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April 26, 2008



great kid hell be around playing a long time thanks to tony g,joe c,rich b,joe v,gridiron club,mothers club,all somerville fans


Another steroidal beef steak. Impressive. Really.


Lets go Gos. Dude gonna be recking it in teh NFL and is always gonna have that Somerville Pride. Much success fam 1


picked by detroit 17th overall

Go Gos!!!

This is probably the greatest story of this years NFL draft or any year for that matter. Here is a young man who has made a difference in other kids lives and will do great things. Anyone who ever saw him practice when he was a Highlander will know that. Anyone who thinks he juices has never seen how hard he worked and how seriously he took the game and listened and learned from his coaches AND fellow players. This kid did it the right way through hard work. When is the last time anyone from SHS football ended up being drafted in the first round? Go Gosder! I wish you were playing for the Pats, but you'll be a big impact player for the Lions.


Hey Joey Cakes is he one of the unamed borders that you had at your place, it seems like the right time ago

Lowell Street kid

Gosder was watching the draft from his friend's house who he went to school with over near Magoun Square instead of from some hotel room or wherever like some of these other highly touted early picks. This kid will never forget who he is or where he's from and will also be a great benefit to the unfortunate from his native home of Haiti and all kids who work hard to achieve their dreams. This is a great story that makes me proud to be an American.


A gorilla could do all this naturally. What's the big deal? Hey, Somerville losers, this guy just was born with the right kind of body, he was lucky. It's genes, nothing to do with hard work, you idiots. Now go back to watch your mind numbing teevee.

Kelly D

I've always knew he would make it to the big league. good luck gosder.

Somerville Pride!!!


Hey Gosder I knew you could do it. I am so proud of you keep it all and remember to put God in everything you do he made it for you so always praise him....

City Hall Nose

I wonder which elected official up at City Hall has their hands in the pockets of Gosder? Has someone taken up a new Field of Dreams?

derek eisenhaur

jack great article man


he got lucky, hes like ten feet tall with no brains. i was a running back for MC. if I were any bigger you would see mme out there... He just got lucky. And I got screwed. He'll probably get hurt in his first season.... No chance... At least I had a chance... He's a nobody.... Kevin Quinlan RB Malden Catholic. Eastern Mass Player of the year.... Where are his credentials? He got none.... If i were black then I'd be on an NFL roster to... Its Bull!@#$. I got screwed because I'm white. plain and simple.


As one one Budweiser lizard said to the other, "Let it go, Louie."

Dude, you've got bigger problems than not getting to the NFL.

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