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April 25, 2008


Princess Rebekah

This is terrible it will lead to improvement...ummmm... I mean gentrification of Somerville.


now the Union Sq. firemen can take the 600 millions dollar green line to work. Ya, to their 10+ year old "temporary" construction trailer with leaking roof and windows...Whoopeee


According to the "Beacon Hill Roll Call - April 7 to April 11, 2008" over on the left side of the page, all our state reps voted against the bill. Thanks for... nothing?

State House

Actually, that vote was to adopt the senate's changes to the transportation bond bill. All three of the state reps support the green line extension and its funding. They didn't all agree with what the Senate added to the bill.


What, no yuppies or moonbats have rebutted Princess Rebekah yet?

Fine, I'll do it myself...lazy stinkin' moonbats and yuppies...oughta move back to Cambridge if ya ask me...

I feel the increases in tax base and commerce, along with a corresponding decrease in crime rate, will outweigh the cost of the higher rents and decreased diversity likely resulting from this transit improvement.

Anna Canna Panna San

Well, Well Well

are they saying what I am hearing ?

Progress on the Green Line Funding Bill ?

Praise the Lord.....Who is going to set the Line for the "Over / Under" line on the total cost of the project when all is said and done.........

Contractors get in Line at the "Public Trough" once again as if the BiG Dig public teat wasn't enough ...Belly up to the bar again boys the Spigot is about to turn on again.... I love America especially SOMERVILLE....

Seriously, It is long long overdue....a very nice connection from Somerville to East Cambridge and into values in the Ville should take a nice bump up once completed.......CA CHING

Travis Ritch

It's about time.

Travis Ritch

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