it back to the good old park days keep it up everyone great job stay safe one love!!! PEACE


If Somervillen is a product of Somerville High School then we are in trouble!


As a parent of a participant in the Peace Conference, I could not be prouder of my son and the amount of work and thought he put into his presentation. I was proud of all of the kids that participated. Teen Empowerment is one of the finest programs that I have come across for adolescents - it is truly an "empowering" experience for them. I would strongly urge every resident of Somerville to watch a broadcast of the event on Cable TV and to attend next year's conference. These kids are the future of the City.

Mr. Somerville

funny thing, most people who have something negitive to say about the confrence where not even there!


If success is not brain surgey why then are so few people successful?

If you didn't take the time to go to the peace conference then I am of the opinion that you don't have the right to speak on it. I agree that it's either funny or scary that those who talk as though they have all the answers rarely have the infomation or basic knowledge to back them up.

Onto more positive things....having been part of the conference for three years (boston year one, then in Somerville) in a very minor role (security) I can definitively say a few things:

1. Great job. The conference has gotten better and better every year. The content this year was phenomenal. I laugh at all those who scoff at the courage it took for some of Somerville's finest young citizens to stand up and tell there stories. There was no whining, no lamenting, only truth. Much respect to all those involved.

2. Next year. I can't wait to see where you guys go from here. All I know is that it will be up.

3. I am continuously shocked that there are those in this city, this state, and this country who think that everything is fine. That hard work is the answer to everyone's social woes. It's a large part of it, no one is disputing that. However, if you cannot acknowledge that everyone does not begin from the same starting point and with the same avenues toward success then you need to pick your ass off the couch, your hand out the bag of chips, your other hand off the beer, and your nose out the Herald. Stand up and walk around. All these kids did was put the hardships of modern urban life out there for you and the city to see. All these kids did was talk about overcoming, about striving to be great. What more can you ask for? I would have thought there would be no way for the donkeys out there to degrade this event, to put down the efforts of these kids and their facilitators. Guess I was wrong.

4. Don't connect a desire for change with patriotism. I love America. These kids love America. All those that work with these kids love America. That's why we fight to improve it. Make sense?


a youthhhh

As a youth in Somerville. I do not appreciate the comment of "who cares what the youth thinks"nor do i agree with that statement. One day this Youth will be the adults why can't we have a say now?It is obvious that on April 12th, you were not supporting and trying to unite your city Somerville, it obvious because the Peace Conference was spectacular,inspiring,emotional and moving.There is no way one person will leave that highschool with such negative thughts. It may of been a one day event but it is one day closer to change.Being a part of it was a great opportunity and we all worked extremely hard in an event that was sucessful. I agree with the comment of stop sitting on the couch,why dont you get your head out of yourr ass.

617 all day

a youthhhh

As a youth in Somerville. I do not appreciate the comment of "who cares what the youth thinks"nor do i agree with that statement. One day this Youth will be the adults why can't we have a say now?It is obvious that on April 12th, you were not supporting and trying to unite your city Somerville, it obvious because the Peace Conference was spectacular,inspiring,emotional and moving.There is no way one person will leave that highschool with such negative thughts. It may of been a one day event but it is one day closer to change.Being a part of it was a great opportunity and we all worked extremely hard in an event that was sucessful. I agree with the comment of stop sitting on the couch,why dont you get your head out of yourr ass.

617 all day

Stupid Somerville Teens

Hey, stupid Somerville teens, just get ready for a life of burger flipping, 'K? You were unlucky to grow up in a high pollution area such as Somerville. Your brain is poisoned, as a result, and the normal development has been compromised. So, forget about it. Stop bitching about "gentrification". If you are not still living in Slummerville it's only because of gentrification and people who care about their property in the city. Stupid, ungrateful assholes. Learn how the world works before you make fools of yourselves.

Status Quo

To all you Somerville or non-Somerville adults running your mouths online, talk is cheap. We are the future of Somerville no matter what is done so you might as well support us exspecially when we try to make change for the better instead of always finding something negative to say about us. Somerville is gonna be much better off once you baby boomers die off, so enjoy your last 20 years on earth, take your social security retirement checks and move to florida. Your not wanted in this city, so move out or be bravehearts behind your words and expose yourself. Until then go play russian roulette with yourselfs.

Danny McLaughlin

This one is to all the young people out there, and the adults who care. Let’s start with this ignore the antagonizing posts, they are most likely all the same person with nothing better to do then try and get people worked up. Just look at the first to “Ed” and “Ted” only four minuets apart saying the same thing. There are people who come on here with no other intent but to take away from the point of the story and start trouble, they find some sort of sick fun in it, and when we give in, then we just give them what they want. With that said I refuse to respond to anything said with the same negativity. I will respond with this. Youth in many urban areas get a bad name sometimes, people stereotype teens, just like many teens may stereotype adults, and people think that because they are teens in a different Somerville they didn’t have it bad. Every generation has a new set or problems a new set of issues, just like the Teens I work with are facing new issues that I had never had to experience in high school, and I’m less then 10 years older then most of our young leaders. This city should take great pride in our youth, they are your kids, your grandkids, your nieces and nephews they are our community whether you like it or not they are a huge part of the fabric that makes us Somerville. As a native to this land and an organizer of this event I’d like to congratulate all the teens and adults who participated in the conference. Standing in the back looking at teens stepping up to change, let me say that again “Teens stepping up to change” talking about policy issue, giving solution to the problems facing today’s youth, while never forgetting the issues that brought them here in the first place. This was a venue for teens to use there voice to come up with solution for the problems not whine and cry abut them. I’m proud to know the youth who participated in the conference, I’m proud of there work, I’m proud that they are the future leaders of this community, I’m prod that Somerville especially the youth has enough courage to face our issues, and not sweep them under a rug. I’m not going to respond to any posts trying to call me out after this, and I hope my youth follow. Great work Somerville.

Somerville Resident

My hats off to Danny McLaughlin and everyone else that organized the Peace Conference. Theses are the people that care about the youth of Somerville. My son went on Saturday and he had great things to say about the day. Congrats and keep up the good work!!! We need more people like you.


Somerville kids, I'm 17, and I came to Somerville 10 years ago. I'm very determined to be successful and a bit of an overachiever, but here is what I think. Obviously, one of the McLaughlin losers had to be involved in this. Somerville kids are too smart not to realize that this wannabe demagogue is just trying to manipulate our young minds with cheap talk. These McLaughlin folks think they are better then anybody else, that they can decide for others what's good and what's not for this place and for us. And all just because they parked their fat asses in Somerville all their life.
Fellow Somerville teenagers, if you are smart, get the hell out of here as soon as you can, don't listen to these pathetic losers. They may make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, with BS about working together and whatnot, but the real world does not work that way as we'll realize too soon. They want us to repeat the same mistakes they made, so that they don't feel like such losers. There is a world out there, that's where our future is. We happened to be born and/or raised in Somerville, fine that was bad luck. Work hard, get out of here and become successful.

Silly Demagogue

1.We happened to be born and/or raised in somerville, I'm 17, and I came to Somerville 10 years ago Somerville.

Sorry bub, but this just dosn't add up. How can you have moved here 10 years ago, and also be born and raised? "We happen to be born and raised here" "I came to Somerville 10 years ago"

Stop looking for drama. Real reconize real.


Hey McLaughlin jackass, do you know what "AND/OR" means? Logic is not your forte, I see... It's gonna be tough for you to get into college, pal.


What is so bad about growing up in Somerville? I'm 23 and have lived here all my life. I have a college degree and a great job. Some people get involved in things that they shouldn't, but that happens everywhere, not just here. My hats go off to the organizers of the event and the speakers and performers. It takes a lot to stand up and talk about your problems. These kids are sharing their experiences with teens in Somerville so that they do not make bad choices. Great job to anyone who participated in the event.


If it is true that you have a "great job" that is only because a relative of yours gave it to you, pal. There are plenty of do-nothing morons in the city, due to nepotism. I would not call that success, when your dad or uncle hands you a dead end job in the city. Did the native Mclaughlin guy have a prospect of a great job in Somerville? No, the poor guy had to bust his ass in Iraq for a few years and basically lose his mind because, as he said, he had no choice.


The difference between Danny McLaughlin and
Demagogue is:

a) Danny McLaughlin is NOT an asshole;

b) Demagogue IS an asshole

Real Villen

the kid that posted a few above me is right. danny mclaughlin is a clown and cares 2 sh@ts about the kids in the city, hes just using this as a publicity stunt to try to get his brother and friends some fame in their wack rap career. ive know many kids going to the teen choice club for help and got nothing in return. I got a lot of respect for what the kids put together and performed but the mclaughlin's have to take their heads out their @sses in order to get respect. they actaully think what their going through is so drastically different from everyone else in somerville, well with all due respect to those that pasted away it happens in every city and burb around. Somerville is pretty safe compared other cities around and if anything, none of the gang violence is coming from kelly park lol, yall prob juss tag some property and drank in public, big deal, live a week in east ville and the projects with the average salary people from there make and you would realize life was a cake walk for you your whole life. try coming from a place that where everything occurs never gets put in the public because the mayor tries to hide it from the public and because things aren't handled through the police station. you know how many shootings went down in the past month that none of you guys know of that happened in these 2 areas? im not the type that usually goes after people like this but you gotta give out respect to receive it. but until then you will never get my respect.


"Real Villen"

First off this is not a McLaughlin.

You make a lot of assumptions in your post. You know what they say about assumptions.....

1. In order to assume that Danny doesn't give "2 sh***" about the kids in the city you must be living under a rock. Do you know the sacrifices that youth workers / teachers make in order to do the work that they do? I've been poor for 26 years of my life and since I choose to stay in the classroom I will remain poor for 26 more. To say that Danny is doing this to publicize his brothers rap career is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard. I actually laughed out loud when I read it. I've worked in youth services for ten years and have rarely met someone as dedicated and committed to improving the lives of the young people he works with and I say that without any reservation.

2. Your assumption that the McLaughlins don't care about the violence and problems in East Ville is unfounded. When founded SOS was a community organization that dealt with some of the problems in their own community in order to get started. As the organization has gained momentum it is now more able to expand to other parts of the city. Learn a little bit about grassroots organization. Would you say that Dr. King didn't care about Civil Rights in Mississippi because he began his career in Birmingham? Give change a chance to grow before you start doubting its roots.

3. You make judgements about people's lives that you know little about. Generally a dangerous thing to do.

3. Negativity will be the end of you my young brother. Instead of badmouthing people working for change, join them...or if you don't agree with the way they're going about it then get off your ass and start doing something about it your own way. Hopping on here and degrading someone else's efforts does absolutely nothing. It won't affect the McLaughlins and their efforts and it makes you look petty. I have every faith that you are above that.


You Mc me Laugh

Your IQ is rather low, Q, given your post. You cannot even count to 4, since you repeat point 3 twice!
Now, comparing the Mclaughlins to Dr. King is the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard! Talk about megalomania! Somerville kids should just study hard and get out of here as soon as they can. Q, your are 26, it's already too late for you. In 20 years you'll find yourself without nothing. The kids you "helped" won't remember you, everybody will treat you as a poor bum. Think about it. Not pleasant to be a bum in America.

Somerville Resident

I am so tired of people using this forum to talk smak about people they don't like. Give credit where credit is due, the McLaughlins have done good things along with Jason Souza to get the teens involved. This is where the city lacks attention, they have programs for boys and girls until the age of 14, then the programs stop. We need to keep them active in something to keep them out of trouble. The basketball tournament they had in the summer was great. Lets give credit where credit is due and keep the personal criticism out of it.


Funny that you say my IQ is low. I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole, but if a typo decides my IQ level then such is life. And if this is the game that we're playing and I find myself "without nothing" then as that is a double negative I will find myself with everything. How sweet it is. I highly doubt I will be a bum in 26 years and I don't think anyone I've ever met or worked for would consider me such but this is America and you're entitled to your opinion, however absurd it may be.

I don't deny that Somerville kids should study hard and if they want to leave for better opportunities they should.But any person in any community should be committed to improving it.

Next - are you honestly saying that as a high school teacher and a coach I shouldn't work to improve the prospects my kids are facing? I don't even know what to say to this. I find myself wondering what it is that happened to you that made you so jaded but I think the kids I have taught who continue to reach out to me after they graduate and go on to bigger and better things speak more loudly than you ever have.

Lastly, I would agree that a direct comparison between the McLaughlins and Dr. King would be absurd. However, trivializing a grassroots organization and the leaders behind it because their focus is initially small (exactly what you did) would be analagous to trivializing King's efforts as the leader of SNCC because they only focused on one city in Alabama.

I'm done now...I have a class coming in and I need to get back to contributing absolutely nothing to my society and the lives of the young students I work with.

Peace and respect buddy. Good luck with your misery.


Yorktown Street

Actually, "we should all work together" IS how people succeed in life. Ask anybody in a large business or nonprofit organization, and they'll tell you they work together with people every day. They couldn't get their jobs done without it. Being able to work in a team for the good of the whole is one of the most important career skills you can develop.

Some Ole Villen

I shouldn't be, but I am stunned by the posts of so many haters and morons and the negative things they are saying about the Peace Conference and the McLaughlins.
You may not like the McLaughlins. You may not think that the Peace Conference is going to result in any great positive things, but how anyone can anyone come on here and not think that this is at least a GOOD thing. Give credit to anyone that is trying to get kids to show up and speak and perform. You are totally out of touch and don't really care about our kids and their futures if you think that this was a waste of time. Whether your from East Ville, Kelly Park or anywhere else the young adults have had a lot to deal with in their young lives. We as adults must support these efforts, the kids who have stepped up in this venture deserve a lot of credit and should be listened to.
There is no doubt in my mind that the young adults involved in these efforts should be admired.


SOV - well said

No, you Mc ME laugh

Mc - you're a clown. You write, "In 20 years you'll find yourself without nothing. "

So, you're actually telling Q that after 20 years, he WILL find himself with something. Sounds like you're the one without anything. It sucks being so bitter, doesn't it. It's never too late to do something useful with your life. Try it, you might enjoy it.

Real Villen

lmao, comparing the mcglaughlins* to Dr. King, now that's the funniest thing i have ever heard. More like fidel castro. Brain washing peoples minds to make them follow. Last i knew they were members of the "dvs" gang. Now tell me how can a gang member be one of the main role models for a program trying to stop gang violence lmao. That's like having a sex offender teach sex ed lol. You can deny it all you want but everyone knows it's true including the mayor. Its funny that one of your main goals is to get rid of the yuppies, but to tell you the truth it's the yuppies that are the only people that care what you(mcglauglins*) have to say lol. Us true villens don't give 2 sh!ts, cause we can smell BS within all 4 square miles of da ville. Like I said b4, you get back what you put in, and when you care about others truthfully they would show you that respect back, but until then everyone is gonna pull your card.


First off....makin unsubstantiated claims about people in writing is known as libel. I would stay away from it.

Secondly, some of the best youth workers and role models are people who have already made the mistakes the youth are in the process of making. You ask how can a former gang member (which is an unsubstantiated claim in the first place) be a main role model for preventing gang violence. How can they not? Do you know how many programs exist across this country that involve former gang members preaching to current gang members about the evils of there habits. I constantly own up to and use my mistakes (of which there are many) in the classroom. They are my greatest weapon and I am unashamed of them - recovering from them made me the person I am today.

Third, neither SOS nor the McLaughlins have ever stated that their goal as community activists was to "get rid of yuppies." Again a libelous comments. SOS was created IN RESPONSE to yuppie / "Real Villen" tension and has always said that the Our in Save Our Somerville is extended to any member of the community dedicated to making a positive change.

Fourth, what makes you a true Villen? You are guilty of exactly the same thing you are accusing the McLaughlins of - assuming that you know everything better than everybody else. Interesting that you criticize them for speaking their mind but expect everyone to buy into what your saying because you are obviously the be all end all authority of what it means to be from Somerville.

It's whatever though. The McLaughlins and those of us who appreciate what they do will continue to work towards positive change and you will continue to degrade it. Nature of the game I guess. Matt, Danny, Mark, Steve - ignore these clowns. I'm sure you already are. Know that there are a great deal of us who respect and admire the work that you do. I'm proud to consider you friends and family and to be involved in your efforts to improve our city. Here's hoping Real Villen doesn't pull our card.



How can anyone have have something bad to say about a peace summit. great work kids.

Real Villen

So you are telling me that the mcglaughins are not in "dvs" anymore? lmao, yea all right! I'm not trying to hop on here dropping dimes but we all know the truth. Once a gang member, always a gang member. Cause enemies never forget, member that. So what if someone decided to retaliate against them when they were with the children? And one of the children gets murdered? Are you still gonna say "well he used to be in a gang?"

some are villens

Real Villen if you're so real, and have so much to say about the mclaughlins why don't you post your REAL name, villen? You are real right? Real villen won't even use a real name that seems fake to me.

Real Villen

Why should I post my real name? So the mcglaughins and you could come by and jump me with your "dvs" gang lol. Dude trust this, you don't want it with me lol. I'm doing it for your well being. Come by Cross St. with your lil crew at night and we'll see who's Real.


ah to be 14 again.


The McLaughlins are simply shameless self publicists who think the world owes them a living beause they haved lived in Somerville their whole lives.


Ok nothing personal but there a lot of McLaughlin this or that and there is just no way people care that much to speak spiteful or positively about them. Something is up. I suspect they are coming onto this forum and speaking ill of themselves just to get their name out there. Crazy idea? Why would they do that? Well any publicity is good publicity. Good one guys but I caught ya.


didn't think it could get anymoe ridiculous.

see ya all in the funny pages


Pete, Mike, and Real you said it well. I know I'm not alone, and the truth will come out. I've had enough of these pseudo-left talkers who use populism to push their own personal agendas, exploiting young minds. Kids, one day you'll see we were right. I hope it's not too late for you when you do. Just THINK for a minute. When you feel that warm feeling in your belly because of something somebody tells you, that is evidence this somebody is manipulating you. Run away and think about what was said. You'll realize it's only empty words. Learn how to do this little exercise and you will be OK in life. If you don't, you will always be manipulated by the McLaughlin types. Good night.


From the article:

Rego is a lifelong Somerville resident, who thinks it is important for the youth in Somerville who have lived here all their lives to speak up.

“We know there’s a lot of change,” he said of development in Somerville. “We’re not just going to sit around.”

- - - -

I've got a strange feeling for some reason Rego's not trying to address the Trickettes with his statement, who are both "youth who were born here." I suspect he may find them to be part of the "lot of change" that's happening in this town as well. What then?

Its Funny

Its funny how these kids keep crying about the yuppies taking over the city and making them move, and that they have to do something about it. Well the first step to do this is to tell ya stupid parents not to sell their frigging homes to the yuppies lol. This is all your parents fault because they except the money when its in front of their faces

Very Funny Indeed

Ahahahahah! So true! These idiots do sell their rundown house to yuppies, and when these fix them up they get accused of gentrifying the neighborhood. If the greedy Somervillians had not sold their houses to the yuppies, the problem would not exist. Right?
These kids are so stupid it's oddly funny.

Stupid Q

Hey, stupid Q: Did you see the video made by one of the McLaughlin clowns where the camera proudly keeps focusing on the sign saying "Kill a yuppie"? That's enough proof of what these folks think.

" "Third, neither SOS nor the McLaughlins have ever stated that their goal as community activists was to "get rid of yuppies." "

Its Funny

Im from da ville also, born and raised and I even know thats the reason why all these yuppies are moving in, if your parents didn't sell their houses this wouldn't happen. But I know your gonna say the mortgages go up and all that, well you clowns should have got a job, instead of complaining all these years and help ya parents pay for it, instead of living in their basement for free lol. by the way, whats the link to their youtube video? i would like to see it lol

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